Chapter - 90: Long Wan’er arrives
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Immediately after taking a bath, Su Menghan, wearing a light blue lace dress, gracefully came to the entrance, her long and luxuriant hair was looking somewhat wet, apparently she came out without blow-drying her hair.

She heard Ye Feng and Su Xinchang talking outside, something about drug addiction. Hence, she couldn’t help but came outside, and directly asked about what was the matter of this addiction?

Seeing her outside, Ye Feng went towards her, and whispered a few words in her ear. Anyway, now she had started practising Immortal Cultivation, and had already thoroughly eliminated the drug addiction from her body, hence telling her about it wouldn’t be a big deal now.

After listening to what he had to say, Su Menghan suddenly realised, and in a flash, she thought of an idea.

“Can we lie to him?”

Su Menghan winked.


Ye Feng smiled, as he nodded his head.

They finished whispering, and finally came to the courtyard in front of Su Xinchang. As for those two tall guys were concerned, they were standing outside the yard, like personal security guards.

Seeing those two people gradually approaching towards him, Su Xinchang became a bit nervous. Especially after seeing Su Menghan’s condition, her face wasn’t looking quite good, which made him very anxious. He thought that no matter what, but when a person came to know that he had been injected with drugs, and now infected with drug addiction, how could it be possible for him to be in the good mood?

“What do you have to say?”

She came and stood close to Ye Feng, her beautiful eyes were looking at Su Xinchang. Very sadly she asked that, as if she just learned that she was infected with a drug addiction.

“I …… Menghan, I am a beast, I am not a human.”

Su Xinchang’s corners of the mouth were trembling because of guilt feeling, by putting on a forced smile on his face, he continued : “So long as you can forgive me, just let me know what do you want me to do.”

“What more can you give me now?”

As she said that, a painful expression covered her face, as if she was going through an extreme suffering.


Su Xinchang didn’t know what should he say, ah, as of now, was he still able to give anything to her?

“At least …… at least I still have a house and a car …… Menghan, you can forgive me, right? We can again live together ……”

When everyone around him, left him and walked away one after another, he was left behind alone, with a very bitter and painful heart. Now he didn’t have a thing in this whole world. Was Su Menghan also willing to return to his side?

As everyone knew it that She simply never cared how many assets, cars and buildings her father had. All these stuff never mattered to her. Only if her father had been really nice and sincere towards her, then she could be happily willing to endure any hardship, just to live by his side.


“A house and a car, what’s the use of them for me now?”

Su Menghan was awfully sad, it seemed just by looking at her face, that she would start crying any moment : “I am in this miserable condition, just because of you, you have really harmed me like this.”

These words of Menghan suddenly jolted his heart out.

When he came to know that Song Tianying had injected a drug to his daughter, he had already regretted a bit for his action. Now seeing Su Menghan shouting so loudly on him, for pushing her into this terrible condition, finally awakened him.

He looked at her pure face, and thought that this was his daughter, who had been actually injected with drugs, and had turned into a drug addict!

Suddenly, he became a little too afraid to remember, that wasn’t it him who had harmed his own daughter by dragging her into this addiction?

He thought that in case he earned wealth and became rich again, but still he couldn’t do anything for her, because not even his money could do anything to resolve this issue. Her daughter’s life was about to end, just one year left for her from now on ……

“I don’t want to see you again.”

She gently leant against the body of Ye Feng, and while gazing at his father, said : “Regarding this previous matter, I don’t have any desire to blame you for that. But if you really have any conscience, then promise me one thing.”

“What’s the matter? As long as you say it, I’ll definitely help you accomplish it!”

Su Xinchang immediately nodded.

“Then tell me the truth about my grandmother’s car accident. I must make the criminal obtain the proper punishment for his deeds.”

Su Menghan said with tears in her eyes.

Su Xinchang listened to that, and hesitated a bit, but when he thought about the current condition of Su Menghan, with a sigh he gave up finally. Let it be, she was under this situation, and the only thing she wanted to know was this. Was it still needed to hide it from her?

Hence, Su Xinchang finally began narrating the dust-laden past events from six years back.

Originally, in the past Su Xinchang wanted to marry Xie Min, however, Su Menghan’s grandmother wasn’t in this favour, and she wanted to do every possible thing to stop this marriage. The reason was, she clearly noticed that the aura around Xie Min was quite dark and evil, as if she would never be good for Menghan’s growth.

But because of this, a grudge actually took birth in Xie Min’s heart. Six years ago, Xie Min conspired with her younger brother Xie Chengye, and hired a person, to falsely create an accident and kill her grandmother. And they also succeeded in their plan, they intentionally created an accident and ultimately killed her grandmother.

When Su Xinchang happened to know about it, everything had already been done. He didn’t have the choice to accuse Xie Min and Xie Chengye, instead he chose to help them in hiding the truth. Moreover, he also helped that hired man in getting rid of all charges, and then compensated a huge money to finish things up properly.

Because, at that time, Su Sheng Group was still in the development stage, and Su Xinchang was in an urgent need of Xie Min’s resources ……

“As expected, it’s really them.”

Ye Feng thought in his mind, that it seemed like in Jingcheng restaurant, whatever he had observed was 100 % right. About this incident, except these three people, Xie Min, Xie Chengye and Su Xinchang, nobody knew a thing about it.

Finally after knowing the truth, Su Menghan’s heart felt a huge relief. Then Su Xinchang said : “Now, I’ll surely drag both of them, Xie Min and Xie Chengye to the court. When the time comes, you must appear in the court to testify.”

Su Xinchang’s act was to shelter the criminals. Although he wasn’t the part of that conspiracy, still concealing the crime for almost three years was itself a big crime. But since he would appear in court multiple times to testify on his own initiative, this could also reduce discretion of his punishment.

He slowly nodded his head: “Well, then I should go ……”

“Then, for the time being, you stay together with Scar.”

Ye Feng beckoned with his hand : “Don’t try to escape, otherwise by my ability, I can easily find you.”

“Got it.”

Hearing that somewhat scared him, and he started cold sweating, but still he nodded. As he knew, how Ye Feng punched Song Tianying and threw him down from the sixth floor! If Ye Feng was letting him go now, that was the best thing for him. Moreover, he would never dare to think about running away, since Ye Feng had a relationship with Lin Clan, even if he tried to escape, where would he go then?

Watching those two tall guys escorting Su Xinchang to the car, and then after he boarded in, the car carried off, Su Menghan couldn’t help but smiled. She raised her white hands to wipe off her eyes hardly, to squeeze out all tears.

“Your acting was awesome.”

Ye Feng also smiled back, while hugging her shoulders, he praised her for her performance. If she hadn’t played well, and hadn’t made Su Xinchang feel her despair of the drug addiction, then this thing certainly would not have been so smooth.

However, Ye Feng could have easily made Su Xinchang reveal the truth with the help of ‘Hypnosis’, however, the side-effect was whenever the enemy tried to resist Hypnotism, that used to cause damage to his brain. And after using Hypnosis several times, very probably it would turn him into an idiot. After all the opposite party was Su Menghan’s father, not using Hypnosis on him was certainly a better choice.

As Su Menghan said that she would move to court, for justice, Ye Feng had no opinion about it. He was not in the World of the Immortals anymore, rather he was in the modern city, couldn’t rely on anything violent.

“Was it really?”

Su Menghan’s face suddenly turned bright red, as Ye Feng hugged her. Moreover, she didn’t try to break herself free, rather she stuck to him more tightly, and said : “Originally if I had made him know that I haven’t become the drug addict, wouldn’t that have aroused his suspicion? I don’t want people to know that I am an Immortal like you ………..”

Whatever she said just now was also right, until now, there had been no way to cure people who had been suffering from the new drug addiction. Su Menghan didn’t become a drug addict, if this thing would come out in public, then it would definitely arouse their suspicion.


At this time, when Su Menghan was very close in Ye Feng’s arms, suddenly she saw something, and quickly drew two steps back.

“What happened?”

Ye Feng asked that with some doubts.

“She came again.”

Su Menghan was looking outside the door of the villa.

Ye Feng chased her eyes, looked outside the villa along with her vision, and remained stunned for a moment.

Long Wan’er? How did she come over here?

He saw a silhouette of someone, standing opposite to the villa, under a big tree, who appeared somewhat familiar, wasn’t that the figure of Long Wan’er?

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