Chapter - 91: You are him
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Seeing Long Wan’er standing outside the villa, Su Menghan looked towards Ye Feng, and softly asked : “Has she come here looking for you?”

Ye Feng replied as if he guessed : “Probably, let me go and check.”

Actually, Long Wan’er must have come here in order to ask Ye Feng about the whereabouts of that Masked man, but it wasn’t necessary for him, to give any explanation to Su Menghan about it.

“Well, I’ll go first.”

Surprisingly, the presence of Long Wan’er didn’t trigger Su Menghan’s anger, instead, she smiled as she raised her hands and wrapped them around Ye Feng’s neck in front of Long Wan’er, and then pressed her lips against his cheek and kissed him. While doing so, her face turned bright red, and then she quickly turned around to go into the house.

However, the sudden action of Su Menghan startled Ye Feng, and he felt helpless. Apparently by doing this, she tried to declare in front of Long Wan’er, that Ye Feng totally belonged to her.

Afterwards, he turned back and saw Long Wan’er still stood under the tree, outside the villa, somewhat lonely. Her figure was looking wonderful under the moonlight. Her snow-white long skirt was drawing the outline of her exquisite body, which forced him to recall that incident, which took place in the ancient tomb, when he was with her and with her overflowing impetuous passion ……….

He shook his head and quickly stepped forward towards her.

“I said, who are you after all? And why did you come again?”

He shouted to ask that. At present, he must not get exposed at any cost, that he was that Masked man.

“First of all, let me apologise to you ………”

As Long Wan’er saw him running towards her, she became somewhat disturbed and nervous, just by the thought of meeting with him : “I’m sorry.”

It seemed like she was being very shy and timid, there were not many people in this world who had seen this side of her before, including Ye Feng. There was an impression, that this young girl had not always been very strong, then why did she put on the role of being pathetic and pitiful at present?

Ye Feng felt a bit strange seeing her saying ‘sorry’ multiple times, hence he asked: “Do you have a fever or something, and have you come here especially just to apologise to me?”

“No, it’s not……”

With a bit of embarrassment, she continued: “Actually, I have come over here, just to ask you about your friend …… Mo Jiuge, where is he now? I’m looking for him.”

As soon as he heard that, he immediately thought in his heart, that the reason of her sudden visit was exactly the same just like he expected. Therefore, he felt a bit relieved, and finally by loosening his tone, said: “I really don’t know ……”

“Really, is that so?”

As she said that, her beautiful eyes suddenly swept his right hand: “What a coincidence, ah! You have the same ring just like him.”

“Ah, it’s just a coincidence.”

Ye Feng said that smilingly, actually about this matter, he already had an excuse ready beforehand to cope up with this situation: “We have a pretty good relationship, he told me once to put on this ring, since wearing it can be a good self-defense ……”

Although she clearly heard his reply, but didn’t speak a thing, instead, her eyes were stubbornly fixated at him, as if she was trying to judge something.

“Hey, what are you looking at?”

Seeing her sharply staring at him, his heart somewhat shivered out. Hence, he promptly waved his hand, and said:. “If there is no other matter left to be discussed, then I will return.”

“Are you really leaving? Just like this?”

Long Wan’er sighed, and then said in a soft voice : “With great difficulty, I ran out and came on this trip, just because I wanted to see you again ……”

“To see me? You don’t want to look for Mo Jiuge– -”

Ye Feng said while shaking his head, but all of a sudden he was interrupted by Long Wan’er.

“You are him! Don’t you want to admit it?”

As she said that, she quickly grabbed his arm, simultaneously raised her head and looked at him : “You can deceive others, but can’t fool me, I can never forget your smell.”

“Crap! Do you have a dog nose?”

Perplexed Ye Feng panicked, and tried to break himself free from her hand, but was totally unable to get away from her clutch. Therefore, instantly he cast out ‘Covert Kill Technique’, to conceal his Cultivation, so as to avoid revealing his secret.

“It doesn’t matter, just come back with me to my house, Long Clan.”

While panting in rage, she said that and started pulling his arm stubbornly, to take him away with herself.

Ye Feng thought in his heart that the current situation was not at all favourable for him, it seemed like this young girl had gone crazy. Therefore, in this critical situation, should he really obey her and get carried off? But in case he revolted now, and cast out any move to cope up with her, then wouldn’t it be proved that he was definitely Mo Jiuge?

He somewhat hesitated for a moment, and got pulled away by her around ten meters.

While on the other side, from the balcony of the second floor of the villa, Su Menghan was quietly watching at those two people. Seeing Long Waner tugging at him, and he was also letting him gradually pulled away by her, she became a little anxious.

She still remembered that incident from the last time, which happened at the entrance of People’s Hospital, when Ye Feng was kicked by her, and then she said “ordinary people” or something to him. Could it be that this young girl was also a Cultivation Immortal?

Su Menghan immediately wanted to go downstairs to catch up with them, but then she thought something, and refrained herself from doing so.

“It appears like Ye Feng doesn’t want to get involved with her, I must not act recklessly and go out over there, in case I mess up the things, it won’t be good then ………”

If Ye Feng would know about her present viewpoint, then he would certainly praise her for her good understanding.

At this moment, he had already been carried off to the gate of the neighbourhood, as he had no other option left.

“I said, beauty, you must have the wrong person. But still you are pulling me like this, so can I consider this like you are kidnapping me, ah?”

Although he kept on saying this over and over, but couldn’t succeed in dispelling her thought.

“Nothing matters to me anymore, you are coming back with me, besides my dad also wants to see you.”

Very firmly, she said that.

“All right, then tell me, where is your house? What does your dad do? And again what is the relationship between you and me?”

Ye Feng tried to pretend as if he didn’t know anything about her, therefore, one after another he blew up several questions.

“Why don’t you acknowledge it?”

While she said that, she turned her head all of a sudden and looked at him. There were tears in her beautiful eyes, as if any moment they would spill from her eyes and run down her cheeks : “Are you ignoring me? Or holding something against me?”


The moment he looked at her face and saw tears rolling down her eyes, he froze to the spot and his mind ceased working for a while.

While this complicated talk was going on between these two, on the other side, several passers-by, as well as the Security guard of the neighbourhood gate were constantly watching these two young people, with a very strange look. Especially that young security guard, who just had arrived here this month, at his post, but he could still recognise this young man, Ye Feng quite well.

Moreover, the gossiping of this nearby neighbourhood was extremely fierce and powerful, like Su Sheng Group’s mishap, Su Menghan and Su Xinchang severing their relationship, school’s beauty staying at the house of a young man next door, and stuff like this had already spread like fire in the jungle.

But now, the most interesting point was this young guy actually had one more beautiful girl other than Su Menghan, and on top of that, she was currently dragging him forcefully, but then how could he make her cry like this? Really such a beautiful young romantic couple was making nearby people quite envious!

In spite of watching TV, that young security guard was constantly staring outside, at these two people, and thought that this girl on the roadside was prettier than any other TV star with excessive make-up. Moreover, her stature was also extremely noticeable; overall she was an exquisite beauty, who knew how did this young man hook up with this exquisite beauty?

However, Ye Feng certainly had no free time to give a damn to what others were thinking about them.

At the moment, he was intertwined with his own thought, how could she be so sure that he was “Mo Jiuge”? Was it really because of his smell? Strange, his body shouldn’t have any peculiar smell, right?

“Don’t deny it.”

Seeing his reaction, finally she had completely determined his identity, immediately she threw herself into his bosom, and stretched out her arms to wrap him tightly, and then buried her pretty face in his chest: “This time I sneaked down the mountain, just because I wanted to look for you … … if you hold anything against me, hate me, dislike me, or ignoring me, then just say so frankly, okay? I won’t bother you then …… ”

Dislike, hate, she said these words, naturally these words came out of her mouth from the experience of her own life.

Her father had killed his father!

When Ye Feng and Long Wan’er were small, since then it was destined to have a gap between them. She thought that even though they had such an accident in the ancient tomb, still making Ye Feng to accept her was also an extremely difficult matter.

In case he really didn’t want her, then she wouldn’t have any other option left, than to……

“Don’t be silly.”

Ye Feng sighed.

He could easily feel her grief and pain, if he didn’t acknowledge it, or even if he acknowledged it but refused to accept her, then probably this girl would try to find a place to commit suicide. She already had left the house and secretly run away from her house, moreover, Ye Feng had already clearly seen the attitude of her father towards her.

“But if I admit this, wouldn’t it instantly bring the truth in front of her, that I practice Cultivation?”

While he was busy considering this matter that could it be possible to be convinced by this girl, but before he could draw any outcome, suddenly a gust of strong wind passed through them from behind!

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, an old hoarse voice mixed with anger spread into the ears of those two, and then immediately Long Wan’er disappeared from his arms, right in front of his eyes!

A bit startled, he raised his head and surprisingly saw his grandfather Ye Wentian, who appeared as a tornado, and captured Long Wan’er to one side.

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