Chapter - 92: Dare to love, Dare to hate
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All of a sudden Ye Wentian appeared out of nowhere, and like a gust of wind passed through them and suddenly grabbed Long Wan’er and pulled her away from Ye Feng’s body, and in a flash, very swiftly he moved ahead around five meters away from him, and then stopped.

“Miss Long, being too close to my grandson like this, it’s not at all appropriate, right?”

He said that lightly while shifting his gaze towards her.

If she had encountered Ye Wentian earlier, then without a doubt, she would have definitely felt somewhat diffident and fear, after all, he was the old personal enemy of her clan. However now, she was actually not the slightest bit afraid of him, because when she secretly ran away from her house, and descended the mountain, just because she wanted to look for Ye Feng, since then she had already disregarded everything.

She snorted lightly: “Don’t you want to ask your treasured baby grandson that what he has done to me?”

After saying that, she raised her pretty face, and took a quick glance of Ye Feng. Her eyes were brimmed with a complex look.


Her words left Ye Wentian totally flabbergasted.

Ye Feng looked towards her, while thinking that he didn’t even know whether Long Wan’er had spread the news of him defeating the perverted man, Li Hua of Heavenly Sword Palace, everywhere or not. Most probably, Li Hua would be occupied with his broken arm nowadays. Moreover, people of Long Clan wouldn’t publicise this matter everywhere.

Ye Feng’s mind started thinking about the possibilities, at present his grandfather had arrived here, and complicated this matter even more. In case Long Mo’ran also came over here, then he would candidly admit his defeat.

Therefore, he quickly came up with a decision, anyhow, he could never let his grandfather harm her, not even a hair’s breadth of her!

Since she possessed the body of immortal arteries, which was extremely important to him. He thought that if she were not the daughter of Long Mo’ran, then wouldn’t it be so good for him? Unfortunately, he could just think about it, it could never become a reality.

He raised his head and directed his gaze towards her.

Coincidentally, exactly at the same time, she also happened to turn around and look at him, and their eyes met as they were standing face to face.

“Could it be that you ……”

All of a sudden, Ye Wentian turned a bit quirky, and guessed a certain possibility, and to confirm that, he turned his eyes towards Ye Feng and closely examined his facial expression, then after he sharply looked at Long Wan’er. Watching these two people continuously looking towards each other, and exchanging visions. That sort of vision made him even more determined.

“You guessed right.”

Long Wan’er snorted lightly and said: “What do you want from me? Please feel free and speak out your mind, anyway, I’m not your opponent.”

“You truly deserve to be called as an extremely arrogant woman of Long Clan, even though you are confronting this old man, still how smartly you have maintained such a calm and composed stature.”

Ye Wentian snorted coldly: “I don’t care what’s going on between you two people right now, hereafter don’t you dare think about coming here again, looking for my grandson, as you must be aware of the truth that my Ye Clan and your Long Clan are not on good terms with each other anymore.”

“What If I still choose to look for him? Then?”

She said that while staring at Ye Feng, and couldn’t help but think of the scene, in the ancient tomb, under the hazy moonlight.

Immediately after that scene, wearing a mask, he suddenly appeared in the water to slay the strange fish, he then again saved her life by passing air directly into her mouth, later he stood firmly in front of her, in order to resist Heavenly Sword Tornado, and in return got seriously injured. he saved her life multiple times.

Didn’t she know that his wounds hadn’t been any better till now?

As she was busy thinking about these things, a pair of her bright piercing eyes automatically drizzled with a layer of mist.

Why the identities of both the parties were so embarrassing for her? In her eyes, the image of the Masked man was gradually overlapping with the image of Ye Feng, making her even more affirm that both were certainly the same person!

However, if this thought of Long Wan’er wouldn’t be true, then, in the future, her prime goal would be finding out the Masked man and then killing him! Even if she couldn’t succeed in her mission, she would ask the people of her Clan, to search him out from anywhere and kill him!

However, during the last incident, when Ye Feng stood in front of her and resisted with all his might, she had really noticed that he truly tried to withstand all the attacks of that perverted man of ‘Heavenly Sword Palace’ whose Cultivation was much higher than him. At that moment she had decided that this man was worth entrusting, since then she started admiring him.

Should I love him or hate him?

At present, she was 100 % confirmed that Ye Feng was definitely the Masked man, and she was unlikely to change her feelings for him. She loved him, so what was wrong in it?

Even if Ye Wentian would kill her now, she would die happily, without any complaints and regrets!

Ye Wentian snorted loudly: “If you keep on insisting like this, then I won’t let this young lady off-”


Right at this moment, Ye Feng suddenly moved, leaving behind a faint afterimage in-situ, instantly rushed towards her, grabbed her by her waist, and immediately moved far away from his grandfather.

Without any prior warning, he promptly cast out Immortal Technique ‘Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace’!

“You smelly brat, how could you dare snatch her away from the grip of this old man?”

Suddenly he became very furious, since he never had expected that a kid like Ye Feng would snatch someone away under his eyelids. When he turned his head then saw Ye Feng, holding Long wan’er in his bosom, had drifted far away from him!

“Grandpa, it seems like recently there has been a thief in the villa, why don’t you go back and see, whether anything is missing in the villa. By then, I’ll talk to her, and will be back soon!”

As soon as Ye Feng said that, he quickly grabbed her, and with a lightning speed, went far away from him.

All of a sudden Ye Wentian’s facial expression changed, was there a thief in the villa?

“Brat, just you come back home, then be prepared to learn a good lesson from me.”

He didn’t dare to ignore this matter, the things preserved in the rooms of this villa, were really very important. Old man stamped his foot bitterly, then by taking small footsteps, he ran toward Qingfeng Park, all prepared to return to the villa and examine it thoroughly.


From very far away, Ye Feng turned back and saw that his grandfather was not chasing after him, hence he took a breath of relief. Fortunately, he had guessed right, as there were several rooms in the villa, but nobody was allowed to enter them, which explained everything, there must be really something precious hidden inside them.

However, he didn’t want to be careless and take a risk, therefore, wrapping his arms closely around her, he ran straight several km away, almost close to the bar street, and then stopped there, and loosened his arms from around her soft tender body.

“I already knew that it was you.”

Right after seeing Ye Feng’s agility, would she still need more time to figure out that he was that Masked man “Mo Jiuge”? Excitedly, she already had stretched out her hands and circled them around his neck, firmly refused to let him go, while an expression of overflowing happiness quickly appeared on her pretty face, making her more beautiful.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Ye Feng nodded. Just now, when he saw that even though she encountered such a powerful opponent Ye Wentian, still she kept on insisting on this point, without turning a hair, then finally he gave up and decided that he should no longer hide this truth from her.

“Then what are you going to do?”

She raised her head and somewhat anxiously, looked at him.

She never had expected that she would find the right man so quickly, moreover, she had also never thought that Ye Feng would actually be that Masked man. During the incident which happened in front of the hospital, she had detected that there was no existence of Cultivation in him, and he was just a completely ordinary person!

If she hadn’t felt that Ye Feng seemed a bit familiar, then, she absolutely would not have doubted his smell, she would have never guessed that both parties would be the same person.

“You are my woman, nobody can dare to take you away from me.”

Still holding her in his bosom, Ye Feng continued saying somewhat regretfully: “Actually, earlier I thought, when you would find me, you would certainly kill me ……”

“Originally I wanted to kill you, but now I like you very much.”

She said somewhat smartly: “But if I start hating you again, I will definitely kill you without any further delay.”

“I won’t give you the opportunity to hate me.”

Ye Feng smilingly said that.

“Then what about you, don’t you hate me?”

Although she somewhat hesitated, but finally asked out directly.

Ye Feng knew that the things she said just now, was related to her status, he shook his head and said:. “I’ll ask you just one question, if some day, I kill your father, then won’t you hate me for that?”

In the eyes of other people, such words were entirely whimsical, a youngster who had just a few years of Cultivation, was thinking about killing the genius and most talented person of Long Clan, Long Mo’ran, could it be ever possible?

But she had already seen his strength numerous times, and also clearly knew that he wasn’t joking at all!

Just by relying on the strength of his five-year of Cultivation, Ye Feng already had beheaded and killed Hai Tang, of ‘Happily married pair of swords’, the story not ended here, he also had cast out Sword qi, making Li Hua run away cowardly from the battlefield, after losing one of his arms. Although he was nothing before them, but still he defeated them. Over time, there was a high possibility, that he could easily kill his father, Long Mo’ran, whose name was more than enough, to tremble the whole martial arts circles, like a fallen leaf.

“Such a faraway affair which isn’t going to happen soon, actually I don’t want to think about it currently.”

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