Chapter - 93: Fairy of the East China Sea
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In the shadow of the streetlight, Ye Feng and Long Wan’er were quietly embracing each other, like a pair of young lovers. However, nobody knew how complex their situation was.

Fortunately, while keeping everything aside, they decided not to talk. Therefore, at present, their thoughts were very simple and pure.

“So, are you going back first? Otherwise your grandfather ……”

Long Wan’er was a bit anxious for him, therefore she didn’t dare to stay any longer.

“Hmmm, anyway, you must be careful, don’t run around like that again.”

Ye Feng hesitated a bit, but then warned her : “Even if your Cultivation promotes a bit slowly, but you must ensure your security first, ok?”

If she again ran into that perverted evil man of ‘Happily married pair of swords’, and if at that time, Ye Feng was not around her, then, it would become very difficult for her to escape from him, or to chase him down. In that situation, a tragedy might happen which would leave him with regret throughout his life.

He was just waiting for the right opportunity to show up, then he could easily help her in ‘Open Hole’ process, and with the help of her body of immortal arteries, her Cultivation could also rise straight up to the clear sky. At present, her inner qi was also totally insignificant.

As for now, he still didn’t dare to rest assured and expose his secret of being an Immortal to her. This was what his master, Su Feiying, had taught him since his childhood, that no matter what happens, always keep a watchful eye, and always leave an escape route for oneself. In fact, it is actually a bitter fact.

“I’ll return home ……”

She could easily feel that Ye Feng was being over concerned about her, hence she nodded, however, suddenly she asked: “By the way, just recently, what was going on in your family villa? That girl ……”

As these words fell from her mouth, Ye Feng’s heart skipped a beat, as he expected, this young girl really mentioned Su Menghan’s name.

Since she mentioned it, now he couldn’t play dumb, hence said: “She is one of my classmates, because of some family issues, temporarily she is living in my ……”

“No need to explain.”

A trace of hidden bitterness suddenly flashed through her beautiful eyes, she pursed up her lips gently, stood on the tip of her toes, and gently kissed him on his face: “Besides this, I also know that your engagement has already been fixed with the eldest daughter of Yanjing’s Lin Clan … … ”

After saying that, she sarcastically and very smartly smiled and said : “However, I don’t care anymore. When I won’t be around you, then you can let them accompany you. Of course, if someday I feel that you don’t want me, then you…..”

“Rest assured, I won’t.”

Ye Feng felt a bit helpless.

Only Long Wan’er had the body of immortal arteries, therefore it was impossible for Ye Feng to abandon her. However, the surprising point was that she neither cared about Su Menghan nor Lin Shiqing, which truly startled him. If because of certain mishap, Long Wan’er got swapped with Su Menghan, then in that condition, Ye Feng was 100 % sure Long Wan’er would definitely become crazily jealous.

Hearing him pledging that he would never leave her side, she felt relieved and became a bit happy, gradually a smile appeared across her face. Afterwards, she turned around and started walking to finally depart. Although she was moving ahead, but somewhat reluctantly, and really hated this particular time, where she had to part with him.

However, suddenly a thought pierced through her mind, hence she immediately stopped and turned back, tilted her head and asked: “Can you tell me, why did you go to that ancient tomb.”

“To look for a person.”

Ye Feng said that frankly since he decided not to conceal this from her.

“Looking for someone? A man or a woman?”

She turned a bit nervous all of a sudden after hearing his words.

“A woman.”

Ye Feng sighed as he continued: “She is my master, but I haven’t seen her for quite a long time, someone took her photos when she was in that tomb. Therefore, I went over there, to have a look around ……”

Just by mentioning that he had a master, it wouldn’t expose the existence of the World of the Immortals.

“Is she pretty?”

She asked.

“Yes, she is.”

Ye Feng nodded.

“She has very long hair? And she is a woman with cold temperament?”

She asked again.

He felt a bit strange, and replied: “Yes, but how do you know?”

She knitted her dense and black eyebrows and said: “It’s strange, but it seems like she is the same person as the rumour claims about the fairy of the East China Sea …… ”

“Fairy of the East China Sea?”

As soon as he heard that, it immediately piqued his interest.

“Ah, a lot of rumours have spread recently in the Martial arts world, regarding a woman who has appeared near the East China Sea, and she is called fairy. She has a very cold temperament and has already attracted the attention of lots of people of the martial arts world. Therefore, many people want to go and take a look at such an exquisite beauty. It is said that she is extremely beautiful, has long hair hanging down to her buttocks, and has always been very cold and indifferent.”

Whatever rumours she had heard so far, she vomited it out in front of him.

“Well, it’s likely to be her.”

Once again his interest crossed all limits and he turned super excited. Suddenly he thought of the last time, in the ancient tomb, where he completely failed to find any trace of Su Feiying. Therefore, now, he got some news of her quite soon.

“So, Fairy of the East China Sea?”

If it was really Su Feiying, then what would be she doing there? First, she was seen in the Changbai Mountains ancient tomb, and then in the East China Sea ……

Ye Feng shook his head, as he had never ever correctly guessed his master’s thoughts.

“So now …… Do you want to go to the East China Sea?”

Somewhat anxiously, she asked that.

“Ah, I won’t since I have something important to take care of, you just pay attention to your safety.”

Ye Feng nodded his head, and thanked her from the bottom of his heart, for bringing this message.

“Alright then, I’m leaving.”

Long Wan’er appeared to stay behind but had nothing to say. She finally turned around and proceeded to leave, but only after stopping and turning once to stare deeply at him.

In fact, she had a lot to ask, such as, how did he conceal his Cultivation, and so on, however, she didn’t ask anything. After all, everyone has one’s own secret, in her heart, she similarly had a secret which she didn’t share with him ……

Just before she left, Ye Feng saw a wide spectrum of emotions in her eyes and he knew that he wouldn’t be witnessing such a thing ever again.

“Master, I’ll go right away to look for you!”

Ye Feng raised his head, looked towards the moonlight sky, and saw there was not a single star in the sky, which once again reminded him, that this place was not his former place the World of the Immortals.

In the World of the Immortals, regardless of wherever you go, the night sky uses to have innumerable stars all over the sky. How could this sky be so spacious and empty like this?

Of course, before going to the East China Sea, he must go back to his villa first, otherwise, his grandfather would burst out, and he would be forced to run away, to the ends of the earth to withstand it.


When Long Wan’er turned around and departed from Ye Feng, she directly went towards Yanjing railway station.

To cover a long distance, naturally, the people of Martial arts world also used to take the train. When she arrived at the railway station, just wanted to find a place to stay today and buy a ticket tomorrow, but suddenly she noticed two familiar figures appeared outside the station.

Long Qing! Long Zi!

Those two were her uncles, now each of them had 30 years of Cultivation. Plus, they had already perfected the Long Clan’s original techniques like – Dragon leg technique, Romantic sword technique and Noble palm technique!

“Dad sent them here to look for me?”

She thought, anyways they were her own people. Moreover, she must go back quickly, she didn’t need to be afraid of the opposite party.

Hence she moved a few steps forward, and appeared before them: “Uncle Qing, Uncle Zi, how did you come?”


Among them, one man who was called Long Qing, was clad in a green-coloured gown. He hastily came forward and looked her from top to bottom, and when he noticed that nothing was strange about her, then finally felt relieved.

“Wan’er, how can you silently run away like this?”

Long Zi appeared quite earnest, by holding a serious-looking face, he said: “Head of the Clan is very angry. This time, does your sister-in-law help you run away? Do you know that this will implicate her?”


She admitted her mistake, but she became quite gloomy and disturbed. Of course, she could escape because of the help of her sister-in-law, Shu Shu. However, if Long Mo’ran would know about it, he would definitely give severe punishment to both of them! Fortunately, Long Clan’s people generally didn’t let his kind of news pass up to him, after all, everyone was familiar with his temperament. For a little mistake, he might punish someone to his death.

“I want to see Dad, Uncle Qing, Uncle Zi, let’s go back home.”

She didn’t think much, just simply said that to them.

“Yes, it’s really important to return, however, you won’t see the Head of the clan.”

Long Zi said: “When we set off to look for you, afterwards the Head of the clan proceeded towards the East China Sea. He wants to find that rumoured woman, the fairy of the East China Sea, as you know that he didn’t remarry for so many years, if this time, he could find a beautiful woman, that would be really good …….”

She remained stunned for a moment hearing that.

Her father went to the East China Sea to look for that fairy, so as to ask her to be his wife?

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