Chapter - 94: Well done!
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Ye Feng returned to ‘Qingfeng Park’ with a pretty good mood because at last, he had resolved one of his big concerns.

The matter of Long Wan’er needed to be handled on an urgent basis, although their union was still far away in the future, but at least now they knew each other’s feelings.

Lights inside the villa were brightly lit, Ye Feng pushed the door and enter the room, and surprisingly saw in the hall, Ye Wentian was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, as well as heard some strange sounds transmitting from the kitchen.

“Keke, Grandpa.”

He ran thirty-two steps to the side of his grandfather, sat down and looked towards the kitchen: “Is Menghan inside?”

“Hmmm, I’m hungry, so that young girl is making something for me. How did your discussion go with Miss Long?”

Ye Wentian was not angry, instead, there was a beaming expression on his face. While talking he gently put down the cup.

“Don’t ask me about the discussion …… Aren’t you angry?”

Ye Feng was somewhat baffled, just recently this old man wanted to strangle him to death, but now how was there such a big smile on his face?

“Am I looking angry?”

Ye Wentian suddenly lowered his voice: “Brat, well done! You even succeeded in establishing such a good relationship with Miss Long! If Long Mo’ran would come to know about it, his heart certainly would wish to die, ha ha ha ……!”

When Ye Feng listened to him, he remained thunderstruck, he didn’t understand how to react now, what to choose between laughter and tears.

Indeed, he took hold of the daughter of the old personal enemy of his clan, therefore, why wouldn’t this old man be in such a very cheerful mood? However, not to mention, if this thing would come in the knowledge of Long Mo’ran, certainly he wouldn’t feel well, and the unhappiness of this old man’s enemy wouldn’t clearly result in his happiness?

“Okay, get down to the business.”

Ye Wentian turned a bit serious and said : “The matter that you can practice, does that girl of Long Clan know about it?”


Ye Feng nodded, “But I still believe her.”

Ye Wentian listened to him, but didn’t oppose, instead he agreed with his way: “Pretty good, that girl of Long Clan was a very determined person, with a very crabby temperament, if she recognises this matter, not to mention her father Long Mo’ran, not even her ancestors can succeed in changing her irreversible determination.”

Obviously, the illustrious reputation of Long Wan’er had even left Ye Wentian with the words of appreciation for her.

If she fell in love with Ye Feng, then it would absolutely not harm his interest in this matter. If not, then by her temperament, just after meeting with Ye Feng, she would have started to do everything possible thing to kill him.

“However, let this old man remind you of a little thing.”

A dignified expression gradually took birth on Ye Wentian’s face : “About that Long Clan’s girl, you can only be tempted, can’t get emotionally attached, got my point?”

Ye Feng frowned, as he didn’t understand what he really meant.

“Stupid kid. What I meant is, you can have fun with her, but can’t develop feelings for her, can’t get sentimentally attached to her. Must know that your father was killed by the hands of Long Mo’ran, don’t ever forget this, keep it alive in your mind!”

By holding a firm and serious looking expression, the Old man again warned him : “Since now you have started practicing, don’t forget to pay a visit and say thanks to the great sage master Gao Renwei. If this matter will be handled carefully, our Ye Clan still has the hope of staging a comeback.”


These words of the old man left Ye Feng somewhat speechless, the point was, he was not with Long Wan’er just to have some fun, otherwise what would be the difference left between him and his own dead father?

Ye Yunfei played with the feelings of several people everywhere and forced several men to put on a green hat. Because of this character of his father, he later led to the destruction of his own Clan.

Ye Feng didn’t want to repeat the same mistake by following his father’s same disastrous policy.

Now, he finally understood why his father had turned into the playboy, and thus brought about the destruction of Ye Clan. Since there was this kind of old man, who had no respect for people, what kind of education he could give to his own son, wasn’t it obvious now?

Of course, Ye Feng was unlikely to contradict his grandfather and argue with him now on this point, as he knew that a debate with this old man would never have any effect, so there was no need to waste any more words on this topic.

Neither it was important for Ye Feng, nor he was even the least bit interested in helping Ye Clan, in its sudden re-emergence. Even if he couldn’t go back to the World of the Immortals, then the only thing he would like to do in his lifetime, was to protect those people around him, who were very precious to him, that was all.

Besides, there were lots of people, who were completely unable to accomplish this matter including Ye Wentian, Long Mo’ran, and so on. Like them, even if he could do something to bring his Clan back to the life, but again how?

The desire to protect important people around him, that must be based on the pursuit of absolute power as the goal, like the Cultivation similar to the World of the Immortals.

Really, strength is the fundamental thing!

Ye Feng finally comprehended the words of this sentence very clearly, much more profound than the average person.

In the World of the Immortals, if the father of Mo Jiuge were not so formidable, how could he dare to force Su Feiying to get engaged with Mo Jiuge? Most importantly, that guy Mo Jiuge was extremely ugly, and was renowned everywhere for this, also this lecherous wretched guy was totally dependent on his father’s forces and influence, and by using that authority he used to scourge and destroy the life of several beautiful Immortal women everywhere.

Such an ugly guy like Mo Jiuge with an exquisite beauty Su Feiying, together they were really completely two extremes! However, because of the power of the strength, Su Feiying had no other option left but to submit to Mo Clan, and was forced to get engaged with an ugly looking, weak and lecherous playboy, Mo Jiuge.

Because of a strange combination of circumstances, could she really come accidentally to the Earth, from a certain level? And on top of that, still to have Su Feiying together with Ye Feng, was really a good thing.

Seeing Ye Feng in a silent state, Ye Wentian didn’t say anything more, just pondered about the same, and then slowly said: ” Oh, that’s right, since you came back, you are not allowed to leave Yanjing for the next two weeks, until the College entrance exam ends, till then I will take a good look at you.”

Ye Feng heard that and was left bewildered.

He just thought to embark tomorrow to the East China Sea, in order to look for Su Feiying, but just now, by any chance did this old man just make him not probably leave Yanjing unexpectedly for half a month? If he would until the end of the college entrance examination, perhaps by then she might have changed the place!

“Although I have plenty of ways to get you into the Yanjing University, but if your score would be extremely low, then that would be incredibly shameful for me, the elder of Ye Clan ……”

Ye Wentian coughed, and continued : “Just recently, I had informed Lin’s old man, to let his granddaughter meet with you tomorrow.”


This news gave him a powerful jolt, he was not at all unhappy : “Didn’t you say earlier once you pass the university exam and get admission in Yanjing University?”

“Now this news has become a big uproar throughout Yanjing, we failed to conceal the truth, and now there isn’t need to conceal the truth anymore.”

The old man frowned : “Get prepared for this, make a good impression on others, if others can’t have a liking for you, then this old man will cut off your flesh alive as punishment.”


This left Ye Feng totally speechless, but was actually thinking in the heart, just wait to see what kind of beauty this Lin Shiqing was, till then he would absolutely not speak a single word.

He had promised Su Menghan before, that he would certainly achieve, otherwise, what kind of man he would be regarded then?

Quite soon Su Menghan, holding a bowl of noodles in her hands, came out to serve it to Ye Wentian.

“Ye Feng, you came back ……”

She was a bit cautious, after placing the bowl of noodles on the table, she arrived at the side of Ye Feng.

Just an old man, out of the blue, crashed in the villa and started rummaging through chests and cupboards, making her have a scare, soon after she came to know that he was Ye Feng’s grandfather, which immediately little bit scared her.

She knew that Ye Feng’s grandfather was friends with Lin’s old man, moreover it seemed like Ye Feng’s engagement with Lin Shiqing had already been laid down by this two old man. As a result, Ye Feng’s grandfather would certainly not like her, right?

However, to one’s surprise, when he saw her inside the villa, he didn’t say anything, rather he kept on rummaging around everywhere for a while, perhaps he wanted to confirm that whether anything had not been stolen or not. After confirming that, he felt relaxed, and then said only one sentence “I’m hungry”.

No doubt, Su Menghan had also an exquisite mind, she immediately ran to go to the kitchen, to make for him boiled noodles.


Ye Feng gave a smile to that Xiaohua, then took her hand and drag her to sit next to him, and at last comforted her.

Looking at the voraciously devouring Ye Wentian, he asked: “Well, what important things have been hidden in the other places of this villa?”

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