Chapter - 95: Ye Clan’s Martial Arts
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Regarding something hidden in the villa, Ye Feng had always been very curious to know about it since the beginning of his arrival in this world.

After finished eating a bowl full of noodles, Ye Wentian stood up and walked toward the bathroom, upstairs.

“The little girl can also come along, but must remember these are our Ye Clan’s things, must not be told outside, got it?”

Since Ye Wentian greeted Su Menghan, which really left Ye Feng and Su Menghan somewhat overjoyed.

Just now whatever this Old man said, did that mean Su Menghan was also considered as one of the members of Ye Clan? Did that also mean he gave recognition to her relationship with Ye Feng? However, what about the matter regarding Ye Feng’s engagement with Miss Lin?

However, Su Menghan didn’t want to think much, she was already very delighted seeing that Ye Feng’s grandfather had already acknowledged her.

Originally, she was in a state of homelessness, although she lived in Ye Feng’s villa, but since the beginning, she never had that sort of feeling of being a family. For her, it was more like living under another person’s roof, and this feeling often made her suffocate.

But now, after hearing these words of Ye Wentian, she immediately dispelled all of her other concerns.

Secretly she glanced at Ye Feng and blushed a little.

Our Ye Clan ……..

Ye Feng scratched his head and pulled her to keep up with the pace of his grandfather.

As far as Ye Wentian’s thoughts were concerned, Ye Feng could correctly guess now one or two of them. Since his grandfather truly wanted to carry forward his Clan and bring it back into existence again, in that case, merely depending on a single person, ‘Ye Feng’ would definitely be a wrong idea.

Just now, Ye Wentian said that in favour of Su Menghan, just because he wanted to win over her heart. Certainly, Ye Feng would never believe that this old man would not have done a thorough investigation of Su Menghan before meeting her. Definitely by now, he would have been completely familiar with her present situation.

Perhaps, this thought was saved in Ye Wentian’s heart, with this intention that in future he might ask Ye Feng to keep several wives, who could give birth to several children. This would really support Ye Clan, and would help it in its quick prosperity

This certainly was not a misdemeanour for Ye Feng, from any angle.

Although the secular law proclaims the common custom of monogamy, but in the martial arts world, some matters often take place which are completely beyond the common customs. For instance – Twenty years ago, Ye Clan’s complete destruction, or ten years ago, Scar suffered a huge tragedy, and even the recent example of Changbai Mountain, where so many people died. About all these matters, can the law govern them?

Most of the things of this country still rely on some commonly established customs.

However, if Ye Feng would be extremely powerful, and would really keep several wives, then in that situation, nobody in this entire country could dare to say anything to him.

Anyway, these three people went upstairs, there Ye Wentian punched and opened the bathroom’s door, and went inside. The entire scene of the bathroom quickly caught the eyes of those two people. There were two densely packed rows of bookshelves, laden with heavy books, and were awfully covered in dust.

It could be clearly noticed, that not long ago this place had been flipped through thoroughly. Certainly after hearing those words of Ye Feng, the Old man couldn’t help but get scared, and quickly came back to the villa, to examine everything carefully, just as to ensure that whether he really had lost something ……

Ye Feng casually looked over those bookshelves which were entirely piled up with several books covered with dust, and noticed that some of them were just ordinary books. Although he quickly understood how the way his grandfather used to think, certainly there must be some quite precious thing mixed up with these ordinary books, for example – Rare Books of Martial arts.

From the pile of books, Ye Wentian quickly picked out a book with a very simple cover. By taking a quick look of it, it looked like it was an ancient book with wire binding, and on the cover of which four characters were written “Ye Clan’s Flying Core Technique.”

“This is the foundation of our Ye Clan, the Primary-level Internal Core Technique ‘Ye Clan’s Flying Core Technique.”

Ye Wentian sighed : “Now in this world, this Primary-level Internal Core Technique is spread all over, however, the practice speed doesn’t have any difference. It is said that formerly, there was the intermediate-level Internal Core Technique, the practice speed of which was twice faster than the average man. And when it comes to the high-level Internal Core Technique, its speed was several times quicker than ……….”

It doubles the speed of practice, that means by practising Core Technique, every year one can promote one’s Cultivation up to two years! This Core Technique can multiple the practising speed several times, isn’t it incredible. If someone practices for ten years, he can easily attain a hundred years of cultivation.

If coupled with a Immortals’ land, then practice speed would be similar to a rocket ride, which would directly move in the upward direction.

Ye Feng listened to that and nodded his head while thinking that this technique was almost similar to ‘Immortal Core Technique’ of the World of the Immortals.

When Ye Feng and his master Su Feiying were in Star Tomb School, there was the existence of only Primary-level ‘Immortal Core Technique’. However, Mo Jiuge belonged to Nanling, since Mo Clan had the greatest power in the range, and the fundamental reason was because Mo Clan used to practice Intermediate-level Immortal Core Technique, the practice speed of which was twice faster than the ordinary person!

“Ye Feng, since you have already been practising Core Technique of the great sage master Gao Renwei, this Ye Clan’s Flying Core Technique is completely useless and irrelevant for you then.”

The Old man said, while holding the book of Ye Clan’s Flying Core Technique in his hands, as if he was holding a candy to tempt Su Menghan : “Little girl, I see you are shocked to your bones……”

“Keke Grandpa, she has also been practising Core Technique of my master’s school, therefore, she also doesn’t have access to that ‘Ye Clan’s Flying Core Technique’.

Ye Feng immediately coughed, and said that, as to remind him.


The Old man frowned, quickly withdrew that Rare book, stretched out his hand and grabbed Su Menghan’s wrist, and felt it for a moment.

Indeed, a surge of somewhat strange force was running inside her body, very obviously it was the sign that she had already started practising. Although the force was somewhat strange, and her inner qi didn’t seem to be the same, but Ye Wentian still didn’t care.

In this world of the martial arts, there was the existence of various Core Techniques, though they were out of practice, but there were different attributes of them, hence feeling a bit difference was also normal.

“Ok, Ok, I’ll just keep this book of Ye Clan’s Flying Core Technique here, in the future will talk about it again.”

Ye Wentian shook his head, and placed the Rare Book in the corner of a pile of books. And then along with those two people, he left that bathroom of the second floor.

Afterwards, they came to the bedroom of Ye Feng, or it could be said that it was now Su Menghan’s bedroom. Originally, the opposite of which had one more bedroom, but now the entire room was covered with dust, a huge pile of old books like a garbage heap was scattered everywhere. It seemed like someone was too lazy and disinclined to even put them on the shelves.

Therein, the Old man had left something earlier, now he wanted to take a look and search for that right thing. Quite soon, he found out an ancient book list, and then laughed.

“Ha ha ha. Although you can’t use Ye Clan’s Flying Core Technique, but I have a very broad and profound knowledge of Ye Clan’s one Martial arts technique. This technique is called ‘Dragon Claw Hand Technique’ which stems from a martial arts school, however, my grandfather had changed the inner qi’s operation line, making it even more powerful than before. ”

After saying that, the Old man smiled and threw that ancient book list towards Ye Feng.

Ye Feng quickly put out his hand and caught it, afterwards opened it to take a look of it, Dragon Claw Hand Technique?

In the Immortals’ World, he had practised several Immortal Techniques, but had never seen such sort of martial arts technique. It was almost similar to his Bagua boxing, a kind of Chinese boxing, however, it had very little value there in the Immortals’ World.

While on the other hand, Su Menghan seemed like she was watching the strangest thing of the world.

Although she had already started Immortal Cultivation, but actually, she still didn’t know a thing about practising. Earlier she hadn’t expected that Ye Feng’s Clan would be one the aristocratic Clans of the martial arts world. Even more than that, unexpectedly it also possessed the legendary Martial arts Rare Book in fable.

“Menghan, hold it.”

Quite soon Ye Feng took a thorough look of that Dragon Claw Hand Technique, and then handed it over to Su Menghan.

Then after, very rapidly he took a step to cast out Dragon Claw Hand Technique by using a hand gesture. All of a sudden his whole body’s vehemence came out, which even startled nearby standing Ye Wentian and his facial expression immediately changed.

What did he think he was doing? Just by reading it once, did he want to cast it out proficiently? Kidding, how could he do that so quickly?

But soon, Ye Wentian’s expression changed from suspicion to surprise, and then turned into joy!

“Come on!”

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