Chapter - 96: Martial arts genius
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Ye Feng’s stature flashed, immediately a sudden gust of wind rushed towards Ye Wentian, gently caressing his face, it passed through lightly touching his robe’s sleeve. According to the ancient chart, Zhenqi really circulated within his body with a very rapid movement.

Ye Wentian’s Cultivation quickly sensed his formidable power!

Snapped! Snapped!

After two back to back sounds, Ye Wentian conveniently displayed another move of Dragon Claw Hand Technique, so as to withstand the aggressive attack of Ye Feng. However, his facial expression was still dignified.

With just five years of Cultivation, Ye Feng displayed such a powerful move a moment ago, which had actually reached more than a decade! It was such a situation where Ye Feng took a quick look of the ancient chart, just once, and then tried to cast out this technique. If he would really practice it diligently, wouldn’t it become even more powerful?

This suddenly stirred up the emotions of Ye Wentian and he became very excited, heavenly unceasing Ye Clan!

How he hadn’t thought that his own grandson unexpectedly turned out to be a Martial Arts genius, who learned such a complicated Dragon Claw Hand Technique very quickly, in just a single study!

As everyone knew, for Ye Feng, even a highly complicated Immortal Technique was also nothing, he could very easy comprehend it as well, let alone this Martial arts technique. However, in the process of displaying Dragon Claw Hand Technique, he also sensed a trace of an exquisite place, which he had never felt earlier while practising several Immortal techniques.

Dragon Claw Hand Technique had altogether ten different moves, and surprisingly just a moment ago Ye Feng had already finished browsing through all of these moves, in just one blow.

“After this fight, I can use this set of moves, which can be considered as much stronger than Bagua Boxing.”

Ye Feng could obviously feel that while dealing with the people, Dragon Claw Hand was much easier to control the strength than Bagua Boxing. Moreover, this technique was exquisite and its highest quality was, it was really flawless.

Unlike Bagua Boxing which generally had lots of loopholes from head to toe while displaying it, this technique was completely flawless. Moreover, using Dragon Claw Hand would make him appear more like one of the martial artists of this world, then nobody would be able to doubt him being an Immortal Cultivator.

“Pretty good, little brat, you have very much potential.”

Ye Wentian was extremely satisfied with him, as if he seemed to see a rising star of the Martial arts world.

In the Martial arts world, practising moves were also divided into several levels, the highly talented person could practice moves of higher levels. For instance – Ye Wentian could only practice to the second level of this move Dragon Claw Hand. However, as compared with the power of the first level, his might was already twice powerful.

It could be said that on the basis of Ye Feng’s talent, if he could practice Dragon Claw Hand to the third level, and when he would have 20 years of Cultivation, during that time, in addition to Ye Wentian, who else in this world could dare to be his rival?

Then, dealing with a sharp weapon empty-handed wouldn’t be a problem at all!

On the second level of Dragon Claw Hand, the practitioner could directly suck in the target to his side, to the extent of assigning away the inner qi as well.

About the third level, what kind of terrible effect would it have? Regarding that, Ye Wentian didn’t have any idea, because, in the past, no one had ever reached the third level.

Now Ye Feng was his only hope.

“Little girl, what do you think about it?”

After being satisfied with Ye Feng, Ye Wentian turned his gaze towards another side, where Su Menghan was standing, simultaneously reading the technique, Dragon Claw Hand.

“I am unable to understand anything, it’s really quite complicated.”

Su Menghan was almost about to cry, what was this above drawn picture all about? Did we have meridians kind of thing within our body? She didn’t understand a thing, not to mention learning Dragon Claw Hand Technique!

“Couldn’t understand? Even most of the girls, who were hit and killed by this technique, were also not good.”

The moment these words fell into Ye Feng’s ears, he immediately rushed over to the side of Su Menghan, and snatched away the ancient chart of Dragon Claw Hand from her hands, and threw it back towards his grandfather.

In his view, this kind of thing, that used to kill people, wasn’t important for Su Menghan to learn. Moreover, she was already learning Immortal Technique with his help, wasn’t that more suitable for her?

Well, now the next person was Long Wan’er who must learn Immortal Techniques. A girl, using Dragon Leg Technique to kick people around, all day long, wasn’t it highly improper? From now on, if she would continue doing such things, then obviously Ye Feng would be extremely worried about her getting exposed any moment, that was too uncomfortable.

“Do you have any other martial arts? Dragon Claw Hand is also pretty good, very subtle and exquisite.”

Ye Feng asked that as he moved his hands and feet, to make a gesture of that technique.

“Other, even if I have for the time being, but they are the distinctive martial arts of my Ye Clan, we can provide them to those people whom we recognise. He He He, our Ye Clan’s Wild Devil Boxing is a most important in the Martial arts world. So, just wait, when you attain 20 years of Cultivation, then only I’ll teach you. ”

Ye Wentian narrowed his eyes while saying that, accompanied with a smile.

“Don’t teach then, forget about it ……”

Ye Feng was feeling helpless, although he didn’t choose to learn martial arts by his own free will, but he just happened to get in touch with this new type of sophisticated martial arts, and became a bit curious. If the power and usefulness of these techniques were compared with Immortal Techniques, then it seemed like there was a huge difference between them.

“Anyways, you can take it back this ancient chart of Dragon Claw Hand. This is my bedroom, I will tidy up now and sleep.”

Ye Feng looked around the room and said.

“What will you tidy up? You both have gotten room to sleep, that’s enough! I warn you little brat, don’t ever try to mess up things here.”

After scolding him, Ye Wentian again hid the ancient chart of Dragon Claw Hand in the ground below the heap of thick books. After that, he clapped his hands to remove dust, and then very swiftly he jumped out of the window and walked away. However, just before leaving , he left behind one sentence :

“Don’t forget to go to school tomorrow, also Miss Lin will be waiting for you.”

Soon, Ye Wentian’s figure completely disappeared before their eyes, leaving behind those two dumbfounded young people.


Su Menghan tugged at the sleeve of Ye Feng: “Are you going tomorrow to see that beautiful woman of Lin Clan?”

“He has forced me to see, rest assured, like I’ve promised, I won’t say a word to her.”

Ye Feng smiled.

“In fact, you don’t have to.”

When she listened to him saying that, she actually became somewhat embarrassed: “Elder has introduced you to meet her, if you won’t talk to her, then that will be very impolite and ill-mannered, I won’t blame you.”

Ye Feng heard that and became a bit happy, because it seemed like this young girl had started to understand the given situation. Could it be because she had started Immortal Cultivation?

He squeezed her soft cheek, smiled and asked: “Now what do you think about practising”

“Not bad, but what is Immortal Cultivation? Just a moment ago, that Rare Book, I couldn’t understand a thing, is Immortal Cultivation also a Rare Book?”

She wrinkled her beautiful nose to make an appearance that she couldn’t understand anything.

Ye Feng noticed that this was the only time they could talk about these things, therefore, he chose this time when she had to return to her bedroom, and started telling her about these things. Besides, he also mentioned Su Feiying.

“……In this world, Immortal Cultivators are not in large number, as far as I know there is just me and my master.”

Finally, Ye Feng concluded everything and said : “Nowadays my master has appeared near the East China Sea, when the college entrance examination ends, then I will go to look for her.”


Su Menghan probably knew that why Ye Wentian had prohibited him from leaving Yanjing, otherwise, wasn’t it obvious that he would have dashed out to the East China Sea by now?

As far as the college entrance exam was concerned, it seemed like it was truly not that important for an Immortal Cultivator.

When Ye Feng finished talking about these things, Su Menghan’s beautiful and attractive face suddenly turned a little red, a pair of her white hands pinched her skirt like a cat on the hot bricks, and then she said nervously : “You ……You tonight ……”

Seeing her like this, Ye Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit funny, this little girl was definitely still thinking about what Ye Wentian said a few minutes back, that two of them should sleep in this room.

“I have some important matter to take care of. You first take rest, ok? Good night.”

Ye Feng took her in her arms and got up to leave the room. When she would become a more skilled practitioner, then Ye Feng would take out another Lingshi, which he had accidentally obtained from the ancient tomb of the Changbai Mountain, allowing her to absorb it for the rapid elevation in her Cultivation. This type of privilege was only enjoyed by the disciple of big schools, in the World of the Immortals.

While on the other side, at present in Tianhua Casino, several people had died, the power and influence of Scar were almost completely plundered. It had become almost impossible for Scar to handle this situation efficiently. In such a critical situation, Ye Feng must go over there to have a look, and help him hurriedly.

“If I had a decade of Cultivation then it would have been great.”

Ye Feng thought.

On reaching ten years of Cultivation, he could easily use the most basic attack of Immortal Techniques ‘Red Flame’. It was used to burn the corpse and then completely destroy it, without leaving any trace. It was quite an appropriate attack.

Helping Scar would be a piece of cake for him, presently his mind was fully occupied by the thought of tomorrow’s meeting. Actually, he was looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting with Miss Lin.

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