Chapter - 97: Scar’s determination
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Once again Ye Feng arrived at Tianhua Casino. At this time, it was completely surrounded by the several police vehicles from outside. There, Ye Feng saw Northwest Sub-Bureau Chief, that pot-bellied man Li Lihui, in the crowd.

The surrounding people were talking about this matter, that in Tianhua Casino dozen of people were slaughtered. This matter had already become noisily big.

As soon as Ye Feng along with Scar returned here all the way back from the Changbai Mountains, they saw that several guys holding firearms were waiting to kill them. Therefore, very conveniently, Ye Feng finished them up to end this trouble. In addition, he also killed Song Tianying along with his two attendants, by throwing them out of the window. Altogether, he put an end to the lives of seven or eight people, in a flash.

Such a big thing happened, Li Liu didn’t arrive here personally, he didn’t have such an authority.

“…… I just came back, how can I have any idea? What do you expect from me? For this matter, you should try to look for Song Hu.”

Scar was giving an explanation to Li Lihui.

“This matter must be investigated in detail, just wait for the forensic results.”

The Pot-bellied man, Li Lihui was assigned here at the crime scene. At present, he was holding an appearance as if he was being conscientious in discharging official duties. When he saw Ye Feng coming over there, his eyes flashed brightly and hurriedly he ran up to him, while putting on a smile : “Ye Shao, what brought you here? In this kind of troublesome matter, Ye Shao mustn’t get involved ……….”

No one would dare testify Ye Feng, therefore, Li Lihui didn’t know that Ye Feng was also involved in this matter.

“Regarding other people, they don’t matter to me, but Scar accompanied me on a trip, and we used Hummer for this trip.”

Ye Feng pointed to the side of nearby parked Hummer H2.


Scar nodded.

Liu Lihui couldn’t interpose any word, the only thing he could do currently was watching those two men advancing towards Hummer. He was little lost, so he shook his head and thought that this time such a big matter had happened, if he couldn’t find the murderer because of lots of complexities, then once again he would determine the nature of this incident as the fight within the Underworld gangs.

It seemed like, very soon, in Yanjing, the top three big reactionary gangs would have the convergence point.

Along with Scar, Ye Feng went towards Hummer, and noticed that Zhao Yibei’s corpse had already been taken away.

“Just a moment ago, I called someone to take hiis body away. There is no need to preserve him, since tomorrow is the cremation.”

Scar was looking very depressed.

“Give me a call during his funeral, I’m sorry for him.”

Ye Feng said that and remained silent for a long time. Since he hadn’t attained ten years of Cultivation, otherwise, he could have used Immortal Technique to preserve his soul ………

“No, you killed Song Tianying to help him get his revenge, that’s already more than enough.”

Scar said that, and suddenly a hint of determination flashed in his eyes : “Ye Elder brother, I have something which I want to discuss with you.”

“Huh? Then say it.”

Ye Feng nodded.

“Today, when this thing will be over, then I will give up this Heavenly Serpent gang …………. and will tag along with you, what do you think about it?”

Scar said that somewhat apprehensively. As he clearly knew that earlier Ye Feng had a liking for him completely because of the power and influence of Heavenly Serpent Gang. If he gave up his Gang, would Ye Feng still need him as his little brother?

However, he really wanted to practice martial arts with the help of Ye Feng. It was not because he wanted to give an account of the scar on his face or the death of his wife, rather because in the future, he wanted to protect the people who were important to him. He would never allow such a thing happen to any of his dear ones, like Zhao Yibei.

“At present, what is the situation of Heavenly Serpent Gang?”

Ye Feng didn’t answer him directly, instead asked one.

“All the properties of Heavenly Serpent Public Security Company have been swallowed by Cai Wu and Song Hu. Apart from this, the majority of my members are now at the side of Song Hu. I am left with just twenty or thirty trusted men.”

Scar shook his head, obviously, he had a feeling that the current situation was not good: “Song Hu has handled this matter very smoothly and tactfully, not only he colluded with Black Dragon Association, but he also processed all legal documents of this company quite well. Moreover, I have a doubt that he also has even bigger backstage ………”

“Mysterious organisation?”

Ye Feng eyes flashed with coldness, this was that organisation who sent someone to kill him secretly. He was already Ye Feng’s enemy, now the time had arrived when Ye Feng must investigate thoroughly about him, to find out his true identity, and then eradicate him completely.

Otherwise, how a sharp edge on a person’s back, continuously keeps on hurting him awfully, exactly that, Ye Feng was in an awfully bad mood.

“Should be.” Scar replied with a dignified look.

“Then leave this thing to me. Oh, by the way, how many assets do you still have now?”

Ye Feng asked again.

Scar listened to that and immediately replied : “There is a BMW car, a Hummer, Tianhua Casino warehouse, which probably has some cash and gold, altogether it would be more than ten million ………. only these much. Tianhua Casino has already been designated under the name of Song Hu. ”

“Enough, since this is the case, then forget about leaving Heavenly Serpent Gang.”

Ye Feng shook his head and said :”You put things here processed, bring all of your trusted brothers and make a fresh start, i.e. start from scratch, and this time primarily with the low profile. When the right time arrives, I will teach you martial arts then.”


Scar nodded seriously.

To make it work out successfully, it would really need a very hard work. Moreover, to again achieve power and influence like earlier, which he had earned over a decade of hard labour, it was just simple to say, but actually not that simple to achieve. But it was not difficult as well. At least for Scar, the death of Zhao Yibei has made him set his firm resolve thoroughly.

He had a belief that Ye Feng would certainly lead them to glory!

“As for Song Hu, Where is he now?”

Ye Feng’s eyes flashed with coldness as he asked.

In order to get rid of a threatening opponent, he couldn’t afford even the tiny bit of dragging!

“In Imperial Palace.”

Scar said that, but when he noticed Ye Feng had some doubts, then immediately explained : “In the Southwest side of Yanjing, there is Imperial Entertainment Club, which is the headquarters of Black Dragon Association, and is popularly known as Imperial Palace.”

“Got it, now you hurry back to your work.”

Ye Feng nodded his head, as he asked position and the general situation of Imperial Palace. And then he got out of the car, moved sideways into a dark alley, and quietly put on the mask.

Ye Feng and Mo Jiuge were the same people, except Long Wan’er and Ye Wentian, nobody knew about this thing. Ye Feng still needed to wear the mask to hide his identity from the outsiders!

For this kind of activity which involved killing people, he was disinclined to ride in a car, so as to avoid leaving any kind of clue. When he displayed Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, his speed was terrific – a speed of 120 km per hour in the city. Moreover, he wasn’t at all afraid of traffic jams, very swiftly he kept on moving ahead.

In the shadows of the city, the blurred afterimage of Ye Feng was appearing and disappearing unceasingly. It seemed like Ye Feng, as a demon, was rapidly advancing towards the south-west direction, and soon saw a magnificent luxury building, on the roadside, just as described by Scar.

Imperial Entertainment Club!

As compared to Tianhua Casino, it was more luxurious. Unlike the bar street which was so noisy, it had the high-end atmosphere, because the business of Black Dragon Association was primarily established in the main city, which was totally dependent on senior official and rich merchants. Therefore, it was totally different from Heavenly Serpent Gang.

In the eyes of outsiders, Heavenly Serpent Gang was just a Public Security company.

Wearing a mask, Ye Feng, on the way to Imperial Palace, first went to a clothing store and bought a pair of casual clothes. After putting them on, he rushed towards his destination. Soon he reached there, and with a stride walk, he went inside.

As the boss of Heavenly Serpent Gang, it was quite natural for Scar to be familiar with the construction of Imperial Palace. Therefore, very conveniently, he roughly described its structure to Ye Feng all the way through.

Finally, he came inside the Palace, however without paying even the slightest bit of attention towards the front desk beautiful woman who was flabbergasted seeing him there, he directly went into the elevator and pressed the button on the fourth floor. The Imperial Palace occupied a broad land area, therefore it was not that high. The fourth floor was its top floor, but the facility available on each floor was very rich, various senior official and rich merchants liked coming to this place.


In the building of Imperial Entertainment Club, on the fourth floor, there was a magnificent and dazzling conference room, in which a group of five people were sitting, completely involved in some kind of discussion.

There was the boss of Black Dragon Association, Dubang Long, along with his two high-ranking personnel. He was discussing matters with Heavenly Serpent Gang’s Song Hu, along with a woman, who was originally supervising the financial affairs of Heavenly Serpent Public Security Company. Altogether, there were five people, and all were looking quite dignified.

“My son was killed.”

Song Hu put down the cell phone, and with a dark gloomy face, said: “Moreover, that boy surnamed ‘Ye’ has not died yet.”

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