Chapter - 98: Strange Master
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Īn the magnificent conference hall, the facial expression of those five people was not looking quite good.

Dubang Long, the boss of Black Dragon Association, a tanned skinned man, wearing a big sapphire ornamental thumb ring, continuously tapping his rough and powerful fingers on the tabletop, and currently holding a gloomy facial expression, was looking incomparably powerful.

On the highway, the sniper missed his target, and the death of Tianhua Casino’s Song Tianying, both of these incidents had baffled them. Therefore, finally, their people were assigned to thoroughly investigate these incidents. This failure also couldn’t be completely blamed on their intelligence report, because Scar along with the Criminal Police team, had really done a great job, in maintaining an utmost secrecy.

“So, that boy surnamed ‘Ye’ must be eliminated as soon as possible, otherwise, he can move towards Lin Clan for help, then that would become more troublesome.”

Dubang Long’s voice was very infectious and super appealing, to be able to become the boss of a Gang, was absolutely not a mediocrity: “It seems that it is necessary to apply to Cai Shao, to call the Hidden Pavilion Master to come over here.”

Hearing these words “Hidden Pavilion Master,” many of them couldn’t bear but shuddered, including that originally supervising the financial affairs of Heavenly Serpent Public Security Company, a 30-year-old, still attractive woman. As soon as she heard this name, her face turned deathly white, obviously, she thought of something, which deeply frightened her from inside.

“For the time being, Cai Shao doesn’t want to be in the direct conflict with Lin Clan, so, making Hidden Pavilion Master deal with that boy surnamed ‘Ye’, will Cai Shao agree with this point?

The squared face man, Song Hu look dignified as he said that.

“Or should we pay money to look for a killer again?”

That charming young woman tightly frowned as she said that.

“Too late, this matter must be processed as early as possible.”

Dubang Long said with a very loud and resounding voice : “There’s a rumour, that the boy surnamed ‘Ye’ is closely related with a Martial arts expert, moreover, his engagement is already settled with Lin Clan’s eldest daughter, Miss Lin. Therefore, Cai Shao has already considered him as his prime target.”

After finished saying that, he immediately pulled out his cell phone and dialled a mysterious telephone number. After several switches over, finally, he heard a sweet female voice: “Hello, this is the Personal Secretary of Cai Shao, you are the boss of Black Dragon Association, Dubang Long, please report your Operation Code.”


When Dubang Long reported these six digits code, the other side once again transferred the call, but this time the call was transferred directly to Cai Shao.

“What’s the matter?”

From the other side, a male voice, processed from a Voice changing machine, immediately passed through the cell phone, so that nobody could judge his age.

“Cai Shao, Black Dragon Association’s Dubang Long, Four-Four-Three-Nine-Eight-Two.”

Dubang Long said that and then looked towards Song Hu.

“Song Hu from Heavenly Serpent Gang, Four-Four-Seven-Seven-One-Three.”

Song Tiger added a sentence.

“Applying for Hidden Pavilion Master to deal with Ye Feng, Cai Shao, how do you think about it?”

Immediately Dubang Long spoke out his purpose.

The other side of the phone was silent for a long time, it seemed like he was analysing the pros and cons of this measure. Almost a minute later, finally Cai Shao replied : “Code – Zero Five Five has already set out, ten minutes later, he will arrive at Imperial Palace, keep watch at the reception. Dubang Long, you can directly issue the order.”

“Yes, Cai Shao.”

Hearing that, Dubang Long became extremely delighted, then he heard the other person hung up the phone. Every time he called Cai Shao, he used to talk with him by holding a fearful and apprehensive feeling, because, an year ago, that incident of Southern Heavenly Gates’ complete destruction, had cast an indelible shadow in his heart.

“Wait, after ten minutes, I’ll order Hidden Pavilion Master, to directly go to the boy surnamed ;Ye’, and get rid of him quickly.”

Dubang Long said that, gradually a hint of malicious colour crawled over his face.

However, at this point of moment, suddenly an unexpected sound passed from the next door : “I’m truly sorry, I’m afraid that you have to go first.”

“Who is it!”

Dubang Long promptly responded, he quickly opened the drawer and pulled out a pistol!

This level of the secret meeting, he already had tight protection at several places outside the hall, then how could it possible that someone could secretly listen to their conversation from the next door? Moreover, the sound-insulated function of this conference hall was extremely good, how could a person hear them talking from the next door, and also could pass on the sound?

But he didn’t get any answer, instead, an ice blue ray of light flashed and arrived before his eyes!

Sword qi!

An ice blue light as if Sword’s ray of light, penetrated the wall, and cut the midair of the conference hall in just one fell swoop. Everything happened so fast, that nobody even got the time to respond, when it came and directly pierced through the heart of Dubang Long!

His heartbeat instantly stopped.

Immediately, that ice blue Sword qi disappeared, leaving behind the dead body of Dubang Long, whose chest was getting more and more bright red, since fresh blood was surging out of it continously. The pistol in his hand fell on the table, and his whole body overturned. The big sapphire ornamental ring on his finger was reflecting a dazzling light. He died with his eyes wide open.

He didn’t even know who had killed him!

Immediately, an orangish-red coloured, long sword cut opened a big hole on one side of the wall, by taking a broad view, one could only see a faint blurred afterimage of an individual, behind the wall.


Immediately afterwards, a blood-curling screech of Song Hu rang out in the entire room. Sitting beside him, that charming young married woman turned her head to look towards the source of the sound, and shockingly saw Song Hu’s chest was soaked with fresh blood. Terror-stricken, she turned and hurriedly moved backwards while dashing with several nearby chairs.

Who was he after all?

The remaining three people quickly turned rattled by someone’s presence. The two high ranked personnel of Black Dragon Association hurriedly raised their pistols, but actually they could only see several faint blurred afterimages frequently appearing and disappearing all over the rooms in front of their eyes, it seemed that he was a masked man!

That person certainly was Ye Feng, very tactfully he hid in the next door, and with his Zhenqi sword, quietly drew a hole in the wall, so that he could hear the discussion of the people present in the Conference hall. And the moment Dubang Long hung up the phone, he instantly chose this time to attack, and immediately brought his plan into action.

The degree of the sharpness of his Zhenqi sword was naturally extraordinary, not even a wall could block him.

By using his long ice blue Sword qi, he killed Dubang Long, and immediately after that, he activated his Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace and instantly killed Song Hu. Thereafter, when he saw the other three people had pulled out their pistols, without a bit of hesitation, he moved quickly, and all of a sudden a red light flashed in the conference hall, and then immediately disappeared.

Those three people didn’t even get the time to react, and suddenly, Ye Feng beheaded them, just at one fell swoop!

“This trip really turned out right for me, I can’t think why Cai Shao has targeted me as his most important goal, what did I do wrong to him?”

While thinking about this, and still wearing the mask, he quickly drew back to the next door, leaving the corpses of five people behind in the conference hall.

He must hide outside, because just after ten minutes, Hidden Pavilion Master would arrive. Ye Feng was very much interested in having a look at him, because he actually wanted to see how the card of Cai Shao was.

Since the opposite party was his opponent now, that was the reason why Ye Feng must know himself and his opponent! Now, both sides were in the dark, hence, the more he would know the opposite party, the more advantage he would get over him.

Generally Ye Feng used to expose Mo Jiuge’s identity, and Cai Shao only exposed the identity of a skilled person from the underworld. The available data was extremely few which he could extract just from the previous telephone conversation, Cai Shao handled affairs very discretely.

“If I will know who Cai Shao is, it will become quite easier for me, and then I’ll directly kill him and finish this matter……”

Ye Feng shook his head, it seemed like he must continue to be careful almost everywhere.

Outside the building of Imperial Entertainment Club, he hid in the shadow of the thick bushes for around 10 minutes. He felt that the atmosphere in the club had tensed up. This news, that five people were killed including Dubang Long and Song Hu, had quietly spread among the high ranked personnel of Black Dragon Association. But since, the matter was quite serious in nature, so it had not been formally disclosed.

When ten minutes passed, finally a strange figure appeared in Ye Feng’s field of vision, and went straight towards the entrance of Imperial Entertainment Club.

The strange figure, dressed in a huge and heavy windproof coat, looked very tall and strong, his whole head was wrapped in a hat, and was entirely covered by cloth from head to toe, without revealing even the nickels and dimes. From this fellow, Ye Feng felt a faint trace of danger, was this so-called “Hidden Pavilion Master”?

“A martial artist from the Martial arts world? No, he is not, this kind of feeling, it doesn’t look like ……”

As when Ye Feng was busy guessing about him, by keeping his stature completely motionless, at the same time, that strange figure suddenly turned and looked towards Ye Feng, and the next moment, a pair of his shining eyes suddenly met with the eyes of Ye Feng!

“Shinning eyes? What stuff is this ……”

Ye Feng’s heart cursed loudly, immediatley he got up and set out to escape. At present, he had no idea about the strength of the opposite party, hence he couldn’t act rashly.

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