Chapter - 99: Dragon Claw Hand Technique Second level
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When Ye Feng saw the speed of the opposite party, it blew up his mind.

“This speed, 100m in four-five seconds?”

Luckily his speed was not as good as Ye Feng, but since Ye Feng had already displayed Rapid Shadow Immortal Trace, which made him feel relieved : ” Then I’ll play with you……”

He jumped aside to escape and maintain a distance from the opposite party, simultaneously also started circulating Zhenqi rapidly through his meridians, and thus became almost ready to display Dragon Claw Hand Technique any moment.

Earlier he had thoroughly read the ancient book, therefore he knew that the essence of Dragon Claw Hand Technique was in achieving the second level, then only he could release Zhenqi from his body in the form of a Dragon claw to grasp his target. Comprehending the second level of Dragon Claw Hand Technique was very difficult, however, for Ye Feng, it was nothing but just an ordinary trick.

As far as grasping the control of Zhenqi’s circulation within the meridians was concerned, Ye Feng could be said as on the Grand master rank.

Under the light footsteps, he pounded his both hands separately in the air, suddenly his Zhenqi rushed out from his body, and the next moment, his hands took the form of cloud-style Dragon claw hand! (Lastvoice : There are different moves of Dragon Claw Hand Techniques, like Dragon Claw Hand -cloud style, bead style, moon style, etc.)

In a flash, Ye Feng caught the brown coloured hat of that strange figure, and with his one claw hand, gently lifted his hat, and directly blew it off!

Suddenly, an oily bald head appeared in front of him. By looking at him closely, Ye Feng noticed that his shinning eyes were looking pale and emaciated, with sunken eyes, in short, his whole appearance was making him look like a drug addict.

“Is this?”

A sudden sight of that strange figure sent a shiver down Ye Feng’s spine, what is this guy? A zombie? A Phantom? Or a Drug addict?

If Ye Wentian would see this scene, he would be surprised to the extent of jaw dropping. Ye Feng comprehended the second level of Dragon Claw Hand Technique extremely fast! Truly a genius!

In fact, it was not only because Ye Feng was highly talented, but also because originally there was a huge difference between Zhenqi and inner qi. In case of inner qi , releasing out inner qi from the body was very difficult, but in Zhenqi it was as simple as eating food.

After uncovering the hat of that strange figure, he didn’t hesitate and moved rapidly, leaving behind an afterimage in-situ, while at the same time, he continued changing hand movements, displaying a series of Dragon Claw moves, revealing bead style and then moon style one after another!

The strange figure stayed around the blurred afterimage left behind by Ye Feng, and waved his arms to grab that afterimage, but once again Ye Feng pounded his claw hands, and took the opportunity to lift his huge windproof coat and throw it away.

To one’s surprise, his whole body was covered with long brown hair!

“Crap! A gorilla?”

This sight scared him for a moment, could it be that Cai Shao was one of the devils doctors from Zhuan Clan’s, and was a genetic modification enthusiast?

Suddenly a thought flashed in his mind: Right, once Scar had said that those who were the victims of this new drug, after getting stabilised for one year, they all vanished later. Could it be that it was somehow connected with Hidden Pavilion Master?

There was no doubt that the physical strength of this thing was formidable, this thing could also clearly see Ye Feng’s quick movement as well as his blurred afterimage, moreover, he was punching with a force of 500 kg. There was not much difference between the present strength of Ye Feng and this thing.

Unfortunately, this thing had low IQ, who clearly couldn’t distinguish between the remnant shade and entity, moreover, he wasn’t following any tricks or important composition while fighting.

“Such being the case, then, I don’t need to be afraid of you.”

Ye Feng’s heart turned a bit ruthless, and he decided not to escape anymore, instead he turned back, and suddenly his stature flashed. And in an instant, an orangish-red Zhenqi sword emerged out in his hand.


A metal crashing sound resounded since Ye Feng’s sword had been blocked by the hairy arm of that strange thing.

“It’s really hard.”

Ye Feng thought that perhaps if this guy would face the submachine gun fire, he wouldn’t be afraid of it, because the sharpness of his Zhenqi sword was no less than general firearms.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Ka! Puff!

However, Ye Feng didn’t give up, quickly he moved towards his neck and hit on his neck continuously, after five strikes, he finally truncated the head of that clumsy strange person, leaving behind a headless body with flying head!

Then, he noticed that originally this strange figure’s skin was very thin, which was covered with long brown hair. But hidden within his skin was a layer of steel, which was used for his protection and which had covered his whole body.

His head was sliced off, and he finally fell to the ground completely dead, still his blood didn’t stream out much. He was simply similar to the dry corpse or could be said as the mummy.

“Really abnormal ……”

All of a sudden, Ye Feng heard the sound of footsteps coming from a distant place, hence he immediately put away his Zhenqi sword, and without staying there anymore, he instantly turned and left Imperial Entertainment Club.

Such a weirdo, Ye Feng wouldn’t pay attention towards him if he was alone. However, if the number of this thing was more than one, then it would be extremely difficult to deal with them. Surprisingly, he didn’t even know yet how did Cai Shao come around this stuff?

Without thinking much, he quickly left the spot.

This incident would certainly attract a group of police, but Ye Feng was not in the mood to get trapped in a trouble once again. Earlier, that incident with Miao Zhenqiang, he should have woken up by now, but still hadn’t come to look for Ye Feng, and Ye Feng also had no clue why he didn’t come after him.

Ye Feng didn’t think about it, and directly returned to Qingfeng Park.

Quietly, he went to the side of the villa in the woods, as he just wanted to take off his mask, but suddenly he discovered something fishy. He saw the lights of his villa were turned off from a long time, under the moonlight, street light was looking calm and indifferent, insects were joyously chirping, and in the midst of this harmonious scenery, there was an individual, dressed in purple Chinese-style gown, standing on the street with his hands crossed, and was looking directly towards the entrance of the villa, as if he was waiting for someone.

“Who is this person?”

Ye Feng immediately tightened up his guard, and quietly moved a few steps aside. Soon, the front of that purple gown person appeared in front of his eyes, he was a 30-year-old man. The aura around him was very calm and steady, as if it was safe to deal with him.

“It’s not right, these facial features…… someone from Long Clan? He pretty much looks like Long Mo’ran ……”

Ye Feng remained stunned seeing a person from Long Clan had come to look for him. Could it be that he knew that Ye Feng had returned from his trip, therefore he came over to track down the whereabouts of the Masked man?

This possibility was very high, however, why this guy, who was standing in front of the villa, didn’t dare to go in? If this guy entered the villa, then he would certainly find that Ye Feng was not inside, hence, highly likely he would very much suspect that he must have some sort of relationship with the Masked man.

“It seems like I need to attain ten years of Cultivation soon, then only I can display ‘Shadow Spirit Technique’. (Lastvoice : to be present at several places at the same time.”

Ye Feng thought that once he would attain ten years of Cultivation, then he would be able to congeal his Shadow Spirit, and could easily use ‘Shadow Spirit Technique’, to be present at multiple places, at the same time. By displaying this technique, he could branch out a false body. Although this false body would be useless, but under some circumstances, it could be extremely convenient to deceive people.

Now he finally understood why Miao Zhenjiang didn’t come to bother him, originally a person from Long Clan had to come in person ……

Ye Feng carefully observed him for a long time and found that the man standing in front of the villa, didn’t move even a half inch, as if he was a statue. He was just constantly staring towards the villa, who knew what was running in his mind currently.

“Not good, ah, if this guy continues standing like this until dawn, then I can’t get into the house, can I?”

On the one side, a thirty-year-old man from Long Clan, whose Cultivation was undoubtedly higher than Long Wan’er, was constantly standing like this, while on the other side, Ye Feng, who really wanted to enter the villa, was still hidden in the woods, since he had a feeling that if he would try to go inside the villa, he would surely be detected by the opposite party.


Just at this time, the purple dressed man suddenly said in a soft voice, as he turned his head and looked towards Ye Feng’s side.

“Not good, I just took one breath disorderly, and suddenly got discovered by him!”

That jolted Ye Feng’s heart out, and he didn’t dare to continue hiding.

“Ha ha ha.”

Ye Feng chuckled, wearing a mask, he came out of the woods: “How come someone from Long Clan appeared here? What’s wrong, do you want to enter the domain of Ye Clan?”

He speculated that this villa was Ye Wentian’s property, hence, Long Clan couldn’t dare to go in, which was quite normal. Therefore, to frighten the opposite party was also very interesting.

“Myself, Long Zi from Long Clan, and, yourself Mo Jiuge?”

Purple-dressed man, seeing him stunned, felt surprised for a moment, as if he hadn’t thought that it was so easy to see the Masked man.

“Yes, do you need any advice from me?”

Ye Feng asked that in a sinking voice.

“Ha Ha, Mo elder brother, wise people don’t speak in code words.”

Long Zi smiled steadily, he appeared very cordial and incomparably kind: “Your Excellency, whatever you have done to our Wan’er, presumably I don’t need to mention it, right? Frankly speaking, I just want to discuss something with you, your Excellency ……”

As the voice fell, Ye Feng suddenly saw him in action, the purple dressed man’s stature jumped high and immediately flung a foot towards Ye Feng!

“A test?”

Ye Feng looked dignified.

Long Clan had gained expertise in swordsmanship, there was a rumour that Romantic Sword Technique was the most aggressive technique of their clan. However, Long Zi didn’t use a sword, instead used Dragon Leg Technique, which explained everything that he obviously didn’t want to kill Ye Feng.

Defence style!

Ye Feng suddenly entered the state, and immediately pounded his hand in the air, instantly Zhenqi streamed out from his body and took the form of a cloud-style Dragon Claw Hand!

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