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Vol. 4 Chapter 2 – Part 1

Without taking too much time, Shin and the others reached the south gate of Bayreuth.

There was a long line to the gate, as usual, but it seemed to be better than before. Shin showed his adventurer card as the identification paper to the guard, and passed through the gate.

Though it was unknown until now, Schnee surprisingly had an adventurer card, too. It seemed like a C rank, because the color of the card was red.

“Schnee, did you enter the guild?”

“It’s for identification purposes only.”

It seemed like she could ask for anything from Barlux, to have the card issued. Its function was for nothing more than identification purposes, instead of not being able to take requests, she also said she did not have any obligation to respond to any emergency requests and the likes.

It’s like a special measure because of Schnee’s position.

“And it’s because they were indebted to me for many things.”

Schnee spoke with a grin on her face, and Shin felt sympathy toward all of the members of the adventurers guild.

As they entered the ramparts, without making any side trips, they headed toward the guild.

When the door was opened and they entered inside, similar with Falnido, Schnee and Tiera became the main focus.

Schnee with the dog ears, tail equipment, and active attire, which she showed in Falnido, made the male’s eyes present be glued onto her. Somehow it felt like the passionate eyes of some women were mixed in it, too.

Because it was routine for hooligans to pick on beautiful women, Shin quickly headed to the reception before someone came near.

“Hello, I’ve received the report about the summons from the guild.”

“Shin-sama, it’s been a long time. Please wait a minute as we convey the message. Cilica, please.”

“Yes yes~”

It was the sisters, Celica and Cilica that were at the reception desk. When Cilica was called out by Celica, she disappeared out to the back at a quick pace. Though they were twins, their actions and personalities were not similar at all.

“Do you know what kind of business they have with me?”

“No, we were not told about the details. Though it’s different for Els who has a high position.”

“Ah well, I just wanted to ask, please don’t worry about it.”

“Actually, if it’s Shin-sama, I think you’ll be summoned before long though.”

“Eh, why is that?”

“Because Shin-sama is not an ordinary adventurer.”

“…I see.”

It was said because suddenly subduing a high-rank monster alone was an unthinkable thing to do, according to people in this world. So Shin being common was out of question.

“Looks like your companions are all beautiful ladies.”

“Ugh, is that so? Though I can’t deny it…Hey, but Yuzuha is a monster. It’s just my adventurer’s acquaintances that are women――”

“Ara, I never saw you talk with a man before though.”

“There is no such.. thing? Umm, yes, Wilhelm, I received a request together with Wilhelm before.”


For some reason, from Shin’s one word, the hall fell silent.

“Shin-sama, is what you spoke just now true?”

“But it wasn’t a regular request, more or less. Wait, why did everyone go silent?”

While being conscious that eyes were focusing on him, Shin questioned Celica whom had an expression of someone who had just heard an unbelievable thing.

“That man rarely joins a party with another person. Even though his fighting power is said to be S-rank, there are many rumors flying around. He seems unapproachable to everyone, too.”

But rumors are unreliable, Celica continued with a small sigh. The authenticity of the rumors might be understood, because she was a part of the guild staff.

“Well, that guy is misunderstood easily I guess.”

The biggest problem would be his character. Wilhelm was not the type that wore a friendly atmosphere. Because the person himself behaved like that, if he didn’t make any effort to solve someone’s misunderstanding, the rumors would not disappear.

Though Shin heard that Wilhelm always kept in touch with other adventurers, who graduated from the orphanage, listening to Celica’s story, it was very likely that he only accepted solo requests.

“Wilhelm-sama is very excellent person himself though.”


To solo, unlike a party, one could only rely on oneself, when in case of an emergency. Thus, his sense of danger and techniques to measure the opponent’s abilities became higher than an adventurer of a similar rank.

Moreover, Wilhelm was a Chosen One, there was no need to state how excellent that is.

“Shin-sama, preparations are done, please come now.”

“Understood. Then lead the way.”

When Cilica returned, they stopped talking and went to Barlux’s office.

Schnee and Tiera would be waiting in the hall. Yuzuha, who rode on Shin’s head before, was entrusted to Schnee.

When Shin entered the office, Barlux and an old man whom he didn’t recognize, sat down on a sofa.

“First of all, have a seat. It was faster than I expected.”

“It’s because I originally was going this direction.”

Shin answered Barlux while sitting on a sofa.

Of course, this was a lie. If he had heard the message near Beirun, then it fit it well timewise, so he decided to say so.

“I’m sorry for rushing it. Ah, this mage, who is in charge of jewel appraisal in our guild, is Arad. It’s him that appraised the jewel of the Skull Face which you brought in before.”

“I’m Arad Royl, pleased to meet you.”

Without doubting Shin’s words, Barlux introduced Arad. (T/N: To refresh back who is Arad, refer Vol. 1 Ch 4 – Part 1)

No matter how many branch offices there were in each country, they could not check where the adventurer received the message at one by one. Unless, the person was on the black list and under surveillance. Shin, under the present conditions, didn’t have the guilds distrust towards him when that investigation was conducted. For Shin’s high prowess in combat, this also could be explained as a Chosen One category.

“I’m Shin. I hope to get along with you as well.”

Shin also replied to the old man as politely as possible.

Since the story of the Skull Face already came out, he thought ‘It is this after all, huh?’ while putting up his guard.

“Though you already heard it from the message, Shin, you are being summoned by the royal palace.”

“For the time being, can I hear the reason?”

“For that, I will explain it to you.”

When the reason was asked from Barlux, Arad took over the talks.

“Before that, do you know the story, about where a sword flew into the king’s castle?”

“Something flew in…Only to that degree.”

“That’s fine. It was actually a greatsword with a white blade.”

“A Greatsword, huh?”

I know, was what Shin wanted to answer but endured it somehow. He happened to know too much after all.

“Moreover, the greatsword pierced and stuck into the wall of the second princess Bayreuth kingdom’s bedroom. It also caused a lot of clamour in the kingdom.”


Shin couldn’t help thinking, ‘Are you serious?’. It was only natural that it became an uproar.

“Fortunately, no one was hurt when it pierced the wall. The question is the greatsword. It’s bestowed with a good attribute and the material used is excellent, in short; It is a very good sword. It seems to even rival the country’s treasured sword when put side by side, if I have to say so as an appraiser.”

“…That’s amazing.”

It’s exposed! Who did it, that was definitely coming to light. While thinking about that, Shin inwardly arrived at the stage of resignation.

Perhaps after this, Shin might be questioned about the connection between his ability and the Skull Face.

Without hearing it to the end, Shin understood. Rather, he should know by the flow of the conversation. It was a common pattern. He didn’t read all of those fantasy novels just for mere fun.

“By the way, the jewel of the Skull Face you defeated, it was clad in a very strong magic power. It was quite a high-level one.”

“That’s right, I think.”

“According to what I heard, it’s level was 359. It’s at the level where average adventurers would be killed during an encounter. However, for someone who was still at G rank at the time they were facing it, and far from escaping, rather it was actually defeated by…you, are you a Chosen One?”

The calm air changed sharply, as Arad asked.

“… That is correct.”

There is no answer besides that, Shin thought while nodded.

When Shin answered obediently, Arad dissipated the dangerous air, and returned to his original calm mood.

“You even know the words ‘Chosen One’, huh?…Well if it’s you, the Skull Face that held the large sword would be defeated. Perhaps, when the skill was used at the end of the battle, the greatsword was blown off to the place in question.”

“How do you know it ended up to there?”

“I haven’t lived a long time just for show. I also heard your weapon was shattered at that time.”

“Indeed, it was shattered. Only the hilt remained――By the way, why is it that you think I was involved? I understand wanting to associate that greatsword to the Skull Face situation, but I don’t think you are suddenly convinced from the evidence though.”

Shin didn’t think that the people of the royal palace would make a move just by that reasoning.

“Of course, there was someone investigating the person behind it. Also, the Skull Face was examined immediately. The matter of the jewel was found out, and the investigation requests came out to examine that together with the greatsword. In the aforementioned greatsword, though there is only a little, there are the remnants of magic power left on the sword. Furthermore, it was matched with the magic power of the jewel. It didn’t reveal how you did it though.”

“I see, so there is such method, huh?”

It seemed to be a fantasy technique similar to our version of DNA analysis. The quality of magic power might be different in individuals.

“That’s why once it was understood up to there, one thing after another was revealed. When the fact that you brought in the jewel came to light, the summons appeared.”

“Even for a guild, this kind of thing can’t simply be revealed, right?”

“No, there’s no way to deceive when it’s been exposed to that extent.”

There was no reason for the guild to protect Shin. If seen from the guild, Shin was only a G rank novice adventurer at that time.

Of course the story was different when it was about a chosen one, there was a possibility that the royal family would be exposed to danger.

However, because Shin held the letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora, that situation ended without turning worse. Moreover, since Barlux had reported about the time when they had met, he had judged that Shin would not be the type of person who held hostility, at least toward the kingdom.

To begin with, to have malicious intentions toward the princess, who was in the upper rank of Chosen Ones, was way too careless.

“Somehow, it was useful for the first time.”

After hearing that story, Shin felt grateful for the letter of introduction for the first time.

“And here’s the main problem. Shin, the one that summoned you was none other than the second princess.”

“The second princess?”

“She seems to be interested in you; Shin, who knocked down the Skull Face which held the greatsword. Because she is a Chosen One, too.”

“So, is that it? She wants to fight against me?”

“It would be nice if it could be settled with only that.”

From Barlux’s remark, it indicated that it wouldn’t happen.

“Then what’s beside it? Don’t tell me, she wants me to take responsibility because I almost inflicted injuries to the royal family?”

“No, it’s not that. To tell you the truth, similar Skull Faces had appeared in the vicinity of the Wraith Plains. The princess also participated in its subjugation, but from that experience, she knows that even she couldn’t afford to go easy if she’s fighting solo, so she seems to want to persuade you into being one of her people.”

“I’m saved if its going this direction, but…what’s next?”

Besides, what came to Shin’s mind was something like government service recruitment. Since there were people serving the country among the chosen ones, it might not be impossible.

“Well, for that, I don’t know it either.”

“Politicians, are only but the *evil spirits residing in the mountains and rivers.” (T/N: This idiomatic expression[魑魅魍魎], literally means evil spirits of rivers and mountains)

It was a story that was not laughable on Shin’s side.

“Okay, I understand the story for the time being. I can only keep going. Is there no specific time for the summon?”

Shin asked Barlux.

“For that, we will contact them from here. That’s right, how about 9’s bells tomorrow, good?”

“I’d like it. Ah, then what clothes should I wear? Because I didn’t expect to meet the royal family.”

Though Girard was also considered as royalty, they had the familiarity as friends, and because Shin was treated like a guest in Falnido, he didn’t mind his clothes in particular. Because everyone around dressed in clothes that emphasized ease of movement, he couldn’t use it as a reference in the opinion of a royal castle such as Bayreuth.

“Dress code is not demanded, for an adventurer who is not a noble. You should keep your appearance neat though.”

“To begin with, the armed state can be said to be the uniform of an adventurer. And there’s hardly a guy that possesses clothes similar to a noble.”

Hearing Barlux and Arad talking, there seemed to be no regulations on that subject.

“Is there anything else you want to ask? I think I can advise a little.”

Arad asked Shin.

“…I don’t have anything on my mind in particular. You might say, because it’s my first time like this.”

“It might not meet with your expectations. The next thing that we are able to say is, do not make a commitment due to such a place. Depending on the other party, because they might bring up again about your fault persistently for a moment, it might be depressing for you.”

“Haha, I’ll be careful.”

Somehow a genuine feeling could be sensed from Arad’s words. He might have experienced it himself.

“Old man Royl dislikes nobles. Though it doesn’t apply to all nobles, well because there are such people too, you should really be careful.”

“I understand.”

Shin replied to Barlux with a wry smile.

Actualy, like in novels and anime he had seen, he expected the existence of corrupt nobles that were only skillful at faultfinding.

Shin has not yet met a noble in this world. However, people raised in the privileged class who were only good at looking down at others, often existed.

Afterwards, Shin learnt about some etiquettes and left the office.

When he returned to the hall, there was a crowd in the corner of the hall.

“Yeah, indeed, it’s as I expected.”

Needless to say, at the center of the crowd was Schnee and Tiera.

Shin consented because he expected it to turn this way if the two people were left alone.


Yuzuha was heard to be threatening.

The surrounding men that enclosed them, probably didn’t know that they would become minced meat the moment that Yuzuha got involved.

Still, because it would be unpleasant to have casualties inside the guild, Shin approached the crowd before Yuzuha exploded.

“Excuse me. Tiera, let’s go.”

“Ah, yes!”

Schnee, who perceived Shin approaching, began to walk out with Tiera.

Additionally, at the same time, a slightly intimidating air was given out by Schnee. Defeated by that pressure, the men that encircled them backed off for several steps. Schnee and the others weaved their way out through the space resulting from that, and escaped from the crowd.

Shin realized that the men who were following the two people with their eyes, were also paying attention to him. Shin felt the pressure that he had never felt in real life.

(The day I receive this kind of stare finally comes.)

If he was very thick-headed, he might of not been aware of those envious eyes. While feeling depressed, Shin had an indescribable mood.

“Did they invite you two to a party?”

“Half of it was for a party invitation, the other half was a tea break invitation.”

“So did you accept any of it?”

“There are none.”

That evaluation from Schnee, spoken while having a perfect smile, was indeed sharp.

Her eyes stated that it’s not even worth considering.

“To have such a good matching level with Master, there are virtually none.”

Tiera said in an amazed way.

From the start, Schnee never thought of joining others except Shin.

“It’s only natural. Leaving that aside, how was the talk?”

Schnee asked.

“For the time being, I’ve heard about the subject. Before I explain, let’s move to another place. Here is a bit…”

It was not the kind of conversation done in an attracting attention situation.

Their moving destination was Bear Point Pavillion. When Shin stayed there last time, he had confirmed that the soundproofing was reliable.


“Welcome! Ara, Shin-san. Long time no see.”

“It’s been a long time. Are there 2 rooms available?”

“We do have vacant rooms, but…before that, come here for a bit.”

“Hmm? Ah, what’s the matter?”

The ‘poster girl’, Tsugumi, pulled Shin until they were near the counter.

With a suspicious face, Tsugumi started talking in a lower volume.

“Hey hey, who are those beautiful woman?! There are many beautiful people among the elves, but the beast people next to you, they belong on a different level!! What kind of magic did you use!?”

While skillfully shouting in low voice, Tsugumi kept on talking without pause.

Tsugumi, without any adverse effects, was called a beautiful girl herself. However, Schnee and Tiera, seen from Tsugumi’s point of view, were on another whole different level.

“Various things happened and I can’t say the details.”


“Don’t ‘Eh’ me. You shouldn’t pry into customers’ affairs.”

“But, you just became an adventurer no more than a month ago, how did you get entangled with such two beautiful women? I’m not worried or anything, but something is wrong.”

“Hey! Hey! Though I understand your feelings, this is no good, you know?”


“Don’t sulk!”

Was it because of a lack of entertainment? She seemed to have a fancy about this sort of story.

Were Shin and the others common adventurers, he could talk about story that they came across each other by chance. However, there were circumstances for Shin and Schnee, so he couldn’t reveal the detailed contents.

“Sigh, I thought I could listen to interesting stories again after such a long time.”

“Don’t joke around.”

Contrary to his way of talking, Shin was amazed at her state, which didn’t seem to be very disappointed.

Did she not have the motivation to ask about it persistently? After Tsugumi returned to the counter, she waited on customers normally.

Shin rented a single room for himself, and a twin room for Schnee and Tiera. Because he didn’t know how much time it would take due to tomorrow, he handed each one Jul gold coin for the time being. He also had Tsugumi to speak up if it started to run out.

It was just at the right time so they had a lunch, and then, they gathered in Schnee and Tiera’s room afterward.

“――and well, that’s what I was told. I probably have to fight and so on, I think.”

When he spoke about the discussion he had with Barlux and Arad, Schnee nodded as she consented.

“I see. There was such a thing happening before our reunion, huh?”

“A sword that flew into the royal castle, what have you done…”

“I’m not doing it because I like it, okay.”

“Kuu? Shin is amazing~”

Tiera was astonished and Yuzuha, who might not understand it well, tilted its head.

“According to Shin’s words, it’s possible for the country to invite you, whether or not you enter the government service. Or, it’s possible that it’s recommended that you set up a marriage with a high nobility to some extent.”

“I understand about the government service, but marriage?”

“Yes, if the second princess in question grasped the Skull Faces’ fighting power accurately, she should be convinced that Shin’s ability is among the upper class of Chosen Ones. Because the power of a country is said to be proportional to the number of Chosen Ones, I expect she will actively try to win you over.”

“After the story about the princess, may I refrain from the marriage meeting? I don’t mean for things to go like this right away.”

Shin didn’t have the intention to enter government service or being tied with marriage.

And he didn’t have the motivation to talk about how to decline such a plan and so on from the beginning.

“I think there’s no problem if you decline to enter the government service. There are not many people who become knights from adventurers.”

“Is that so?”

“There are many people who hate being bound by rules. Also, viewing from the party members, because the recruitment is a loss for them, they refrain from doing it.”

The types that entered the government service, from adventurers, were the people who were solo and people who didn’t join a party as a fixed member.

“And now, Shin is in a party with us, so if you put that as a reason, it would be difficult to reject it.”

“Then, the problem now is the marriage, huh? It’s obvious that if I decline this without a good reason, then troublesome things will come about.”


“Regarding that, should I pretend to be your fiance?”

“Ah, I can be that guy who is already engaged to his partner, huh?”

Schnee expected that a new fiance wouldn’t be pushed onto a person who was already engaged.

It was certainly not bad as an excuse. Though, it wouldn’t be assured that a noble would give up so easily.

“It’s unreasonable to force it too much, so it’s their loss if they continue to offend you. In some cases, Tiera too, if she pretended, they at least won’t even think of tempting her as your woman.”

“Uhm, me?”

Tiera asked.

“Ara, you don’t like it?”

“No, if it’s about pretending, I’m good but…”

If it is only pretending, Tiera was also okay with it.

“Kuu! Then Yuzuha and Shin can become a couple too!!”

“Wait, Yuzuha, it’s not like that! I’ll be killed by society!!”

However, when Yuzuha announced its candidacy, to an extent that it even transformed into its female human form, because of a you-know-what misunderstanding, Shin hurriedly put a stop to it.

Anyway, Yuzuha could only turn into the little girl mode after all, rather than the figure of the voluptuous beautiful woman from the game era. To dabble with a little girl could be considered to be on the path to becoming a pervert at full speed.

“This time it is just pretending, only pretending. It’s not real, okay?”

“Kuu? You are not mating with Schnee?”

“Hey! You must not say such a thing with that appearance!!”


To the unexpected word that came out from Yuzuha’s mouth, Shin was at his wits’ end and Schnee had stiffened.

Though Yuzuha’s original knowledge was sealed, it was not strange even if it knew. However, it was different when it was in its young fox mode, when such a word was spoken in the little girl mode, he strongly felt that there were problems in various ways.

For the ‘mating’ word, it might be due to its strong animal’s sense from its nature.

And, other than Shin, who was denying it with all his might, Schnee’s face was dyed in red.

“For the time being, let’s calm down.”

Though Tiera was the one who spoke out, she was the calmest in that situation.



Vol. 4 Chapter 2 – Part 2

Dawn of the next day.

Letter from Barlux and all kinds of permits were received at the inn, and Shin finished preparing for his summons at the castle.

As a result of a discussion between Shin, Schnee and Tiera, for the time being, Shin would go to the royal castle to see the other party’s attitude. If he conveyed that he had both a party and a fiancée, the other side should not consider it unusual; However, he couldn’t be careless.

“Then, I’m going. I’ll leave Yuzuha with you.”

“See you soon. If there is anything, contact me with Mind Talk.”

“You have to hold back when you fight, because it’ll be terrible if you hurt the princess.”

“It will be fine…probably.”

“Seriously, you really have to watch out, okay?”

After such an exchange with Schnee and Tiera, Shin left the Bear Point Pavilion.

Since the other party was said to be royalty, Shin’s attire was one of the originals from the game era, ceremonial attire from Kalkia which was currently called a ‘Sacred Place’.

You might say it looked like a ceremonial military uniform that combines practicality and glamour; it was a wonderful item. The accessories’ rank was not too expensive and it was treated as a set equipment.

Partly because Kalkia was originally the first base, after starting an adventure, one could buy it in the arms shop for beginners. Naturally, its performance was also low.

What Shin put on was a formal dress that was a red associated with captains. Besides that, there was also a piece of clothing that was colored a blue specific to vice-captains and other low rank clothing which had slightly less performance than that of an ordinary soldier and so on. When these items came together, it was referred to as a set.


“Now then, what will happen now?”

While checking the map displayed at the edge of his view, Shin faced the gate in the inner wall.

The King’s castle was located in the center of the Bayreuth kingdom and it was surrounded by the houses of the rich, such as nobles, wealthy merchants and the like. Though it seemed to be a general residential area originally, a wall around it was erected as the population rose, and the living area was segregated off except for those of higher social status.

The boundary that separated the living district between nobles and ordinary people was the inner wall Shin headed towards. Because it was originally an outer wall, it was reinforced sturdily. Was there a powerful magic user? The degree of reinforcement was top class.

As for Shin, he only prayed that the day when the inner wall was invaded would never come.

“Well, I think it won’t fail here though.”

As he walked for a while, a gate smaller than the one on the outside wall came into view.

Like the outside wall, the inner wall also had south, north, east and west gates. And the comings and goings were checked.

There were a lot of people with high status who lived there and a person with a clear position, to a certain extent, could pass through without an identity check.

Although that was the case, there was a suspicious looking D rank adventurer there now, and if not for the request he received, he would have been turned away at the gate. In the letter that had arrived from Barlux this morning, there had been a permit to enter the inner wall attached to it.


“…Good, enter.”

Spoke the soldier who was guarding the gate after he compared the permit alternately with another document.

When the permit was accepted, Shin stepped inside the inner wall.

“…This is a quiet upper-class residential area, huh?”

There were almost no pedestrians, unlike the outside. The only people walking appeared to be servants from their clothes. Most people traveled on horse-drawn carriages. Of course, there were no stalls and so on. It was so quiet that it felt like he was in a completely different country.

(3, 4, 5,…8 people, huh?)

On his way to the royal castle, Shin felt the glances directed to him.

【Hiding】skills of both martial arts and magic were used, surrounding Shin as he moved while his observers maintained a certain distance. The colors displayed on his map were green, so they didn’t seem to be hostile for the moment.

“There’s no sign of them making a move, huh? From what I’ve heard of the princess, I have a feeling that she wouldn’t think of doing something like this.”

From Barlux’s story, he had the impression that the princess was likely to come over directly rather than hiding and watching.

Though it was just his assumption, there might be other forces that were moving.

“…Ah, I want to go back…”

They were certainly Shin’s true feelings.

Though he couldn’t return now since he had come this far, he disliked unpleasant things. With that state of mind, Shin stepped forward to the royal castle.

“Excuse me, I received a summons from the second princess and so, came here. Can you pass that on?”

“I’ve heard the news. Please present your permit.”

Shin talked to the palace guard, that was defending the castle gate, to obtain permission to enter.

As for the story, it seems to have been well circulated. The palace guard checked the permit Shin received from Barlux again and then put him in the guard’s office which was located beside the gate. It seemed that the palace guard didn’t intend to open the gate for Shin alone.

“I will call your escort now. Please wait for a while.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Because he had nothing to do, he looked around to kill time.

The maintained road extended to the inside of the castle. One could get off from a wagon that entered inside without getting wet even in the rain.


After waiting for a while, he saw a mounted figure coming in his direction. A person in red armor was taking the reins. The person stopped the horse in front of Shin and dismounted.

“Excuse me. You are the adventurer Shin, correct?”

“Yes, I am, and you are…”

“I am Gadras Jarre. I have been ordered by princess Rionne to greet you. I’ll be your escort, so follow me.”

“I understand.”

Shin nodded and followed after Gadras.

Shin, while walking, checked Gadras’s stats.

――――『Gadras Jarre   Level 188   Dark Knight』

Level 188. Shin remembered that numerical value. He heard it when the first time he met Barlux, the ‘leader of the knights’ might be him.

As for Gadras’ main job, Dark Knight was one of the advanced level jobs that derived from a knight. Moreover, the armor he wore was a lower end 《Unique》 grade Scale Horn Armor. It was occupational equipment that required suitable stats and level, and a tiny presence of sharpened valor was emitted from it.

No matter how much Shin was regarded as an upper class Chosen One, he kept thinking about how someone who was considered a part of the kingdom’s strongest force came to pick him up expressly.

Did they want to indirectly convey that he was worthy of it?

Or, was it because an ordinary soldier couldn’t hold him down if he acted out violently?

It was impossible for Shin who was not familiar with this class of people to read into the thoughts of these royal nobles.

Shin followed Gadras obediently, but somehow they hardly passed by anyone.

“You, are you actually of a noble family lineage somewhere?”

Gadras asked out of the blue.

“No, I’m just a commoner you can find anywhere…”

If Schnee and the others were to hear that from Shin, ‘Are you in any position to say that?’, would probably be the reply he would get.

“Is that so? Ah, just call me Gadras. I became a knight from an adventurer, so to be humble myself doesn’t match with my nature.”

“Then, I’ll call you Gadras-san.”

“Well, that’s fine I guess. Let’s return to the topic at hand. When I was summoned to the castle for the first time, they were shocked by my armor. As an adventurer raised as a commoner, you should also pay attention to your attire properly. There are many ignorant people, so your clothes can be easily misinterpreted.”

It seemed like it wasn’t necessary to come dressed in formal attire.

‘Did I make a mistake?’ Shin thought, but decided to heed Barlux’s advice for the time being.

“It’s because I heard that you should maintain a neat appearance from the guild master. Actually, I was worried if this was fine.”

“Well, it’s not a bad thing to choose clothes according to the destination. And I think it’s rather nice.”

“Since it’s my first time coming to a castle, I prepared it in a hurry.”

As they walked while having such exchanges, Gadras stopped in front of a door. As Shin looked at the door, he noticed that the grade of ornaments was different from the others.

“Princess Rionne is in here. You don’t need to be so tense too, because the second princess is not the kind of person who demands formalities from an adventurer.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Gadras knocked on the door, and reported that Shin had arrived.

Before long, the door was opened from inside. When Gadras and Shin entered inside, the door was closed immediately.

Shin wondered whether there was a female maid, but it was a male knight who opened and closed the door.

――――『Feyzel Adith   Level 172   Paladin』

As for his appearance, he had the look of a mild-tempered man with blond hair and blue eyes. His main job was a Paladin. This man might be a Chosen One too.

On that subject, Wilhelm also said there were more Chosen Ones than the ones publicly announced.

Since he couldn’t stare at the man too much, he turned his attention to the front right away.

There was an elegant table and a fancy chair in the center of the room. A beautiful woman was sitting on the chair. Fine golden hair was tied at the back of her head, but it still reached all the way down her back. Her deep crimson eyes, which looked like rubies, stared at Shin. Her figure was pleasant too, even a certain ‘part’ of her seemed to rival Tiera.

Only her clothes were far from the image of a princess. For the upper half of her body, a leather type armor covered from her chest to her abdomen. In addition, a white jacket was worn above it. And for her lower half, there were red hot pants and boots that went up to her knees with a similar color.

Speaking of the jacket, because it wasn’t buttoned, Shin could clearly see her cleavage pushed up by the leather armor from his location. This was totally different from the princess he imagined.

――――『Rionne Strail Bayreuth   Level 230   Magic Swordswoman』(T/N: I may have stated her main job as Dark Knight before.)

Although her name and level were displayed, Shin understood that excluding him, she was the strongest in that room simply from the presence she emitted.

Shin guessed that she probably wore those clothes for combat. Apparently, a match seemed inevitable.

“Thanks for coming. I’m Rionne Strail Bayreuth, this country’s second princess. My best regards.”

“I’m the adventurer, Shin. Thank you for inviting me here today.”

He bowed his head while introducing himself.

“Oh my! This is turning into a serious talk. I don’t really care for etiquette, so you don’t need to worry about manners. Feel free to call me Rionne.”

“…Then, Rionne-sama it is…”

Though Shin thought ‘isn’t it bad?’ for the princess to not care about courtesy, but still, Shin avoided pointing it out.

As she frequently appeared in the downtown area, her activities as a princess would put adventurers to shame. ‘There’s also such a thing’, Shin convinced himself.

Her beautiful appearance was princess caliber, but she didn’t exude the dignity of someone from a royal family. Was this a positive or negative for the royal family? It seemed opinions could differ on this matter.

“Princess, I wouldn’t do that in the first meeting. It will cause a misunderstanding.” (T/N: Having a boy call a girl by her first name is typically done only by those in a relationship.)

“He is a person who we may soon fight together with as a companion. Wouldn’t this be better than creating a strange barrier between us because I’m from the royal family?”

“…Shin, it’s unfortunate, but this is how the princess is. Please don’t worry about your social status and act casually.”

“Yes…I, will do my best…I guess?”

Shin thought ‘rather than a princess, she should be called a sociable adventurer.’

Gadras’s tone too, for some reason, became less formal. Apparently, this seemed to be their usual way of exchange between lord and retainer.

When Shin fleetingly glanced at Feyzel, while feeling at a loss, he saw that the man stood upright like one of the room’s furnishings as if saying ‘it’s of no concern to me’.

“Um, for now, I want to ask you the reason why I was summoned…”

“Muu! You don’t have to use formal words, you know?”

“Well, for some reason, that’s kind of..”

Just because the person in question permits it, it didn’t mean that the surrounding people would accept it in the same way.

Even if the princess has no bad intentions, since there was an observer there as well, it would be troublesome for him if someone later said he acted too familiar.

“Well, there’s no helping it if Shin said so. Now then, the reason why I invited you today, I think you may already heard it from Barlux, but it’s the matter of the Skull Face. It was the one that was level 359 and wielded this.”

As she said that, Rionne opened a huge case that was located under her feet.

‘Wasn’t that a job for a maid?’ was what Shin thought, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a single maid in that room. Incidentally, there wasn’t even any tea prepared.

What Rionne took out was the greatsword, which had belonged to the Skull Face that Shin had previously defeated. It should be too heavy for a woman, but Rionne lifted it with one hand like it was nothing.

“…That is certainly the one the Skull Face had at that time. I remember the decoration and the aura covering the blade.”

Because it was a pretty memorable opponent, he also remembered its weapon well. Secretly, he activated his 【Appraisal】 skill, which he forgot to do so during the battle. For the first time in here, Shin found out that it was a 《Legend》 grade greatsword. There was an inscription on it too which seemed to say ‘Muspelm’.

“Yea, the Skull Face had considerable skill, I believe?”

“That’s right. If my weapon was a bit more fragile, I think I wouldn’t have been able to do anything but run away.”

“It was able to rally with this greatsword that’s equivalent to our country’s treasured sword, 『Wazamono』, huh?”

She may have heard the story about how the sword『Several Stroke』, which Shin had equipped at that time, had become only a hilt.

As for 『Muspelm』, it was a 2 mels sword with a thick blade. If the other sword was not as good as 『Wazamono』, it would be unthinkable for it to be able to exchange blows directly.

“I obtained that katana by chance in the middle of my journey. I think its performance was at least 《Rare》 grade though.”

Actually, it was only a reinforced 《Normal》 grade katana, but Shin lied because he didn’t know what the value of a maximum reinforced weapon was in this world.

As for the matter of whether or not it was possible for a 《Rare》 grade to exchange blows with 『Muspelm』, it should be believable since it ended up getting broken from the excessive force.

“So now you’re just using an ordinary weapon, Shin?”

“No, I received an escort request towards Beirun earlier and we exterminated some bandits on the way. Since one of the bandits was using a Magic Sword as a weapon, I’m using that now.”

As for the bandits’ belongings, the property rights basically moved to whoever subdued them.

Since it’s possible that his current weapon would be examined, he used that excuse to add credibility to his story.

“I see. If it’s a Magic Sword, then it may be a good fit for you.”

“It’s good if that’s the case. But I’ve almost never used it after I obtained it, so I can’t say for sure.”

“You can get used to it, right?”


Right, this is the flow of events that usually precedes a fight.

Shin exchanged words with Rionne while thinking that. The weapon from the monster, in addition, the monster’s skills—though it took the flow of a natural conversation, if combat-related talk continued in this way, it was obvious that the final result would be “Let’s have a match.”



Against his expectations, Rionne who nodded once, fell silent.

As for Shin, he had the hesitant reaction of a ‘What should I do?’ decision.

“Well, is something wrong?”

“No, well, you are different after all, Shin.”


Shin couldn’t figure out the flow of the conversation, so the question was reiterated.

“Adventurers that suddenly stand out like you, are usually Chosen Ones. Though Gadras was like that too, when it was judged that his ability ranked in the upper class, it was customary for him to be invited to the royal palace.”

“Well, that’s understandable.”

“However, there are groups who use Chosen Ones to attempt assassinations from the inside.”

“…That’s also dangerous, right?”

‘Then, is it fine to suddenly let me meet the princess?’ Shin wanted to ask.

But, he didn’t interject because she wasn’t finished with her story.

“Though I had my suspicions about you, I thought it would probably be fine.”

“Eh? I don’t remember having said anything that would clear myself from doubt though.”

“Of course, it’s because of my intuition.”


A monotone sound came out unintentionally.

That too, seemed like it couldn’t be helped. Shin had never heard of someone determining whether an opponent might bring harm to the country by relying solely on intuition. What would she do if it hadn’t worked out?

“Ah, a monotone sound came out!”

“That can’t be helped. Moreover, if it’s like this, people won’t be convinced by such things since there is no concrete evidence.”

“No problem. I have the 【Intuition】 skill. I was born with it and my intuition never misses a thing. Besides, even though I may appear this way, I am one of this country’s princesses. I’ve developed my ability to judge character!”

With a smile, Rionne’s words were heard by Shin and he tried to recall the effect for 【Intuition】.

It should only be a battle support skill. If anything, he had a feeling that it was suitable to say it was just a woman’s intuition.

(…Could【Intuition】possibly enhance a woman’s intuition?)

Shin unconsciously wondered about such a thing.

“You might say the biggest deciding factor is that you hold a letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora.”


Under the current situation, it was the strongest piece of identification.

“That letter of introduction is impossible to replicate and Schnee-dono would never hand it over to a group plotting an assassination. As for a letter of introduction carrier, it’s almost certain that their theft countermeasures are not ordinary. Therefore, a story of someone stealing a letter of introduction is unheard of until this very day. In fact, this acted as something like a final confirmation.”

“I see, then the main question is?”

“So it’s come to this. Let me say it without beating about the bush. I want you to fight with me!”

“Not that, princess! You’re supposed to tell him about government service!”

Gadras promptly interrupted Rionne who had challenged Shin for a match.

Somehow, this turned out differently from their briefing session.

“What are you talking about, Gadras? Either way, for his true ability, how can I judge it accurately if we don’t cross swords?”

“Even if you yearn for it, you could wait a bit longer before saying it. What kind of place is it for a princess to challenge an adventurer with something like, ‘Fight with me!’?”

“A lady-like princess is the elder sister’s responsibility!”


Gadras seemed to have it hard with one thing or another.

“Since it’s the wish of the princess, I don’t want to decline, but if possible I would like to ask for a weapon used for training purposes.”

Though Shin’s weapon was not lacking, still, it was unclear as to how long it would be able to keep up a rally directly with a 《Legend》 grade weapon.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll lend you a weapon used by our knights. It doesn’t matter if you destroy it.”

“Well, that’s fine. Though, I want you to forgive me if that sword breaks in the middle of the fight.”

While saying that, Shin kept secret about the even more dangerous items that lay in his Item Box.

“Then, let’s head toward the training ground immediately.”

The princess began to walk triumphantly.

Contrary to her personality, she walked elegantly without pause. If one only saw her movement, everyone would think that she had a graceful character.

Without taking the huge case, she held the『Muspelm』in one hand.


“…It’s tough, isn’t it?”

“You understand?”

Shin felt sorry for Gadras who dropped his shoulders.


Shortly after Shin and the others left the room.

Feyzel, who had remained in the room, let the tension out of his shoulders as he felt the presence of Shin and the others go away.

He seemed to be tense and before he noticed it, he felt that his muscles had become quite stiff. He took a deep breath and felt somewhat better after taking a short break.

“I’m so tired.”

Other than Feyzel, a male’s voice suddenly echoed through the room that should contain nobody else.

“Yeah, indeed.”

Feyzel, who began to talk, replied without any surprise. The owner of the voice was Feyzel’s co-worker.

“Are you feeling nervous about the other party as well?”

“Yeah, as expected from a letter of introduction carrier.”

A slightly tired smile appeared as Feyzel answered.

Feyzel’s role was to obtain the other party’s information with his own skills.

“You saw it, didn’t you?”

“I saw it. But perhaps, his stats might be falsified.”

That person was the most abnormal among all of the people who had come in so far. Feyzel continued, and waited for a response from the owner of the voice.

“To that extent?”

“I’m sure about it. That person, named Shin, has a level of 200. Job of samurai. However, if I were to really say my impressions of when we faced each other, I would have rewritten the information.”

Feyzel was a Chosen One that specialized in uncovering the ability of the other party, therefore he was sure of it.

Rionne and Gadras didn’t notice the abilities of Shin, but Feyzel felt exactly a fragment of the power leaking out from his body. In fact, the right answer was beyond the level he stated.

“Though I failed to obtain any sufficient information, I can only say this. He is strong! Even more so than we imagined.”

“Since you say it to that extent, I should report this matter to the King.”

“Please do so if possible, I’d be saved the trouble if you convey it. Also, don’t make any needless trouble, I guess? Like what you did to Wilhelm, if you make a foolish move, it will be terrible. At least, I don’t want to fight him.”

“Understood. I must not make an enemy of an upper class Chosen One.”

By the end of those words, the voice was already inaudible.

Apparently, it seemed to have gone to report.

“Good grief! I want to go home today already!”

I feel like I am dead instead of living.

Muttering so, Feyzel left the room.




Vol. 4 Chapter 2 – Part 3

Shin, Rionne and Gadras visited the training grounds that the knights used.

“I want to confirm something. For the time being, we’re not going to fight next to soldiers that are training, are we?”

“No, it won’t go well if we were to fight there. Today, half of the soldiers are out for practice and the rest have other work that’s not in the training ground. Though some may sneak a peek, it can’t helped with so many people. Or, is Shin the type that does not want to be seen by people when he fights?”

“To tell you the truth, I want to refrain from exposing my abilities expressly. At the guild, we fought in an empty training center.”

“I see, you’re a cautious one, aren’t you?”

“Isn’t that how an adventurer should be?”

Unlike knights, adventurers often traveled alone. And in case of emergencies, they would have one or two trump cards prepared, Shin thought.

“Well, if I had to say it, most adventurers try to show off their power to gain fame. If their talent is recognized, then they can also enter government service like me.”

Gadras, who was a former adventurer, answered Shin’s question.

“That’s how it is, huh?”

“Of course there are also guys like you who don’t reveal their hand and hide their trump cards.”

Although it didn’t seem to be unusual, somehow people like Shin appeared to be in the minority.

“Personally, I don’t prefer the types like Shin. People who think that they can act that way, even if they’re powerful, I don’t like them for some reason. By simply having power, you must think about how to properly use it.”

“The obligations of a person with power, huh?”

“It’s the duty of the strong. When I notice a strong person with power, I often think, ‘What kind of influence does their power have on themselves and their surroundings?’ Even though what I hope to see doesn’t always happen.”

“Since I’m from the royal family, I’d say that I tend to think that way”, Rionne continued and smiled wryly.

From the beginning, for royalty, their existence would significantly affect people with their actions. In some ways it could even be said that both royalty and chosen ones were somewhat similar.

That was why Rionne was taught by the royal family to live the ideal life of a person with power. At the same time, she also noticed the existence of the unreachable status known as a princess.

She felt obligated to fight and swung her sword day and night, to control her power. She learned more about military knowledge than etiquette or her studies. Looking at her hand, which held the sword, no one would ever think that that was the hand of the country’s princess.

“It’s difficult, isn’t it?”

“Though I’m telling you about someone else’s problems, I guess even you can commiserate, huh, Shin?”

“It’s because I don’t serve the country, isn’t it? Again, I have my own way of doing things as an adventurer. Besides, it’s tiring to think about such things around the clock, so I do everything moderately. If not, then you won’t feel relaxed, right?”

Shin didn’t mean to deny Rionne’s thoughts.

In fact, it was important to act with such thinking in mind. However, different people have their own viewpoints and capabilities. If there was a person who had their own way, without noticing it existed, there would also be a person who acted their own way and yet noticed it existed.

As for what would happen as a result, only God may know. Of course, it was unreasonable for Shin to entrust everything to the heavens, so he moved and thought accordingly. Whether or not it went smoothly, it was hard to say.

“I’m a bit jealous, for you to be able to say that.”

“Well, when something bad happens, the troublesome ones usually don’t change though”

“If you enter the military, you may be able to decrease the troublesome things a little, you know? Though I can’t say it will be as a General, I can promise you a reasonably high position.”

“An additional bonus comes along in various other ways instead, huh? I’m terribly sorry, but I’ll still have to decline.”

Shin evaded the casual invitation from the second princess smoothly.

He didn’t have any intention to enter a military which would restrict his movements. For Shin, who lived in a world without a class system such as nobles and royal families, their ideas were beyond his understanding.

Although he was familiar with the meaning of a fantasy system in games and manga, he didn’t understand it in this world.

“That’s too bad. It’s not easy to encounter an upper grade Chosen One. So, it seems like we’ve arrived?”

Rionne shrugged while stating her disappointment, she probably thought that Shin would have agreed.

And then, she stopped in front of a somewhat ordinary door.


“This is because you requested a fight that no one will see. So we will borrow this place.”

Saying that, Rionne pushed the door open.

Inside, there was a transition point similar to what Shin saw in the adventurers’ guild. (T/N: metastasis point had been changed to transition point)

“So we are going to teleport?”

“That’s right. Didn’t you also do so in the guild?”


Their destination, after transferring right away, was a round open space about 100 mels in radius. It was different from the place where Shin fought against Barlux.

“It’s constructed differently from the guild’s training ground, huh?”

“It’s been said to be made with a battle between Chosen Ones in mind. Besides, there’s no one here so we can fight as much as we want. Actually, even if you didn’t say anything, I was planning to fight you here anyway, Shin.”

Although it was a test of strength, even if a chosen one used only a ‘tiny’ portion of their power, there was no guarantee that this ‘tiny’ amount would be the same amount as that of an ordinary soldier. But, it seemed this place would be alright, if that was the case.

“It was decided, huh?”

“I couldn’t find any other place for our purpose, except this. The transition point is a technique from before the Dusk of the Majesty, and we haven’t been able to completely solve it yet. What was it made for? To tell you the truth, it’s not known yet. But it’s pretty sturdy, so it’s thought to have been a training ground in the past.”

I see, Shin thought.

He thought it was strange because he was told that transposing magic was lost, but a transition point had been set up here like it was perfectly normal. To manufacture a transition point, the technique of transposing was needed.

(Hmm…I wonder if this place was for some guild house originally.)

If one said guild in this world, it would usually refer to an adventurers’ guild.

However, there were many players guilds and their corresponding guild houses that existed during the game era. The structures and styles varied according to the guild. Some made castle, while others used a shop. There were no similar guild houses.

And, a transition point was standard equipment for a guild house. As for the royal magic library that Shin had visited before, the unusually high level barrier skill was understandable, if it too was installed by a guild. Perhaps, that was also just equipment repurposed from a guild.

“Let’s begin now. First, you should choose a weapon of your liking. Do you need a change of clothes?”

“No, they’re fine as is.”

Just like the match with Barlux, they didn’t battle immediately.

Several mels ahead of Shin, there were swords and spears that were previously prepared. It could be said that they were used for training because they were made from iron and had edgeless blades. However, if it was swung with the strength of a chosen one, the damage inflicted may not be small.

“Then, I’ll take this.”

Shin chose a standard one-handed sword from among the weapons.

It was maintained properly, but its quality was not so good because it was for training. As for Rionne, she chose a thick-bladed greatsword. The blade was almost 2 mels in length, similar to 『Muspelm』,  and she swung it around like a branch from a tree.

“When I see that in person, something feels out of place.”

Such a thing would never happen if it was in the game.

It was different if it was a monster, but the scene of a sword that was about the height of a body, being swung by a woman’s slender arm was very strange to see in reality.

Speaking of the person in question, it seemed like she intended to warm-up. Shin heard the sound of air being cut through every time the greatsword was brandished. Since it’s no use to keep watching forever, Shin too, lightly swung his sword and relaxed his body. With their preparations completed, they got ready with their weapons in the center of the training ground.

“This is a fight to check your ability, so I’ll let out some of my power to an extent!”

“Please go easy on me.”

Shin replied with a wry smile, to Rionne who was fully motivated.

Gadras played the role of referee. Points would be given to each of them, and if he judged the blow would cause a fatal injury he would end the match.

Of course, even if it was said to be a fatal injury, they would stop just before the blow landed. After all, with the ability of these two people, doing that would be a piece of cake.

“Alright, let’s begin!”

Rionne stepped forward when Gadras shouted.

With her greatsword on her right shoulder, she approached Shin using the most direct path, with Shin doing the same. Facing against the greatsword coming from a diagonal direction, Shin prepared to swing his sword from his waist. If he rallied directly, there’s no doubt that Shin’s sword, which was inferior in strength, would break. Thus, he aimed to strike at the flat part of the greatsword.

Ting! A high-pitched sound was made when Rionne’s greatsword veered away from Shin. Furthermore, in one step, Shin leaped toward Rionne’s chest. However, in the next moment, the heel of Rionne’s boot appeared in front of Shin’s eyes.


Shin bent down right away to dodge the unleashed kick.

Her released fist was also evaded as she continued the attack before taking a distance once more. Then, her hand, which had parted with the intercepted greatsword, started to counterattack with martial arts. As for the greatsword, the downward force may have been great, as it pierced the ground diagonally.

“You avoided my attacks without being flustered, huh? I thought I could somewhat surprise you with that though”

“Well, I am surprised. I didn’t expect you would suddenly throw away your weapon and start to fight hand-to-hand.”

He didn’t say that parting with one’s own weapon has never happened during battle, but it was not usually done immediately after a battle started.

If an ordinary adventurer did something like that, they would be cut down in no time. There was a limit to making unorthodox decisions.

“You can still say that even though you dodged it like it was nothing. However, the next one will not be so easy!”

The greatsword was pulled from the ground, and Rionne took her stance again.

That stance was indeed magnificent. It was the posture of someone who had been training without depending too much on their ability as a Chosen One.

“I’ll go from here!”

Saying so, Shin faced Rionne and shortened their distance.

As for the current Shin, some restrictions were put on his stats based on information from Girard. Because of the restriction ability 【Limit】, his STR and AGI were about 500. If he rallied with Rionne who was an upper class Chosen One, it should be fine.  

Shin, with the momentum from hurling himself, plunged into and pushed Rionne’s greatsword with his sword’s brim.  

“Going to compete with me in strength, huh, Shin?”

“I’m confident in my strength!”

As the weapons made a grinding sound, Shin and Rionne exchanged words.

And then, Rionne stopped pushing Shin’s sword. Apparently, in response to Shin’s words, Rionne decided to accept his strength challenge with a contest.

Rionne put power in her slender arm, and the locking of sword to sword started. If she took her time, she may be able to overcome the resistance, but it was obvious that Rionne would take measures before that.

(She is on par with 500 STR, huh? As expected of Girard, he guessed correctly.)

As for the stats of an upper class Chosen One, Girard had talked about it being around 500.

“I wonder if our strength is equal?”

“It seems like it.”

They made some distance between them by stepping back together.

Shin had his sword in an aiming-at-the-eyes stance, and Rionne was in an overhead sword posture.

“You may use skills too. No need to be reserved, Shin.”

“Well, if you insist.”

Rionne and Shin, both used the support system martial arts skill 【Spirit Manipulation • Katsusen】.

Shin moved his sword to the left side of his waist from his previous posture, took his stance with his left hand on the sword’s blade near the hilt and lowered his posture. It was a quick draw stance, but without the sheath.

Rionne on the other hand, stayed there without changing her posture. From Shin’s point of view, he saw the aura that covered Rionne’s body sharpen.

The strengthening effect from the support system martial arts skill was calculated based on the stats during its usage, so there was almost no difference of strengthening ability between Rionne and Shin under the current conditions. If there was, it was simply the difference between ability.


Shin moved first.

The distance between them was shortened by his sliding feet. And then, just one step from Rionne, Shin jumped into her territory by sliding on the ground.

Though it could not be said that it was his normal form, the sword that was charging towards Rionne was at a speed difficult to see by an ordinary person.

Without turning her eyes to that attack, Rionne also swung the greatsword downward. Due to the explosion of her sharpened spirit, it accelerated instantaneously. And that speed exceeded Shin’s attack.

Shin would likely die if he received that blow directly, so as the greatsword approached from above his head, by putting his strength into his left foot, he bent himself backward and evaded it.

Rionne, who had just swung down her greatsword, couldn’t move right away because of the weight of her weapon.

From there, Shin did a horizontal kick, but Rionne crouched down and evaded it.


With her body twisted as she tripped, although she had just evaded Shin’s kick and stood only on one foot, she still didn’t stop attacking.

Without losing any centrifugal force from pulling out the greatsword from the ground, she turned once more. The force of her tripping was converted into power for swinging her greatsword.

With the sound of air being cut, she returned the favor and aimed at Shin who just drew a horizontal kick. Shin, who was just slightly above the ground, kicked the ground again to escape from the greatsword.

Rionne suddenly stopped the greatsword, which was gaining momentum, as soon as she thought the blow would come out of place. Even though the centrifugal force was strong, Rionne didn’t break her posture. It seemed her being a close-combat type Chosen One was not just for show.

(Somehow just now, I felt like I was gonna die if I didn’t avoid it.)

Though there was no killing intent, Shin didn’t think he would escaped unharmed if he received Rionne’s greatsword to his head. When he saw Rionne’s movement just now, he understood that she stopped the blow just before that. However, when he saw the greatsword pierce and stick into the ground, he couldn’t get rid of his anxiety.

In his current condition, Shin didn’t want to risk restricting his defence-related stats. When the world was still a game, not even a scratch would be there if he received a blow from a greatsword. However, Shin didn’t have the courage to try it now with his own flesh.

“Apparently, it seems our types are similar, Shin. Our reaction speed is about the same too.”

“That’s right. This is getting hard to settle, how about we call it an end it here?”

“Is that so? I want to fight a little longer though.”

Rionne was like a deflated balloon.

“Since it was a sword for training purposes, it’s hard to know how far I can put my strength into it. Besides, Rionne-sama’s sword has also bent.”

“Muu! This one couldn’t last either.”

The swords for training purpose couldn’t endure Shin and Rionne’s power.

As proof, about 30 cemels from the sword guard of Rionne’s greatsword was bent almost into the shape of the character ‘へ’. It was pretty admirable that it didn’t break.

Shin’s sword had also deformed, a part of it had cracked when it had rallied with the greatsword.

“At least we were able to properly understand each other’s strength, Rionne-sama.”

“Isn’t that good? His strength is even equal to yours, Princess. Moreover, that speedy reaction. It’s plenty enough for me.”

“It’s not good to force the subject too much, huh? All right. Let’s stop the match here. You have my gratitude for going along with my selfishness.”

Gadras, who saw the their battle situation unfolding, gave some timely support to help end the match.Gadras realized by intuition that it would be bad if he let them ‘heat up’ as it was. Although Gadras was also a Chosen One who was near the upper class and therefore was able to follow the two people offense and defense with his eyes, he still couldn’t be sure that he would be able to react in time if he entered their ranges.

Not much time had passed since the match began, so he urged them to stop fighting. He had already decided that Shin was not an average Chosen One when Shin could keep up with Rionne’s movement. It was not difficult to even judge him to be an upper class Chosen One.

“Well then, let’s return. You should put the sword back where it originally was.”


Shin put back the one-handed sword which was already unusable.

He thought the sword was lacking before the fight began. It was already fortunate that it didn’t break on the first rally. Perhaps the angle in which they rallied was good, he guessed.

“By the way, I want to ask something.”

“What is it?”

“Why did you bring the Skull Face’s sword?”

Because she brought it to the training ground like it was natural, Shin thought it was strange since it was decided they would use a training sword.

“Though this is a completely different matter, when a man proposes to a woman in Bayreuth kingdom, it’s customary to present a sword.”

“…Again, isn’t that――――――dangerous!”

Shin muttered in a way that was not heard by Rionne.

Is that what it’s for? It’s the thing used to cut “it” off one has an affair? Shin suspected without any reason.

“The reason is, in case they are caught cheating, they will be cut by the sword. It’s only a formality for now though.”

“…Are you for real?”

It seemed his suspicion was right.

Will the cheating mistress get punished too? Trivial questions appeared in Shin’s mind.

“Because of that, to be honest, although the sword pierced and was stuck in the wall of my bedroom, I’ve considered it as a present for me.”

“T-That, isn’t that too unreasonable?!”

“Not a problem. If I did that, the sword would become mine legally.”

“I didn’t see that coming! What a scheme!?”

Rionne showed her playfulness, but as a matter of fact, since there was no weapon that could match Rionne’s strength, it seems her primary focus was on the matter of the greatsword.

A weapon that could endure the power of an upper class Chosen One was not easy to find in this world. Even if it was found, it was most likely owned by skilled adventurers or famous knights.

Only the treasured sword that symbolizes the country was able to endure all of the energy from Rionne in Bayreuth kingdom. However, Rionne couldn’t take out the treasured sword every time, so she seemed to have been racking her brain on how to remedy the situation.

Because the Skull Face’s greatsword was not lacking in durability, didn’t have curses and so on, it seemed to have been secretly prepared for her given her circumstances.

At the same time, she had been thinking of various scenarios just in case someone came forward claiming it as the owner.

“Just to confirm, by any chance, am I supposed to propose to Rionne-sama?”

“Yea, you’re supposed to because you gave me the sword.”

“About the blown off greatsword matter, it really was just accidental…”

“I know. I don’t mean to push the matter either. Although it would be reassuring if Shin serves the country, I get absolutely nothing out of offending you so badly that you moved to another country. It’s promising if an upper class Chosen One becomes an ally, but it’s extremely troublesome if they become an enemy. If possible, I would like you to refrain from entering government service at another country, but this is up to your discretion.”

“For the moment, I don’t have any such plans.”

“However, a person that’s not affiliated with any place can be scary. Because, what they will do is unpredictable. And there are many people who dislike that sort of person, you know?”

Although an upper class Chosen One was an individual, one of them was comparable to an army.

For this reason, they were terrifying when they were unaffiliated.

“For the time being, I belong to the adventurers’ guild.”

“If you’re afraid of the penalty, I can withdraw you from there immediately. Well, ever since the guild has revealed that Shin has a ‘letter of introduction’, people with impertinent thoughts have been suppressed.”

“Really? Since I showed it to the guard at the gate, I thought that was how I was exposed and that’s how it reached the guild.”

“Of course, the information was obtained from there. Only, when showing it to the guard, the possibility of it being an imitation is not zero. However, the story is different when the master of an adventurers’ guild acknowledges it. Because he has the method to distinguish the real thing. If Shin has been acknowledged, additional confirmation of his status is preferable for those people, I guess?”

“Indeed, I think so too. Or rather, what are those people who have impertinent ideas trying to do?”

Though he had some idea of what to expect, Shin asked anyway.

“They want to arrest you as a criminal because of the sword that pierced my bedroom, and make you serve the country, little by little, as restitution.”

“…Well, even though I didn’t do it on purpose, it wouldn’t be strange if someone had died when I misstepped, right?”

Having it only pierce a wall was entirely the result of good luck.

“That’s right, I guess the Skull Face which caused it may have been a unique individual? If it is, then it’s not a situation where you could ease up. I don’t know how much harm it would have caused if you had let it go as it was. At that time, most adventurers would not be able to take on a unique individual, so the damage would have kept on accumulating until the information was gathered. Therefore I’d like to thank you instead.”

“Sigh, for the time being, it’s good that I’m not considered a criminal since it would make it difficult to move around.”

“Fufufu, is this really okay? You can ask me for a favor you know?”

“I don’t have the courage to ask for a favor from the royal family. And so, how’s this story connected to the greatsword in the end?”

“Oh, that’s because this has been formally handed over to me.”

As she said that, Rionne lifted the case that contained Muspelm.

“Umm, in regards to the matter Rionne-sama mentioned just now,  is it because the greatsword already belongs to you?”

“Because the owner had appeared in this way, thus I thought about a different method if I could not be engaged. In the first place, to forcibly place a present under my control, even though I also wanted to make the sword mine, the main reason is to prevent it from falling into the hands of the aforementioned impertinent guys.”

“Doing something like that is completely useless.”

“I won’t deny that.”

The higher-ups didn’t seem to be monolithic too.

When looking closely at the privileged class called the nobles, there may be a rotten part that exists.

“So in other words, having decided the greatsword was a present, without an engagement, Rionne-sama formally obtained a powerful weapon, and I can avoid any meddling from the country, huh?”

“Naturally, I’ll fully take out from my personal assets to compensate for the price of the sword. And I also understand perfectly that this one is worth more than I can afford. But, please, sell it to me!”

The last sentence was an entreaty.

She may have been depressed because she had never had a weapon that could bring out her potential. Was how Shin thought, and desperation could be felt from Rionne.

True power couldn’t be demonstrated if there was no weapon that corresponded to their ability. Rionne seemed to understand that.

“I only want to continue being an adventurer in the same manner as before, so if there is no further meddling from the country, that would be good as a condition. However, if possible, I want to enter the restricted zone in the royal magic library though.”

“Is that really all? You don’t have to hold yourself back.”

According to the common sense of this world, it could be said that it was impossible to have dealings for a weapon of 《Legend》 grade.

“For now, it’s information that I want, not money. Unlike a weapon, I can’t get information, somehow or other, even if I take out money.”

“Though I also understand that…Fumu, how should I say this, you have no greed, Shin.”

Rionne said as she was a little astounded.

Certainly, information was sometimes worth more than gold. However, information that was equal to a 《Legend》 grade weapon was not common. Even though Rionne has visited the zone that required reading permission, what kind of information does Shin seek? She had no idea at all.

“The one that defeated the Skull Face is Shin. Though it became complicated due to the place where it pierced, the property rights are originally Shin’s. With one of these, you could probably obtain a large sum of money to live the rest of your life without having to work.  On the other hand, this sword is something that I don’t know if I could obtain even if I piled up money. If you hand it over without any reservations, I’ll be suspicious that you have ulterior motives.”

“That’s just how much I value information.”

Rionne conjectured that there was some kind of special meaning in Shin’s words.

However, she didn’t voice her guess, because she didn’t want to pursue it there.

“Then, Rionne-sama, it’s a deal?”

“Of course. To tell you the truth, I have used this greatsword several times already and I have grown accustomed to having it in my hand.”


The only thought in your head is of obtaining that sword after all, was what Shin didn’t say.

She didn’t know that she could have requisitioned it even without informing Shin, so he was able to maintain a good impression of her since it was properly negotiated for.

If Shin could get through this without any meddlesome discussions, then a greatsword of 《Legend》 grade was a cheap price to pay.

“I’ll have your library permit delivered later, where are you staying?”

“It’s an inn called Bear Point Pavilion, in the west district.”

“Understood. Gadras, make the arrangements.”

“Roger that”

When Rionne talked, Gadras, who had remained silent until now, answered.

“Shin-dono. For this matter, please accept my thanks. It seems like the princess will finally be able to fight without reservation now.”

“No, there’s no need for thanks. It was a mutually beneficial deal. Next, I want to confirm something, it’s about those people with overzealous ideas. In case I have any problems in the future, may I repel them?”

“In regards to that, just act without any reservations, but also please be careful. I would like to think that there aren’t any more fools who would try to threaten an upper class Chosen One, but guys like that, will usually not heed any inconveniences that their actions would cause to themselves.”

Gadras strongly agreed.

The reason being if anyone did so, they would most likely be punished.

“It’s happened before?”

“Yes. There is a powerful person that had been acknowledged as an upper class Chosen One before, like Shin, but some fools held that person’s relative as hostage and tried to make him obey them.”

“…Can I speak my thoughts freely?”

“Please speak without reservation.”

“That’s stupid.”

“You’d think so? By the way, as for the nobles, all of them were killed, from the main culprit to the perpetrators. Their mansion was completely destroyed too. No mercy for those meddling guys. However, there is no evidence that the person in question did it himself.”

“Oh my god!”

They seemed to have received a suitable retribution.

By the way, it appeared to the public that the kingdom’s army had subdued the nobles who were going to start a revolt.

“Well, well, I’m fine with acting how I normally do, so I’d like to request your help if it happens.”

“Indeed, I’m no princess, but I’ll exert my power too.”

Gadras firmly nodded again.

Next to him, Rionne too seemed to say, “Leave it to me”, as she nodded. Though some people may prefer to handle things themselves, having a royal family member as an ally was still great. Shin had decided to just report if there was a bad noble.

“That’s right. Don’t return home too soon, because those overbearing guys are noisy. Let’s have a tea break. Can you tell me about the story of the Skull Face in question?”

“If it’s that much, it’s fine I guess.”

Shin replied to Rionne with a nod.


When Shin and the rest returned to the castle using the transition point, someone was already in the room.

It was a petite man, a little over middle-aged, who approached them.  If one looked at the cassock of the priest, it was mainly white and blue, and he had the air of someone who was a high-rank.

If something peculiar could be stated about that man, it was that he was fiddling with the control panel of the transition point without taking notice of Rionne.

As there were a lot of exit destinations for a transition point, the destination could be specified with the control panel. There was no such action when Shin fought against Barlux before in the adventurers’ guild, and the training ground couldn’t be entered without the guild master’s authority, because the destination had been already fixed.

By the way, in a normal situation, when the guild master’s authority wasn’t invoked, it was only a training ground open to the public, so it was not made just for a Chosen One.

“Isn’t that Cardinal Greyl? What is he doing?”

Rionne voiced her question.

Was he a mediator with the church? Shin looked at the man called cardinal. However, in the next moment, Shin’s face stiffened due to the status display from Analyze.

――――『Greyl Dulles   Level 161   Priest』

―――― Endowment:【Charm • IV】  【Confusion • III】


Those troublesome abnormal statuses couldn’t be felt for real in the game era, but anyone would understand the real danger they would pose in this world that became reality.

And the person who was under two such abnormal statuses, was fiddling with the control panel of the transition point.

“He is affected by Charm and Confusion! Stop that person!”

Shin started running at the same time as he shouted.

However, Shin was late by just one step, as Greyl finished messing with the controls.


Shin’s view effortlessly distorted.

When the discomfort that was not felt during a normal transition was over, the scene around Shin had completely changed.




“…Is this for real?”

What extended throughout his surroundings was, in a word, ruins.

The crumbling houses and scattered remains denied the existence of dwellers. Shin tried to collect his surroundings for information through the support system skill【Clairvoyance】, but because of a thin haze that faint magic could be felt from, his vision was obstructed from seeing far away.

There were many buildings that had avoided completely collapsing, but most had big holes in their walls, or their second floor was gone, which was unlikely due to any evidence of weathering.

Within the range of his view, there was the wreckage of broken glass and wagons. And, he was able to ascertain footprints that were clearly not from humans or horses.

“uu…What is happening?”

When Shin turned around, Rionne was standing nearby.

Gadras and Greyl were nowhere to be seen. Was it only Shin and Rionne that were transferred, or were the other two transferred to a different location? It couldn’t be determined by Shin currently.

“Apparently, we have been transferred somewhere. Does Rionne-sama know anything?”

“Transferred, huh…From that transition point, transferring to a place with ruins in this condition…Perhaps, no, it’s certainly the Sacred Place, Kalkia.”

“Don’t tell me, it’s the place that is said to be rampant with dangerous monsters?”

“Yes it is. They may have thought to get rid of us with the monsters here.”

Inside the Sacred Place, Rionne heard that strong monsters with levels higher than 500 roamed around. No matter how much Rionne was an upper class Chosen One, there was no guarantee that she would survive when she was thrown in without any kind of preparations. But, that would only be the case, if Shin was not beside her.

“Shin, are we the only ones here?”

“Yes. There is no one near us at least.”

“Then, it seems that only we have been transferred here. It’s not possible for one transition to transfer to multiple places.”

“In others words, Gadras-san remains on the other side, huh?”

It was good that not all of the members who were there in that room transposed.

“First of all, let’s move out from Kalkia. Can you use Mind Chat?”

“No, unfortunately I don’t have an adventurer card. How about you, Shin?”

“I have a companion who I can use it with. Just in case, besides Gadras-san, even if I tried to explain the present situation, will anyone believe it? To begin with, I don’t know if they would be able to convey a message for us.”

Though Shin didn’t want to announce that he could use Mind Chat, it was currently an emergency, so he told Rionne the truth.

If a commoner went to the castle, they would definitely be restricted at the gate. It was different if Schnee revealed her identity, but he didn’t intend to go that far.

If it was known that Shin was able to communicate directly with Schnee, he was certain that his treatment as an ordinary upper class Chosen One would be gone. He had the luxury of worring about these kinds of things, because as long as Shin was there, Rionne’s safety was secure.

“I want to know what happened on the other side. However, it’s hopeless if they couldn’t make it to the castle, huh? I guess Gadras will arrest Cardinal Greyl, so Shin doesn’t need to be troubled by it, I think.”

“I’m surprised too. I didn’t expect that a priest would have such dangerous abnormal statuses.”

If it was still a game, it would be impossible to manipulate an avatar’s behavior with abnormal status effects, but it seems like that wasn’t the case in this world.

At least, it was impossible for those who were affected by such status effects to maintain a proper mental condition. In addition, the timing. It was likely that they planned to target Shin and Rionne when they returned from their transposing.

“What’s going on…”

Shin muttered as he sighed lightly.

“I want to tell my companion a rendezvous point, do you know of any towns nearby?”

“If that’s the case, there is the fort city Balmel. It’s necessary to pass through that place, even if they head here or we head in the direction of Bayreuth.”

“Understood. I’ll tell my companion to meet us at Balmel.”

Shin thanked Rionne and he connected to Schnee via Mind Chat.

Within a few seconds, the nostalgic ringtone stopped, and Shin was aware of the sense being connected.

“(Ah, Schn――)”

“(SHIN! Where are you now!?)”


Shin’s words were interrupted by Schnee’s loud voice, making him let out a strange sound. Furthermore, his body was hit with a jolt.

Speaking of Schnee, she noticed very quickly when Shin was transposed. Her voice didn’t seem like her usual tone, and her panicked state could be felt by Shin.

“(Are you alright!? Please answer me!)”

“(Wait, Schnee, calm down a little, I’m alright. I’ll explain what happened now. Again, I repeat, I’m okay.)”

Shin began to talk as calmly as possible.

After saying he was fine several times, Schnee finally showed signs of settling down.

“(I’m sorry. I’m fine now.)”

“(Then that’s good. Somehow panicking doesn’t seem like Schnee.)”

“(That is, again…that. I thought Shin had disappeared.)”

“(…My bad. I heard too much.)”

Even though Schnee seemed calm, her insecurity remained.

Maybe it’s because she was just recently reunited with Shin again that her insecurities were plainly visible. No matter how high-level she was, even if her body was strong, Schnee was a woman, too. Even if her stats were high, it didn’t mean that her heart was strong to that extent.

“(And so, where in the world are you? You don’t seem to be within my perception range either.)”

“(Ah yes, I was in a training ground having a match with the second princess, but was forced to transpose when we returned to the castle.)”

“(Transposed? That explains why your presence disappeared suddenly.)”

“(I’m with the second princess right now. According to her, the place where we are is called Sacred Place Kalkia.)”

“(The Sacred Place can only be transitioned to from the royal castle, right?…However, if I’m not mistaken, the transition to there should be impossible without permission.)”

Schnee seemed to be aware about the transition point in the royal castle.

“(It was the old man called Cardinal Greyl that transposed us. Though the rank was low, he was suffering from the abnormal states of Charm and Confusion.)”

“(I see. If it’s Cardinal Greyl, then choosing the Sacred Place to transpose to is possible. Still, Charm and Confusion, huh?)”

According to Schnee’s story, Cardinal Greyl devoted himself to studying in the church in the Bayreuth kingdom, he seemed to be a person of deep faith so he rose to the position of cardinal.

As Shin expected, Cardinal Greyl served as the church’s mediator and had been stationed in the king’s castle for some time now. Worthy of someone who acquired 【Purification】 on his own, it could be said that his fighting power was quite good for an ordinary person.

From the short story that Shin heard, he understood well that it was unrelated to Charm and Confusion.

“(Was he asked to purify a cursed item but failed or something?)”

“(His actions were too precise for that. It’d be more logical to think that he was manipulated by someone, don’t you agree?)”

When Shin gave one of the possibilities, Schnee denied it completely.

“(Then, do you have any ideas, Schnee?)”

“(As far as I know, nothing in particular that I remember. To begin with, the Skills of the mental interference group, like Charm and Confusion, are considered to be taboo. Just for having learnt it, one will be executed when caught, even if it’s someone from the royal family.)”

“(Ah, so it’s like that, huh?)”

Shin agreed with Schnee’s words.

After all, a skill that manipulates a person’s heart would be regarded as dangerous. Even the royal family was not immune to the punishment, as thorough enforcement was carried out without exception.

It was hard to believe that the user of such a skill or item would be serving the castle.

If that was the case, then――.

“(There is a hidden one.)”

“(Yes, I think so too.)”

Similar words appeared in the minds of Shin and Schnee.

It was the given name of an antagonist who differs from the original 7 races in this world.

“(I cannot return at once. It may be bad, but I’ll leave it to you, okay?)”

He had a skill to use transposing. However, if it was known that he could use magic that was said to be lost, Rionne would not let him get away, no matter what happens.

“(No problem. It’s a good opportunity to teach Tiera too.)”

“(Thank you.)”

“(Please leave it to me. I’ll tell the matter about the princess to the King.)”

If it was Schnee, it would be easy to come into contact with the King without being noticed by anyone.

If she somehow conveyed that the princess was safe, the confusion would be settled. In that situation, the person lying hidden in the castle should find it difficult to move.

“(Then, I’ll contact you about the results later. What about the meeting place?)”

“(Balmel will do. It seems you need to go through there, so let’s meet there.)”


After detailed decisions were made, the Mind Chat was cut.

Shin decided to leave the Bayreuth matter to Schnee, and turned around toward Rionne again.