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A Disadvantaged Half Step Spirit Dao Practitioner

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Jiang Chen, eleven meridians true qi master.

Senior brother Yi, half step spirit realm.

Logically speaking, the two weren’t on the same level at all with regards to the differences in their actual strength.

However, as this stunning Wave Surge was cleaved out, the gleam of the blade activated by the majestic true qi was exquisite from its peak down to its most minute details as it cleaved through the empty air.

The strong true qi current immediately scattered the currents within the empty air.

The six chains formed by the air currents were dispersed as those air currents scattered chaotically.

The sound of metal clashing against metal rang piercingly through the air.

It was a draw after one move!

“Mm?” Senior brother Yi was a bit surprised. “The true qi realm can actually disturb the currents of my spirit power and break the restraints of my chains of wind and cloud?”

Jiang Chen had forced back the other’s attack with a single flourish of his blade and compelled the Goldwing Swordbird to move swiftly backward when the other was still dumbfounded.

Golden light broke through the air as Jiang Chen’s Da Yu bow was already in his hand.


Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Three arrows shot mercilessly in quick succession towards the Palace disciples.

The Palace disciples had been besieging Jiang Feng and the others, and thus had not predicted this shift in battle situation They hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen could still spare effort in attacking them when he was being suppressed by senior brother Yi.

The arrows had arrived at their target as soon as their sounds had broken through the air.

Three cries of agony sounded at almost the same time from the disciples when the three arrows shot through their throats.

Of course, Jiang Chen had only used ordinary arrows on these ordinary true qi practitioners. They weren’t worthy of the arrows that came as a set with the Da Yu bow.

Senior brother Yi had lost his concentration, allowing Jiang Chen to strike during the window of opportunity and now three of his peers were dead.

Although senior brother Yi didn’t care that much about the life and death of his peers, but the fact that his opponent had killed his peers right in front of him was undoubtedly a slap in his face.

Jiang Chen snorted coldly as he wielded the nameless saber, blocking the way in midair and keeping his distance from the ring of battle in front.

Senior brother Yi’s eyes glinted with a violent light as he snarled viciously, “That stroke was not too bad. However, if you think you can fight against a spirit dao practitioner by relying on your training in the true qi realm, you are incredibly wrong.”

“Hah. As if I haven’t seen a spirit dao practitioner before.” Jiang Chen smiled coldly.

Not only had he seen a spirit dao practitioner before, but he’d also exchanged blows with one. Although this senior brother Yi was a half step in the spirit realm, in terms of power, he was far weaker than even Xu Zhen. How dared he sound his own trumpet in front of Jiang Chen?

The air currents once again trembled in movement around senior brother Yi as an enormous tempest suddenly swirled into being. An azure whirlwind coalesced into a current as thick as a bucket.

Senior brother Yi’s chains churned continuously within this whirlwind and actually condensed into an air current in the shape of a black dragon. It rushed towards Jiang Chen like an enormous drill.

“Impressive in appearance only!”

Jiang Chen had already thoroughly sussed out senior brother Yi with the latter’s first attack. Jiang Chen didn’t even bother using the nameless saber this time.

He abruptly spurred the Goldwing Swordbird onwards, shooting up into the sky.

His two hands curled into fists as one was like the moon and the other held up the sun.

“Divine Aeons Fist, Yin Yang Obliteration!”

Two currents of true qi were as if the moon and sun had fused together. They alternately combined and separated, condensing into a frightening trail behind a punch that crashed towards the other’s air current!

The “Divine Aeons Fist” was a boxing method that manipulated yin and yang qi. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, he’d only understood up to the peak of four cycles of wilting and blooming.

However, the mysteries of four cycles of wilting and blooming were equivalent to the layered effect of three levels of true qi. Adding that to the mysteries of the yin and yang, the combined strength of these two punches were equal to ten times the effect of layered true qi.

The punch embodied an imposing aura and the cycle of blooming and wilting. The alternation of the four seasons could be experienced within it.

Bam! The punch’s aura crashed into the air current and dispersed it with a roar. Following that, the mighty aura of the punch was also shattered to bits as it returned to the void.

The first collision had also ended in a draw.

“What?” Senior brother Yi found this hard to believe. After all, he was an expert who’d cleaved open his spirit ocean. With his employment of spirit power in his blow, it had already been a blow at the peak of a half step spirit realm.

If it was any other true qi practitioner, he would’ve long since been swallowed by the attack and churned to meat scraps.

Just where did this youth hail from to be able to go head to head with him twice when he was a half step into the spirit realm!

This had surpassed the bounds of reason and violated the rules of martial dao!

“Heh heh, it looks like at the end of the day, the so-called half step spirit realm is still not being in the spirit realm!” Jiang Chen’s tone held a few hints of mockery.

His hand flexed as he once again grasped the Da Yu bow. “I’ve already taken two of your moves, now you take one of mine!”

The Da Yu bow, a four times refined spirit weapon.

Jiang Chen had been displaying only a small part of his talent just now when he shot at those three with ordinary arrows.

But now, Jiang Chen was well aware that no matter how strong ordinary arrows were, they were not enough to pose a threat to this scar faced youth.

Then, let him taste the true might of the Da Yu bow!

Resolute killing intent flashed through Jiang Chen’s stony face. He had become truly angry. This Azure Heaven Northern Palace had challenged his bottom line again and again!

Even if representatives of the Palace came looking for him tomorrow after he killed these people, Jiang Chen would still absolutely not regret his current decision.

One who walked the path of martial could endure, but could not continue to endure forever.

When one reached the end of one’s forbearance, there was no more need to put up with it anymore.

Enduring something too long could possibly result in internal demons, and that would be the worst outcome of all.

“Mm? A spirit weapon?” Senior brother Yi finally had an opportunity to thoroughly observe the Da Yu bow in Jiang Chen’s hand. Once the Da Yu bow was combined with the accompanying arrows, the solemn killing force it formed came surging towards him.

“Indeed, a spirit weapon!”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “You call yourself a half step into the spirit realm, if I don’t kill you with at least a spirit weapon, you likely won’t be able to die in peace!”

Waves of shock broiled in senior brother Yi’s heart. The chains he were using was but a quasi spirit weapon.

Only true spirit dao practitioners were worthy of using true spirit weapons.

Those who could use spirit weapons were either noble sons who were also disciples of enormous power and influence, or sect disciples with astounding potential.

Although senior brother Yi was a disciple of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace, the Palace was only a secular place for the Precious Tree Sect to perform its rites.

To put things bluntly, it was still unknown if he could pass the Precious Tree Sect’s tests and become a true disciple of the Sect.

To him, spirit weapons were a luxurious dream.

One had to know that this could only happen in the Skylaurel Kingdom. If Jiang Chen had revealed the spirit weapon in the Eastern Kingdom, it was likely that most practitioners wouldn’t even recognize it.

Spirit weapons were a rare commodity. Jiang Chen had only seen Long Juxue and Long Yinye use spirit weapons once in the Eastern Kingdom.

But those spirit weapons were clearly the most ordinary of spirit weapons. It must’ve been something that Master Shuiyue had left in the Long family for the two to protect themselves with.

Apart from that, even Princess Gouyu of royal descent hadn’t had a spirit weapon.

Although senior brother Yi was a disciple of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace and counted amongst the more exemplary of them, he was still a bit of a ways off from using a spirit weapon.

“Kill him and seize the spirit weapon!” A surge of greed burned furiously within senior brother Yi like a blazing flame.

His eyes shone with bloodthirsty light as senior brother Yi sought to strike first to gain the initiative.

The wyvern pressed forward urgently as strong spirit power formed a wall of air, descending straight onto Jiang Chen.

This time, it looked like senior brother Yi was intending on using his spirit power to crush Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smirked coldly. This scar faced youth wanted to use brute force to crush him?

The Goldwing Swordbird retreated suddenly and withdrew to a suitable distance away from the scar faced youth’s pouncing attack.

The Da Yu bow bloomed with stunning splendor, becoming even more resplendent than the stars in the sky.

An arrow with the unique presence of the Da Yu bow shot towards the scar faced youth in an arc of indescribable beauty.

A beam of cold light drew out a long trail like a burning meteorite.

What happened next was unthinkable. The scar faced youth knew full well that this strong arrow was aimed straight at him, but he didn’t retreat. Instead, he came at it with increased speed.

Quicker than words could tell… pfft!

The might of a four times refined spirit weapon was frighteningly powerful. It had transformed into a ball of wind as it shot into the wyvern’s thick neck, spraying forth a rain of blood.

At this moment, the scar faced youth suddenly leapt up and glided through the air. With a flip of his body, he leveraged the strength of the wyvern and pounced towards Jiang Chen.

At the same moment, the six chains in his hand churned down towards Jiang Chen as though they were dragons emerging from the sea.

The scar faced youth had actually sacrificed the life of his steed to decrease the distance between him and Jiang Chen. He wanted to seize the Da Yu bow with his bare hands.

“Humph. Small trifling tricks!”

Jiang Chen seemed to have seen through the other’s intention as the second arrow concealed behind the first shot out with almost no hesitation. Whoosh!

The second arrow flew directly and boldly towards the scar faced youth.

“What? Another arrow?” The scar faced youth was hugely surprised.

He was only a half step into the spirit realm and wasn’t able to support himself in flight through the sky at all. He could only maintain this gliding posture for the span of one breath.

The chains in his hand shook as they wanted to curl around the Da Yu bow in Jiang Chen’s hand and yank it away!

However, the speed of Jiang Chen’s arrow far exceeded what he had imagined. In the moment his chains unfurled, the second arrow had already come gunning for him.

Senior brother Yi was faced with two decisions in that moment.

Either save himself, or take the hit!

He was still that tiny bit short. Senior brother Yi’s very gums itched with his hate. He twisted his body, landing on the corpse of the wyvern below him and pushed off it to descend gently towards the ground.

He also knew that he didn’t have the ability to fly in this battle in the skies. If he didn’t land by the time he had used up this breath, he’d fall to his death!

One had to admit, this fellow was exceedingly cruel. He had sacrificed his steed just like that and even stepped on it after it was dead.

“Tsk tsk. Yi Qiansui, what are you doing? You seem quite beat up huh!”

At this moment, a mocking and jeering voice traveled lazily through the air.

Jiang Chen’s face changed as he no longer paused, he spun around and attacked the back of the group with the nameless saber in his hand.

The light from the blade poured forth, bringing with it the most terrifying of Jiang Chen’s true qi.

Pssht, pssht!

Four or five people were chopped in half by the aura of Jiang Chen’s stroke as though he was chopping up vegetables. Their heads separated from their bodies as they plunged down from the air.

“Head south, don’t stop, hurry and leave! I’ll stay behind!” Jiang Chen’s voice was a bit anxious because his Ear of the Zephyr had captured the endless sound of enemy footsteps. There were actually four or five bands seeking to surround them on all sides!

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