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Bunch of Dumb Birds, Have Fun

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“Stardrop Point!”

“Humph. It’s not like we haven’t seen that before!”

“Showing off your techniques? Bring it on!”

The other three laughed coldly. This Stardrop Point was senior brother Liu’s signature move. They all knew it and thus didn’t pay much attention to it.

Except, their gazes suddenly changed in the next moment and their facial expressions became bitter as well.

That careless point had coalesced into a formless air current and directly ignited into a ball of flame, burning its way directly in front of them in the span of a moment.

“The formation of the spirit sea and the spirit region, you… you broke through? You’ve truly entered the first level of the spirit realm?”

“This… to coalesce spirit energy into a technique, you’ve indeed broken through!”

“Senior brother Liu, you…”

Senior brother Liu’s tone was indifferent as he wore a slight smile on his face, “Now can you get the hell out?”

The three of them looked at each other, their expressions were reluctant but they had no choice. They also knew that once someone in the half step spirit realm truly broke through to the first level of the spirit realm, their strength would increase by many times over.

Even if the three of them worked together, they would likely not be able to fight against someone in the first level of the spirit realm. That was to say that senior brother Liu hadn’t gone crazy; he absolutely had the right to tell them to leave!

The strongest became the king. Even if they were of the same faction, no one would give way in the fight for resources.

“Senior brother Liu, don’t be this way! The bow is yours and the blade is also yours, we’ll only split the other items! How about that?” The triangular eyed youth reacted quickly.

“Right, senior brother Liu, although you’ve ascended, but two heads are better than one. You’ll need helpers too. We’re willing to be your assistants. This kid has companions and they’re all fat sheep. Senior brother Liu, you’ll eat the meat and we’ll drink a little soup. That works too right?” Yi Qiansui also reacted.

“Senior brother Liu, we’re all brothers and peers here. There will be plenty of opportunities to help each other in the future. We admit that you’re the strongest. You take the biggest one and we’ll split the smaller ones. Not to mention this kid is slippery and he’s alone. He might get away.”

Senior brother Liu laughed coldly, “You guys can tag along if you want, but I’ll say this first. You guys can receive one each of the animals they’re riding. Don’t think of getting anything else.”

“Only one?” Yi Qiansui shook his head. “Three each. There’s three of us and that’ll only take out nine. They have twenty to thirty in total!”

“Senior brother Liu, the biggest share is already yours, don’t be too harsh.” The chubby one also begged.

“Senior brother Liu, I have another request. We can forgo weapons and whatever, but if there’s any martial methods or inheritances, we must have a copy as well.” The triangular eyed youth also made his request.

Senior brother Liu thought for a while and nodded, “Alright, then each of you can have two of the animals and a copy of any martial methods and secret arts if there are any. Don’t haggle any further. You can get the hell out if you don’t want to do this!”

Although the three of them felt a bit humiliated, their strength truly was inferior and so they could only pinch their noses and bear with it.

“Alright! Then it’s settled!”

“Everyone attack together, don’t let this brat get away!” Yi Qiansui hated Jiang Chen the most.

Jiang Chen had privately thought that it was comical when they started haggling. Senior brother Liu had just broken through to the first level of the spirit realm and was at the lowest level of the spirit realm.

He was far inferior to that Xu Zhen when it came down to it.

But who would’ve thought that the other three would docilely submit to senior brother Liu? Jiang Chen reflected with emotion that this world of martial dao was indeed one where the strong preyed on the weak.

Except, Jiang Chen didn’t want to be the weak for the others to divvy up.

Seeing that they had concluded their discussions, Jiang Chen whistled sharply, “Bunch of dumb birds, have fun playing. I won’t stick around!”

Actually, while they were still discussing how to split up the goods, he’d used the Ear of the Zephyr to detect that Gouyu and the others had already created an opening and rushed through the blockade.

Since Gouyu and the others had broken through the line of defense, what desire did Jiang Chen have to stay and play this boring game with these idiots?

He patted the Goldwing Swordbird and compelled it to its maximum speed. A beam of golden colored light flashed through the air and vanished beyond the clouds.

“After him!” Yi Qiansui was incensed to see Jiang Chen escape.

The chubby one and triangular eyed youth also followed after.

As for senior brother Liu, he unhurriedly sensed around for a while and then finally spurred on his mount, chasing in Jiang Chen’s direction.

The methods in which a spirit realm practitioner rode spirit animals were indeed much stronger than those of a half step spirit realm. Although senior brother Liu was the last to set out, he’d caught up to the other three within the span of a few breaths.

He’d left the other three behind after a few more breaths.

The speed of those in the true qi realm was even slower. They were easily left behind by Yi Qiansui and the others.

“Tsk tsk, senior brother Liu has plenty to be cocky about now.” The chubby one mumbled.

“Heh heh, if you were to break through, you’d probably be cockier than him.” The triangular eyed youth laughed coldly.

“Bullshit, I, chubby, am the friendliest around. Even if I break through, I wouldn’t put on airs like he did. Blech. What’s with his arrogance and him eating meat, us drinking soup.”

“Stop talking nonsense. If you have the means to eat meat, we’d be happy to drink soup as well.” Yi Qiansui muttered disinterestedly behind the chubby one.

He only wanted to catch up to Jiang Chen right now and torture and kill him to dispel his anger from earlier. He also sighed internally. If he had been just a bit stronger, he could’ve taken down the other before senior brother Liu arrived, and then the equipment would have be his!

“What a pity that the fatty meat so close to my mouth has flown away just like this.” Yi Qiansui was quite depressed.

Jiang Chen sprinted forward at maximum speed. After roughly fifteen minutes, he could see Gouyu and the others far in the distance. With the aid of the “Eight Trigrams Assimilation Matrix”, their band of people had cleaned house in the south through various methods.

Creating this opening meant they had broken through the encirclement.

Jiang Chen sped up again to catch up to Gouyu and the others. He also threw out a few Vast Ocean Pills. “Give these to your steeds. Don’t linger, continue forward with all speed!”

The Goldwing Swordbirds were quite fast in short distance sprints, at least twice as fast as the green wyverns, but their stamina wasn’t that great. This was also one of their disadvantages.

But with the Vast Ocean Pill to replenish their qi, the problem of a lack of strength to continue wouldn’t exist. At least, they wouldn’t have to worry about running out of strength within the next two to three thousand li.

Everyone knew that the pursuers behind them weren’t simple characters when they saw Jiang Chen like this. They gave the Vast Ocean Pills to their steeds after receiving them.

With the medicinal effects of the Vast Ocean Pills, the Goldwing Swordbirds recovered noticeably and then resumed their earlier speed.

They continued the chase in this manner.

Senior brother Liu was definitely a spirit dao practitioner to be able to always trail Jiang Chen and the others.

Fortunately, senior brother Liu seemed to be at the limits of his speed as well. He seemed to be unable to decrease the distance of the last couple of li between them.

As for Yi Qiansui and the others, they had been left in the dust a hundred or two hundred li ago.

Although this distance seemed far, it was but the span of a few breaths for spirit animals capable of flight.

This was to say that the distance between them hadn’t truly widened.

“Stop! You can’t escape!” Senior brother Liu infused his tone with spirit power, his voice piercing through the air like rolling thunder, landing in everyone’s eardrums.

This spirit power transformed into sound waves that rumbled like thunder, causing all of their eardrums to tremble. Xue Tong and the others who were a bit weaker almost fell off their mounts.

“Cover your ears and don’t listen to his bullshit.” The sound waves had almost no effect on Jiang Chen given his training of “Boulder’s Heart”.

The sound waves from more than ten li away could only attack practitioners whose cultivation levels were below true qi masters. True qi masters could basically hold up against them.

“Humph. Another two hundred li and you’ll be in Qingyang Valley territory. You’re heading for your own deaths if you continue on this road!”

Senior brother Liu’s voice was neither rushed now slow, as if he was certain that he had Jiang Chen and the others in the bag. Obviously, his boundless enthusiasm about his recent breakthrough to the spirit dao gave him a great deal of confidence.

He felt that this group of people was already in his grasp.

“I’m different from Yi Qiansui and the others. I only want your items and not your lives. Leave behind your items and I can let you go!”

“Otherwise, not only will you be unable to keep your belongings in Qingyang Valley territory, but you’ll lose your lives as well. You’ll become fertilizer if you’re lucky, a slave for Qingyang Valley forever if not. You’ll be worse than dead!”

Senior brother Liu voiced his threats.

Qingyang Valley?

Jiang Chen was a bit depressed. Judging from the flight path, it was indeed impossible to avoid Qingyang Valley territory if he continued flying from here.

Tang Long had reminded him that two places were very dangerous. One of them was Azure Heaven Northern Palace, and the other was Qingyang Valley.

Jiang Chen had wanted to avoid them, but discovered in the end that he hadn’t avoided a single one. He’d bumped into the Palace’s disciples first and became their target. Now that he’d finally discovered a way out, he was about to trespass into Qingyang Valley territory.

This trip to the Skylaurel Kingdom was truly a worrisome affair.

Even so, Jiang Chen wouldn’t listen to senior brother Liu’s nonsense at this point. It looked like the Palace often killed and looted people.

Letting them go if they left their belongings behind? These were words to deceive a three year old. How could Jiang Chen believe him?

Besides, how could Jiang Chen leave their items behind?

From Tang Long’s words, the people of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace were unreasonable bandits.

As for the Qingyang Valley it was said that they didn’t kill people and would only kidnap people to be medicine servants for ten, twenty years.

Becoming a medicine servant was still better than killing someone and looting their belongings.

When he looked at it this way, he’d rather bump into those of the Qingyang Valley than fall into the hands of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace.

“If you continue forward another one hundred li, you’ll be in Qingyang Valley territory. Do you want to be hacked into meat paste and become fertilizer, or are you willing to give up your possessions?”

“You’re sticking with the wrong ideas and will be dead without a doubt.” Senior brother Liu was a bit irritated that Jiang Chen and the others were pretending they didn’t hear him.

He took out a pill and threw it into his steed’s mouth, commanding, “Rush forward, you must stop them and don’t let them into Qingyang Valley territory!”

Only, while he had pills, so did Jiang Chen. The speed of the Goldwing Swordbirds was must faster than his steed.

He was a spirit dao practitioner and was a bit more adept at controlling spirit animals, and thus their speed was relatively on par.

If he wanted to be faster, then the spirit animal would have to sacrifice its lifeblood.

When the spirit animal received his master’s order, it knew that it was one for him to use his lifeblood. It took the pill and then immediately started burning his lifeblood to raise speed.

His speed nearly doubled immediately!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Jiang Chen was greatly astonished. Judging from this sound, the other’s speed had increased by nearly onefold instantly! How in the world did the other have the ability to increase his speed after chasing them for so long?

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