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Not Just Beating Someone, But Also Killing Someone

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Although senior brother Kuang had just displayed a malicious looking face towards Tang Long’s fiance, when it came to Jiang Chen, he was not the slightest bit ferocious. Senior brother Kuang had already almost died twice beneath Jiang Chen’s hand.

The first time had been because Jiang Chen didn’t wish to make enemies and didn’t deal a fatal blow due to a desire to merely issue a warning.

The second time, Jiang Chen had intended for senior brother Kuang to die, but the latter had been saved by his senior brother Yi Qiansui.

He hadn’t died from his great misfortune , and senior brother Kuang had forgotten this matter altogether a few days later. But who would’ve thought that he’d run into Jiang Chen again today?

“Get out of the way!” Senior brother Kuang roared lowly. “Kid, you have offended my senior brother Liu, and he’s also in the capital right now. If you recognize the circumstances you’re in, you still have time to get the hell out of here.”

“Hand over the item.” Jiang Chen said faintly.

“What item?” Senior brother Kuang played dumb and asked.

“Cut your blather, the Black Spirit Wood.”

“Black Spirit Wood? I don’t know what you’re talking about! If you don’t get out of my way, I’m going to sue you for robbery!” Senior brother Kuang grimaced with a smile. “This is the territory of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace. My Northern Palace is of the same breath and branch as the Southern Palace. We are as dear to each other as members of the same family. Do you believe that with just one word from me, there will be several hundred Southern Palace disciples rushing out to attack you?”

Senior brother Kuang was well versed in the art of strutting around on borrowed influence. Except, he hadn’t entered the transaction area just now and hadn’t known what had happened.

“Of the same breath and branch? Dear to each other like members of the same family?” Jiang Chen laughed contemptuously. If they really were as dear to each other like members of the same family, then how would Sir Bei have given the order to cane that Northern Palace disciple to death?

“I don’t want to talk empty nonsense. Are you handing over that Black Spirit Wood or not?”

Senior brother Kuang looked at Jiang Chen and then looked at the young girl, thinking, “Can it be that these two know each other? Just where does this kid come from that he knows such a downtrodden girl? Judging from the girl’s looks, she should be at the very bottom of the totem pole. How much of a background can this kid have?”

When his thoughts travelled here, senior brother Kuang hardened his heart, “Stop spewing out blood. I have a stick of Black Spirit Wood here that I dug out from an old forest deep in the mountains. Who the hell do you think you are to make me hand it over? Do you want to rob someone in the capital? Does law and order exist anymore?”

When a petty fellow bites you, only death awaits.

“A robber crying ‘catch the thief’!” Jiang Chen’s brow creased faintly, but he broke out into a smile instead. “Good, very good. I had been worrying about what excuse to use to tally up our old debts. However, you’ve rather helped me resolve this difficult problem.”

“What… what do you want to do?” Senior brother Kuang’s facial expression changed greatly.

“Do what?” Jiang Chen advanced forward in a threatening manner. “Stopping someone to rob them, if I recall correctly, you can be executed where you stand? Brother Yan, such a regulation exists within the kingdom’s laws, correct?”

Fengyan opened his mouth and had wanted to speak a conciliatory word when a notion flashed through his mind. He said instead, “Such a regulation does exist within the kingdom’s laws. Except, brother Jiang…”

“Then things are easy with this law.”

Jiang Chen smiled beatifically as he stomped down with both feet, struck out with two fists to both the left and right and sent two punches flying out.

One was as if a hundred flowers had blossomed, and the other was as if ten thousand souls laid in hibernation.

It was the boxing mysteries from the “Divine Aeons Fist”.

Senior brother Kuang’s strength was far below that of Jiang Chen’s, and fear grew within his heart now that Jiang Chen had backed him up against a wall.

Senior brother Kuang had no time to even react to these incredible boxing techniques before he’d taken both fists to the chest, flying out backwards like a kite with a broken string.

Jiang Chen leapt up and dashed up to senior brother Kuang, and was about to extend a hand and take back the Black Spirit Wood.

A harsh yell sounded from behind him, “Stop!”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh sounded out in the next second as six Dragonteeth Guard members, dressed in light yellow robes, shot to the scene like sharp arrows.

The six Dragonteeth Guard surrounded Jiang Chen.

“Who are you and how dare you kill someone in broad daylight?” A Dragonteeth Guard interrogated.

“In response to you sir, this person was committing robbery in broad daylight and I was forced to make a move to take back what is mine.”

“A robbery in broad daylight? Do you have any proof?”

“There’s a stick of Black Spirit Wood in his possession, that’s the evidence. The owner of the Black Spirit Wood is still here, she’s the witness.”

“You’re the witness? Are you sure that this person stole your Black Spirit Wood?” The Dragonteeth Guard pointed at senior brother Kuang’s body and asked.

Tang Long’s fiance looked at Jiang Chen with a face full of gratitude as she lightly bit her lip, nodding very firmly, “Yes, this was the villain that stole my Black Spirit Wood.”

Since a murder was involved, the deputy of the Dragonteeth Guard didn’t dare to make an easy judgment. Not to mention that his eyes were keen and he recognized that the accused was a disciple of the Northern Palace. He likely couldn’t listen to a one-sided story.

He immediately said, “A case involving a human life should be treated with the utmost of care. The rights and wrongs are convoluted, and I cannot listen to only your side. I feel that you must come back to the Dragonteeth headquarters with me and wait there to regain your innocence until a full investigation of this matter is conducted. If the truth is not as you’ve said, then murdering someone is a heinous crime.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “There’s no problem for me to go back with you, but can I be allowed to leave behind a few words?”

Jiang Chen also knew that since the Dragonteeth Guard had appeared, he would be defying the law if he refused to make this trip with them which would undoubtedly give rise to greater conflict.

Since he’d just arrived in this place, he had no need to create such a great disturbance.

When the Dragonteeth Guard saw that Jiang Chen was unrushed and unhurried with an uncommon air, he didn’t dare to offend Jiang Chen either and nodded.

Jiang Chen walked up to Fengyan, “Brother Feng, although you’re an eyewitness, but I wouldn’t untowardly ask you to be a witness. There’s a list here, please give it to your vice head Shi of your Myriad Treasures Palace. If he won’t receive you, tell him that it has something to do with the Wishing Tower.”

“Oh?” Fengyan was startled. He had indeed been worried that Jiang Chen would ask him to be a witness, and had been quietly calculating if it was worth it to offend the Northern Palace in order to gain Jiang Chen as a friend.

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn’t intend ask him to be a witness, his heart lightened, but also felt slightly disappointed at the same time. Jiang Chen only wanted him to deliver a list, that wasn’t anything difficult.

“Brother Jiang, please be at ease. I will, rest assured, deliver this list with the fastest speed possible to vice head Shi.”

“Baishi, take this list and conceal the key ingredients. Go have a chat with Elder Ning of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace.” Jiang Chen gave another list ot Qiao Baishi.

This list contained a pill recipe that Jiang Chen had prepared previously, called the “Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill”. It was precisely what Jiang Chen had prepared for Elder Ning.

Elder Ning had made a wish of everlasting youth in the Wishing Tower. Although Jiang Chen hadn’t had much interest in this matter to begin with, he then immediately thought about how he could give this opportunity to Qiao Baishi.

By now, Qiao Baishi was Jiang Chen trusted confidante and knew the deep meaning behind Jiang Chen’s action. He nodded slightly as he took the recipe. There was no longer a need for heroic utterances now to prove his loyalty to Jiang Chen.

Having concluded his instructions to Gouyu and Qiao Baishi, Jiang Chen turned to Xue Tong, “Xue Tong, go find the Qingyang Valley’s stronghold within the capital and pass on a message to old man Fei that I’ve been invited in for a spot of tea by the Dragonteeth Guard. He can do what he sees fit to do. If he’s still thinking about the Renewal Purity Pill, then he needs to get the hell into the capital immediately.”

Jiang Chen also knew that he’d just arrived in the Skylaurel Kingdom and was unfamiliar with the people and the territory. He had yet to build up his networks. If he was taken away by the Dragonteeth Guard and if the Northern Palace intervenes, he, Jiang Chen, would more or less end up with the short end of the stick.

The Dragonteeth Guard may decide cases according to the law, but that was with the one caveat that the Azure Heaven Northern Palace didn’t intervene.

Once the Northern Palace intervened, if Jiang Chen didn’t have any other methods, then with his identity as a newly arrived foreigner, he was sure to end up with a terrible fate.

At this moment, Jiang Chen naturally didn’t mind making use of someone else’s strength.

Jiang Chen had reincarnated not as someone who went about with brute force. He was combining all of his advantageous factors to eliminate all disadvantageous factors. He of course knew the value of leveraging other people’s strength.

Having concluded his instructions, Jiang Chen gallantly returned to the side of the Dragonteeth Guard and smiled faintly, “Let’s go. I’ll also say this, I hope you can decide the case according to the law. This young girl is a witness, I also hope that she doesn’t suffer from any unfair treatment.”

The deputy of the Dragonteeth Guard didn’t dare lose his alertness when he saw Jiang Chen’s uncommon demeanor. “My Dragonteeth Guard is impartial and objective when deciding cases. You don’t need to worry about this.”


In some luxurious apartment within the capital.

Some youths wearing the robes of the Azure Heaven Northern Palace were drinking toast after toast and having a great time.

Suddenly, a subordinate walked in and murmured a few words into the ear of a scar-faced youth. The youth’s face immediately changed.

“What?” The scar-faced youth surged to his feet, his eyes full of a violent light, and his face darkened so much that it was like he wanted to eat someone. “What did you say? Say that again?”

The subordinate was so frightened that his expression changed greatly and he stammered, “This… is the news that’s just come back, senior brother Zhang Meng was caned to death by the lawkeeper of the Southern Palace at the transaction area, and senior brother Kuang was also beaten to death with one punch by someone on the street.”

“What did you say?” A youth whose gender was hard to discern, dressed in a fey manner, shot out a violent beam of light from his eyes. “Zhang Meng was beaten to death?”

“Speak clearly, what exactly happened?”

The subordinate strived valiantly to control his nervous emotions and said, “This was what happened, senior brother Zhang Meng saw the brat that you senior brothers attempted to take down last time… and then…”

This subordinate stammered and finally clearly explained all that had happened.

The womanly youth was indeed the senior brother Liu, Liu Can, who had chased Jiang Chen into the Qingyang Valley and had almost been slapped to death by Elder Fei. This person’s training had broken through the ranks of half step spirit dao and had now entered into the first level of the spirit realm. He was now the leader of the group.

Liu Can didn’t mind the fact that senior brother Kuang was dead, but Zhang Meng was different. Zhang Meng was Liu Can’s younger cousin, and the two had entered the Azure Heaven Northern Palace together when they were small.

Zhang Meng was also quite gifted in the area of business. The path of training could not be walked without money. The fact that he, Liu Can, had had such accomplishments in the field of training, could not be overlooked by Zhang Meng’s contributions in the area of money.

Liu Can had always treated Zhang Meng as his own younger brother. When he suddenly heard that Zhang Meng had been beaten to death by the lawkeeper, even he was dazed, despite being a spirit realm practitioner.

“That kid again.” Liu Can ground his teeth as the flames of anger danced in his eyes. “You were lucky last time and fled to the Qingyang Valley. If you’d cowardly hunkered down in the Qingyang Valley, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything to you. Now that you’ve come to your death in the capital, I’ll write my damn name backwards if I can’t kill you!”

The scar faced youth, Yi Qiansui, was one of the killers that had originally pursued Jiang Chen.

He said, “Senior brother Liu, this fellow is a bit strange. How could he emerge unscathed after falling into old man Fei’s hands in the Qingyang Valley?”

“Yes. Old man Fei is renowned for being tricky to handle. He doesn’t even give face to our Northern Palace head. How would he let this kid swagger into the capital like this and not be a medicine servant for twenty years?” The person speaking was one of the half step spirit realms that had also been chasing Jiang Chen originally, that triangular eyed youth.

Liu Can snorted coldly. “Old man Fei can throw his weight and power around in the Qingyang Valley, but his broken rules are of no use within the capital. This time, no matter who this fellow’s backer is, I’m going to be the death of him.”

Yi Qiansui also chuckled. “I’d thought that this fat meat had flown away, but who knew that we’d regain it right after losing it. Looks like we made the right choice in coming to the capital this time around.”

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