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The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine that One Goes Crazy For

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One had to say, Jiang Chen’s list was an absolute tall order, and a very tall one at that.

It would be a pity if he gave up this chance to swindle through targeting weaknesses.

It wasn’t that Jiang Chen was greedy, but that he didn’t know when the next opportunity would come around if he missed this one. He’d finally borrowed the might of the three sites. If he didn’t leverage this advantage to its fullest potential, then all this scheming would have been wasted.

As for that minor character Lu Wuji, he could vent some of his anger if he killed Lu Wuji, but from Jiang Chen’s height, killing Lu Wuji was just like stepping on an ant.

At the heart of it, it was much more worth it to savagely rip Yang Zhao off.

When Yang Zhao returned home, his heart spasmed each time he looked at the list. All of the items on the list were rare and precious spirit ingredients.

It would be difficult for him to avoid ponying up vast sums if he wanted to collect them all. He made a brief calculation. If he wanted to gather all of them, it’d take at least one third of his earthly possessions.

One third of the wealth that he had accumulated from all those years of scraping off the fat of people, hoarding stolen goods, and milking other parties dry would besucked out in one go. Yang Zhao’s heart ached with pain whenever he thought of this.

“How about having the Dragonteeth Guard pay part of it? This matter involves the overall profits of the Dragonteeth Guard anyways.” Yang Zhao had thought of this as well.

But when he recalled the general director’s solemn expression, he let go of this notion. If he dared to make such an outrageous request, then it was likely that the general director would remove him from his station afterwards.

What was he without the title of vice director? Not even a pile of shit.

People would at least not be willing to step on a pile of shit on the streets. However, if he didn’t have the halo of being a vice director of the Dragonteeth Guard, he would be stomped to death when his enemies came knocking on his door.

“Lu Wuji this useless trash!” Yang Zhao was depressed. This was no longer a simple matter of saving his nephew, but something that had to do with the partnership between the Dragonteeth Guard and the three main sites.

If he, Yang Zhao, extracted himself from the situation and gave no thought to it, Lu Wuji would be dead without a doubt. When the partnership with the three great sites was halted, the final responsibility would still be up to him, Yang Zhao, to bear.

He would still be sitting uneasily in his position of vice director.

“Forget it, forget it.” Yang Zhao made a painful decision. “In the end, I have to pay this money. I’ll let that kid Jiang Chen strut around for a bit. When all of this blows over, I’m going to make him spit it back out along with his flesh and bones!”

Ultimately, he was a decisive and ambitious person. He immediately used all of his connections to start collecting the items on the list.

Skylaurel Kingdom was rich in resources, and Jiang Chen’s list had been based off of the Skylaurel Kingdom’s situation. Therefore, the items he’d listed were all ones that could be found within the Skylaurel Kingdom.

Time passed as five days went by in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Chen watched the steam curl up into the air with a fixed gaze.

At this moment, his God’s Eye and Ear of the Zephyr was deployed to their maximum capabilities and were capturing all the fine details.

This was the final step in the process of distillation. When the flames had risen to the appropriate heat, they would automatically filter out the liquid and the finished Nine Magnificence Dew Wine would slowly flow out.

“Mm, the scents of the nine different flowers can be discerned from this fragrance if it is finely analyzed, but they also seem to have become as one. This duration and degree of heating is about right.”

“Extinguish the flames.”

The flames had reached the appropriate heat and the tap was opened. A liquid like nectar slowly flowed out with a memorable fragrance.

A spirit level Nine Magnificence Dew Wine had been successfully created!

Just after Jiang Chen had successfully created the spirit level Nine Magnificence Dew Wine, Qiao Baishi also successfully refined a batch of acceptable Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill after many failures.

The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine was decanted into the already prepared wooden container. This wine was quite particular about its container. If the wrong sort of container was chosen, it would have a certain degree of effect on the quality of the wine.

Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t commit this sort of mistake.

The Nine Magnificence Dew Wine was produced in exceedingly small quantities, and the amount that would become alcohol in the end was all the cream of the crop of the essence. Therefore, Jiang Chen had prepared so many materials but only had enough to fill nine flagons.

But of course, this amount was already quite astonishing.

At this moment, Qiao Baishi’s forehead was also beaded with sweat. He was used to refining other pills but this Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill was so out of the ordinary that it had expended much of his energy.

“Honored master, your disciple has succeeded in carrying out his assignment.”

Out of the Four Season Eternal Spring Pills that Qiao Baishi had refined, four supreme rank pills had actually appeared. Most of them were upper rank, with less than ten percent middle rank.

There wasn’t a single inferior rank pill.

“Baishi, your dao of pills and artistry has risen greatly.”

Qiao Baishi hastened to say, “This is all because of honored master’s guidance.”

This wasn’t Qiao Baishi being humble, Jiang Chen had actually given him many pointers in the area of refining pills. He’d even overturned his previous techniques in refining pills and helped him embark on new paths of thought, helping him understand how superficial and laughable the concepts that he’d grasped before were.

Whenever he caught glimpse of a shortcut, Qiao Baishi’s techniques naturally increased greatly. He was a person capable of learning after all.

“Baishi, I’ll split these pills with you. Since you’re going to the Southern Palace, why not make Elder Ning be happier and gift her a supreme rank Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill?”

“Honored master, just what effect does this Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill have?” Although Qiao Baishi felt that this pill was uncommon, he had no idea of what its actual results would be.

“Baishi, you’ve seen the materials as well. I’ll only tell you that the Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill is at the peak of perfection at the supreme rank. It’s absolutely incredible. It could take effect immediately, or at the very least within six to ten hours. Do you understand it when I put it this way?”

“It’s that amazing?” Qiao Baishi didn’t know much about the art of retaining youthful looks.

Jiang Chen continued to tease him mercilessly, “Just you wait until Elder Ning promises herself to you.”

In actuality, Jiang Chen hadn’t nearly exaggerated enough. This supreme rank Four Seasons Eternal Spring Pill was not simply just capable of removing spots and wrinkles.

This pill could change the bodily functions of a woman from their foundation and reshape her body functions, revitalizing her blood and qi, imbuing her meridians with new life, and thus bringing about the heaven defying effect of regaining youth.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even an old woman with a face full of wrinkles could regain the appearance of herself at thirty or forty years old if she took this pill.

If it was a woman with decent foundations, then upon taking the pill, she would be able to deploy its maximum effectiveness, and its results would be even more incredible.

Seeing Qiao Baishi flush red, Jiang Chen laughed involuntarily, “Baishi, you’re well over thirty, what are you blushing for?”

Qiao Baishi had been groomed as Song Tianxing’s successor since he was young within the Hall of Healing, and his days had passed quite simply, filled with just business and spirit medicine.

He had experienced the matters of men and women, but had gone through almost no particularly special experiences.

“Alright, so many days have passed already, I’m sure they’re anxious with worry. If we don’t give the other parties a taste of sweetness, they’ll think that we are frauds.”

Although Feng Yan’s mood had been light for the past couple of days, he was still more or less worried. He now knew why Vice Head Shi placed such importance on Jiang Chen.

However, could Jiang Chen help Vice Head Shi materialize his wish? Feng Yan was still a bit uncertain within his heart. If Jiang Chen did anything out of the ordinary, then he, Feng Yan, would pay the price for it as well.

After all, he was the go-between.

Therefore, he came every morning and night. It was also a materialization of his anxious emotions.

“Heh heh, Brother Feng, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Ah? Younger brother Jiang, you’ve finally emerged from closed door cultivation. Our house’s vice head has spoken of you everyday. This has truly made me anxious.”

Jiang Chen looked at Feng Yan and smiled, “It looks like brother Feng has risen quite quickly this time.”

“When it comes to this matter, it’s all thanks to you, younger brother Jiang. Today, I have accomplished much and I owe all of that to you.” Feng Yan spoke rather sincerely this time.

“Alright, I expect that you’ve had a few difficult days. The vice head of your house has also gone to great effort this time regarding the business of the Dragonteeth Guard, I should pay him a visit and express some of my sentiments.”

“Ah?” Feng Yan started and was immediately overjoyed, “Younger brother Jiang, you…”

“Let’s go!” Jiang Chen patted Feng Yan’s shoulder.

Feng Yan was delighted beyond measure and his heart was quite agitated. He wanted to say something, but was immediately shamefaced when he saw that Jiang Chen’s expression was calm.

“Right, younger brother Jiang is indeed someone who does great deeds and is neither proud nor fidgety. It’s nothing exciting if even the sky caves in. In comparison, I can hardly retain my composure.” Feng Yan couldn’t help but reflect when he saw Jiang Chen’s cool and composed behaviour.

“This is my chance. Younger brother Jiang isn’t just a character who will be confined to one place. If I can hold onto the line of younger brother Jiang, perhaps there will be more chances in the future. It looks like I must spur myself onto greater efforts so that I won’t appear to be too far behind. Otherwise the distance between younger brother Jiang and I will only increase in the days to come. I won’t have the right to play up to such a big character like him in the future.”

Although Feng Yan was of humble origins, he was an extremely nimble person. He knew that he could progress from a humble disciple to a senior middle management position of an administrator and the person who would change his fortunes was undoubtedly Jiang Chen.

If one didn’t properly curry favor when he met someone like this, then he was a fool.

“In the future, no matter what, I, Feng Yan, must resolutely stand on the side of younger brother Jiang and be his bosom friend, even his follower or his subordinate. Even if I’m a dog and must listen to his commands, I will try my hardest to become someone that younger brother Jiang trusts!”

Feng Yan thought furiously as he walked.

Shi Xiaoyao had narrowed his eyes as a pair of eccentric eyeballs sized up Jiang Chen, sized up this young man who’d caused him nights of restless sleep before he had even met him.

“Jiang Chen, Eastern Kingdom…” Shi Xiaoyao’s eyes suddenly widened as he sat up. “Alright, I will pay no heed to all this trivial, minor matters. I care only about one thing. Where’s the wine?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and flicked a glance at the wine cups in front of Shi Xiaoyao. “It is said that good wine should be paired with luminous wine glasses. Good wine should have good containers. Can this trash be taken away first? They’re an affront to the eyes. Do you have cups of old vine? If not, how about cups of young vine?”

Jiang Chen was fine if he remained quiet and didn’t open his mouth, but when he did, he almost frightened Feng Yan into peeing himself. This Jiang Chen was simply too bold. This was the vice head of the Myriad Treasures Palace!

Shi Xiaoyao started, and then broke out in a large grin. He spread his hands out, “Feng Yan, get the hell out first. Such good wine would be wasted on you.”

Feng Yan felt that it was rather sweet to be cursed at by Shi Xiaoyao, and he chuckled as he retreated from the room.

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