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The Cocky and Bullying Genius Sect Disciple

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Jiang Chen didn’t know why either, he just felt uncommonly pissed off at Han Xianke. Perhaps it was because he had that arrogant, lofty air about him that sect disciples commonly had. Or maybe it was because of his humiliation of the Qingyang Valley.

Old man Fei from the Qingyang Valley was now Jiang Chen’s servant at the very least. The middle aged fatty was obviously one of old man Fei’s. Jiang Chen was naturally ticked off to see him shamed.

One had to see who the dog’s owner was before beating it, no?

The middle aged fatty was from the Qingyang Valley and thus, he was one of old man Fei’s men. The latter was now one of Jiang Chen’s servants.

Although the follower of a servant had no status, Jiang Chen didn’t want to see someone else being all hoity toity and running rampant over the fatty.

When he heard Dan Fei’s words, Han Xianke smiled reservedly and took a step back, “Forget it, I don’t like to be associated with trash. Let them go first! If they can handle it, then it isn’t a big problem. I’ll take action if they can’t handle it.”

Although sect disciples had all sorts of strange and eccentric tempers, they would also be a bit bizarrely proud at certain times. Take Han Xianke right now for instance, he was proudly allowing others to go first.

This was because he was a sect disciple and he didn’t want to be lumped in with some ordinary, mediocre talents. This would only degrade his status.

He loved seeing others fail and then making his move in the face of difficulties, resolving the issue with one stroke. And then basking in the admiration and respect of others.

This was a little bad habit that almost all sect disciples had.

The first to walk up was the civilian vet that Ye Zheng had invited. This fellow also had an opportunistic mindset. He wanted to use this chance to make a name for himself and make a play for wealth and fortune. Thus, he gathered up his courage to approach.

The Phoenix-Dragon suddenly roared lowly before the vet was within even three meters of it. The vet ghastily cried out and tumbled backwards, spewing fresh blood out of his mouth.

He was just a civilian vet and the level of his martial dao training was middling. How could he hold himself up in the aura of a spirit creature? The shock naturally caused him to cough up blood.

A hint of a jeering smile played about on Han Xianke’s lips as he looked at the fat elder of the Qingyang Valley.

The fat elder also had a wry look on his face. He knew that he was caught between a rock and a hard place. He wouldn’t be able to not take the stage either.

Not matter what, he’d go up, take a few peeks and pretend to give a diagnosis. Whether or not he succeeded, he’d be able to give the second prince an explanation if he went for a spin on stage.

One had to say, an elder of the Qingyang Valley still had some true skills to his name. At least he wasn’t sent spewing blood from the Phoenix-Dragon’s aura.

After following the four ways of diagnosis in looking, listening, questioning, and feeling the pulse, the fat elder had a woebegone expression as he spread out his hands. “Miss Dan Fei, there’s nothing wrong with this spirit creature.”

Dan Fei’s beautiful features darkened. Nothing wrong with it? What are you doing here if nothing’s wrong with it? Here to watch a good show?

Old Tutor Ye sat on the side privately shook his head. It had been Dan Fei who’d insisted on adding this segment, he actually didn’t approved of doing so. He didn’t feel that these young folk could solve any problems. He hadn’t objected out of consideration for Dan Fei’s feelings, and because he was resorting to desperate measures.

No one had any suggestions anyways, what harm would there be in a couple more quacks having a go?

“And you didn’t want to accept the fact that you’re trash! Why aren’t you getting the hell off the stage right now?” Han Xianke floated onto the stage, grabbed the fatty and threw him off the stage.

The tyranny of sect disciples were fully illustrated in this moment.

It was a good thing that the fat elder had a bit of training. His two feet strove mightily to keep their balance after he was thrown off stage, helping him find his footing.

His face was pale as he said huffily, “Second prince, this is bullying taken to the extreme!”

Ye Qiao also smiled ruefully. “Forget it, forget it! Restraining yourself is to keep to gentle breezes and calm waves, taking a step backwards will bring the wide sea and spacious sky into view. Why don’t you go back first?”

The fat elder cocked his head. “I’m not going back. I’d rather like to see just how much skill the so-called sect disciple has to so humiliate me of the Qingyang Valley!”

A Buddha made from clay would still retain several hints of the temper from the material that it’d been made of. The fat elder had been thoroughly infuriated by Han Xianke, and he’d made his up mind to stay and observe.

If Han Xianke could resolve things, he could steal some knowledge and learn something.

If Han Xianke couldn’t resolve things, the so-called genius of the sect was also trash, and no different from him of the Qingyang Valley.

Since they were both trash who couldn’t cure the Phoenix-Dragon, what right did he have to humiliate others?

Han Xianke did indeed have some reasons for being so proud. The Phoenix-Dragon’s anxiety lessened noticeably when he walked up.

Han Xianke was also met with barely any resistance when he probed and tried to make a diagnosis.

It could be seen that Han Xianke still had some accomplishments in the area of communicating with spirit creatures. The Phoenix-Dragon didn’t resist strongly at least.

Given this case, even Dan Fei couldn’t help but have some anticipation towards Han Xianke.

But, time progressed, an hour passed, and then two hours. Everyone’s stomachs started rumbling, attesting to their empty state. Han Xianke still hadn’t come to any conclusions.

Some became unhappy beneath the stage.

“Can you do it or not? Get off the stage if you can’t. More than two hours have passed. We’re all waiting to take our seats and eat, aren’t you hungry?”

“It seems like sect disciples are just that!”

“He was so cocky earlier that I thought he truly did have some special abilities! Heh heh, he’s just outwardly attractive but a worthless person after all.”

“He insulted the Qingyang Valley elder to the point of making him out to be worthless earlier. I was almost truly frightened by him, thinking that he really did have some skills to his name. It looks like I was too naive.”

Some began to gossip slanderously beneath the stage.

Not everyone supported the first prince, and not everyone liked seeing the sect disciples run rampant with tyranny.

Although most people felt that sect disciples tended to be arrogant, and thus it had been natural for Han Xianke to act how he’d been earlier, there was another portion of steely minded folk who didn’t like seeing such style.

Han Xianke did feel a bit awkward at the moment.

This was because he’d deployed everything he had learned in his life, but he’d really discovered that there was nothing wrong with this Phoenix-Dragon.

If you were to say that it was sick, well, no changes had appeared in any of its bodily functions.

If you were to say that it wasn’t sick, well, it was truly listless and it wouldn’t eat or drink. It also had lost some weight.

But if you were to say that it was listless and lacking in energy, well, the presence within its body was abnormally strong. So it wasn’t like a sick spirit creature at all.

Han Xianke really was at a bit of a loss at the moment.

He’d just cussed someone saying they were trash, and now, he’d busily worked away for two hours and also didn’t find anything wrong. Could he possibly use, “There’s nothing wrong with it” to gloss things over?

If that was the case, then what was the need for him, Han Xianke?

The conclusion that nothing was wrong with it had long been given by the Qingyang Valley’s fat elder, and he’d actually thrown the other off the stage when it was given.

Then how could he possibly say the same words, no matter how thick his face was? Would he be thrown off stage like the fat elder by the lordmaster if he said those words?

“Genius Han, you called me trash just now, but you’ve probed for two hours now. Just what is the problem here? Tell us so we can all learn something.” The fat elder asked evenly beneath the stage.

Fatties were indeed a group of people that one couldn’t offend. Even if he couldn’t best you in a fight and didn’t possess power and influence as domineering as yours, he would never forget to exact revenge if you gave him the chance to do so.

The fat elder was perfectly depicting the law of the fatties.

Even though Han Xianke was wearing a cape, those beneath the stage could sense his predicament. Look at sect disciples and how awesome, how full of genius they were!

What was the result?

Still blank, goggle-eyed stares in the end!

“Sir Han, what is your diagnosis?” Dan Fei faintly asked.

Han Xianke stammered after Dan Fei’s question, “This… it is indeed a bit complicated. Perhaps this type of spirit creature is only suited to run wild, and not to be raised by humans?”

Han Xianke could only give a clumsy, inferior answer like this one now that things had developed to this point.

When Dan Fei heard these words, disappointment flashed slightly through her beautiful eyes. How would she not know that these were Han Xianke’s empty words? This Han Xianke, a sect disciple, a bunch of eccentricities to his name. She’d actually thought that there might’ve been some astonishing knowledge to his name. The result had still been a disappointment in the end.

“Miss Dan Fei, perhaps, we could consider returning this creature to the deep mountains and its original environment. If it recovers its primal nature, then perhaps… ”

“Sir Han, do you have a proper diagnosis or not?” Dan Fei was not that happy to see him equivocate.

“In my opinion, it’s that this creature’s wild nature hasn’t been tamed and it’s not suited to be kept in captivity.”

Dan Fei said noncommittally, “Forgive me for not being able to agree. The lordmaster has had this spirit creature for many years and he has always raised it well. If its wild nature had not yet been tamed, it wouldn’t surface after so many years!”

Han Xianke was speechless and spoke woodenly, “Then perhaps the climate is unsuitable for it.”

When these words were spoken, Jiang Chen couldn’t bear to listen any longer and splurted out a chuckle.

This laugh was uncommonly ear piercing in Han Xianke’s ears. His face darkened as he screamed shrilly, “Who is it? Who dares be so bold? What right do ants have to raise a clamor when sect disciples speak?”

This flying into a rage was to cover his embarrassment.

Lu Wuji had been paying attention to Jiang Chen and immediately called out, “Jiang Chen, do you know Sir Han’s background? What do you mean by laughing? Do you look down on Sir Han? Paugh! Are you worthy of doing so?”

Lu Wuji was standing firm for the cause of justice, but his intentions were quite clear. They were to stoke Han Xianke’s flames of anger and induce them to burn Jiang Chen.

Indeed, Han Xianke had a belly full of frustrated anger and nowhere to vent it on. He shot a viciously sinister gaze at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had been irritated by Han Xianke for a long time, and he was even more out of sorts with Han Xianki’s glare. “Stop huffing through your nose and glaring at me. You should first measure whether or not you’re trash when you call others trash. Don’t be so cocky if you’re trash. You’re spinning so much crude and unfitting drivel now that you can’t find a way off the stage, don’t you find that funny?”

“Trash? Jiang Chen, you’re crazy! How dare you insult a sect genius as trash? I think you’re looking for death!” Lu Wuji fanned the flames.

Ye Dai also furrowed his brows, “Number four, your follower is quite immature. What the heck is he to besmirch a sect disciple? A village buffoon is ignorant, but are you ignorant as well?”

Ye Rong was momentarily speechless from Ye Dai’s lecture.

Jiang Chen however, laughed heartily, “First prince, you keep calling me a village buffoon, so I’d rather like to ask you, a person from the big city. Just what is wrong with this Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon? You’re not from a backwater, so give me an explanation! I’ll admire you if you can say something, but don’t pretend to be better than who you are if you can’t, alright?”

The scene was gravely silent after these words. This fellow was so dauntless that he even dared to talk back to the first prince?

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