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Thank Goodness for Jiang Chen

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Dan Fei breathed out a long sigh of relief from her low vantage point. That was truly dangerous. The spirit beast had been so close to jumping down and attacking her.

She didn’t think that she could fend off a furious below from this spirit beast in such confined quarters.

“It’s a good thing that the lordmaster’s Mind Enchantment Powder is strong enough. However, that was also good luck just now. If it hadn’t been leaping towards me, and if I hadn’t used double the usual amount, perhaps it wouldn’t have fallen so quickly if the medicine hadn’t been as strong. I would’ve been the one suffering from bad luck had it been that little bit slower.”

Dan Fei was still in a state of shock when she jumped up, she wanted to kill the spirit creature while she was at it. However, she also knew that the spirit creature had a tough pelt and thick flesh. It’d take some effort to kill it.

“Forget it, let’s grab the babies first and assess the situation later.”

Dan Fei’s flitted forward on lotus steps and swept into the cave. She saw four babies with their heads back, their stomachs gurgling as they called out.

They were furry and fuzzy, obviously having just been born.

Dan Fei had no time to determine what spirit animals they were, she put all four in the bamboo basket on her back. She closed the lid tightly and didn’t linger for another second, dashing outside.

She didn’t even glance at the various spirit herbs, grasses, and fruits within the cave.

“Humph. If it was Jiang Chen, that addict to wealth, he definitely wouldn’t pass these things up. It’s apparent from this that my focus is much stronger than his.”

In the instant that she swept past the spirit creature again, Dan Fei had the momentary notion to kill the beast and be done with it once and for all.

However, she was still cognizant in terms of understanding her level of martial proficiency. Her true strength was at but the first level of the spirit realm. Killing the spirit beast that lay here would likely take quite a bit of time.

What if this spirit creature had companions that happened to come back at this time, wouldn’t that be awful?

Dan Fei decided to not be greedy and left the cave first.

After fleeing from the cave and breathing in the air from the outside world, Dan Fei felt completely at ease. The success of obtaining baby spirit animals made her feel incomparably happy.

She only wanted to hurry back to where Jiang Chen was and thoroughly show off of him, making him admit that he was inferior!

Just as her thoughts traveled down this path, Dan Fei’s suddenly changed drastically because a tragic cry of sorrow came from the cave, transforming into a long howl afterwards!

This voice shook the heavens, seeming to want to collapse the entire cave.

“This is bad, the Mind Enchantment Powder has lost its effectiveness this quickly. That spirit beast is much stronger than I’d imagined.”

Sweat instantly beaded on her forehead.

She hadn’t made it far from the cave at all. If the spirit creature was fast, it could catch up to her in the span of a few breaths.

Having never known what fear was, Dan Fei’s heart was now in a panicked mess as her frantic emotions showed on her face. Her legs churned and ate up the distance, exerting every last drop of strength in her bones.

Bam bam bam.

An earth shattering tremble came from the direction of the cave, approaching her with extreme speed. Its momentum was as if it would bring down the entire mountain valley.

“Oh no, it’s coming!” Dan Fei was shocked senseless in that moment.

She hadn’t thought that the spirit animal would awaken so quickly, and that it would be so fast in chasing her.

Her speed wasn’t slow, but it was blatantly obvious that the spirit creature was even faster.

It had closed the gap to within a thousand meters in a few breaths.

“Can it be that I, Dan Fei, will lose my life here today? Jiang Chen… Jiang Chen, hurry up and wake up. Flee!” Dan Fei felt a bit of regret in this moment.

Why didn’t she listened to Jiang Chen? Why had she acted arbitrarily?

But it seemed a bit too late for regrets at the moment. Dan Fei could feel the pressure of the third or fourth level spirit realm beast behind her. It came thundering towards her with a dominant force. Its aura made her two legs almost unable to move.

“Idiotic woman, get down!”

A low shout suddenly cut across the night at this crucial moment.

Three sounds broke through the air in succession afterwards, as three arrows ripped through the air like shooting stars, flying brilliantly at the spirit animal in hot pursuit behind her.

The enormous spirit animal was actually a giant ape. Its silvery fur appeared even more translucent and gleaming beneath the splendor of the moon.

When the giant ape saw the arrow attack, it gave another long whistle.

Its arms spread out as it punched, punched, and punched for a third time. It actually used the strength of its punches to blast those arrows to bits!

“Awrooo!” The giant ape roared again after punching the arrows away and it rushed forward.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Another three arrows shot forward unceremoniously.

The giant ape followed the same set pattern as the aura from its boxing punches once again smashed the arrows to bits.

Although the two rounds of arrow attacks hadn’t harmed the giant ape, they noticeably dogged its footsteps and reduced its forward momentum.

“Idiot woman! Why haven’t you left yet?”

The voice naturally came from Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had only been entranced by the Mind Enchantment Powder for a short while before recovering his wits. He used the divine art of Psychic’s Head to expel the remaining poison from the powder and he immediately guessed that Dan Fei had made a reckless move.

This Mind Enchantment Powder couldn’t even keep him, a practitioner of the first level spirit realm, under for that long. It’d likely be even less effective when used on that adult spirit creature.

When his thoughts travelled there, Jiang Chen also became greatly anxious. He rushed in this direction with the fastest speed possible, just so happening to run into Dan Fei when the giant ape was about five hundred meters from Dan Fei.

If he’d been even a bit slower, that crazy woman would’ve definitely been slapped into meat paste by the giant ape that was like a small mountain.

Dan Fei had no spare attention and effort to argue with Jiang Chen now, she knew that her presence was extraneous. She picked up her pace to make for the outside perimeter.

“Jiang Chen, don’t linger in battle, go!”

This woman wasn’t without loyalty after all, she didn’t voice heartless words that wanted Jiang Chen to distract that spirit creature.

However, if Jiang Chen extracted himself and left at this time, both of them would most likely be unable to make it out with the speed of the giant ape.

To engage in a contest of speed, endurance, and environment in someone else’s home turf, they were at an disadvantage in all aspects.

Judging from the punching method that the giant ape used in demolishing the arrows, it likely had a style that was more crude and forceful, a representative of those that did wild and fierce battle.

If it wasn’t for this giant ape’s level of strength at a solid fourth level spirit realm, Jiang Chen actually felt an itch to do battle and almost wanted to deploy the Divine Aeons Fist to box with it.

Jiang Chen actually really wanted to experience the physical kind of fight in which fists were meeting fists.

However, it was obviously not a good opportunity at the moment. The giant ape’s strength was much greater than his. Facing off against it in a boxing match, even though Jiang Chen had the mysteries of the Divine Aeons Fist, he wouldn’t make it past ten blows from the giant ape.

It was a good thing that the Da Yu bow was a four times refined spirit weapon. When Jiang Chen entered the spirit realm, his skill in the use of spirit weapons had once again risen noticeably.

It was absolutely incomparable to when he was in the realm of true qi.

Even this giant ape with the tough skin and thick flesh seemed to know the might of these arrows. It only dared to use its fists to smash into the arrows and didn’t dare use its tough skin to block it.

However, when it used its fists to break the arrows apart, its forward momentum was naturally affected.

Jiang Chen remained unmoved no matter how it roared in a threatening manner. The Da Yu bow in his hand pinned the giant ape down with unerring accuracy.

The giant ape was beside itself with anxiety but it could do nothing. If it wanted to move forward, it could have ignore the attacks from the arrows, but the giant ape knew full well that as strong as its body was, it couldn’t ignore the attacks from these arrows and use its body to withstand the attacks from the arrows.

It roared continuously in its anxiety and punched out with increasing speed, the aura of its punches becoming fiercer and fiercer.

The boulders around it were continuously demolished and shattered as it punched out.

Jiang Chen also found it tough to bear up beneath the onslaught. Although the Da Yu bow could pin down the giant ape, it had a limited number of arrows.

If he continued using them like this, he’d run out of arrows in a short while.

He was using the original arrows that were a set with the Da Yu bow this time, and not the lower quality arrows that he’d bought afterwards.

If those arrows had been used, they wouldn’t have had any effect on the giant ape.

“There’s still twelve more arrows, I can hold it off for another fifteen minutes. I hope that idiot woman hasn’t been too dumb and isn’t waiting for me in an place not far away. Otherwise, these delaying tactics will have been in vain.”

Jiang Chen only prayed that Dan Fei was far away.

As long as Dan Fei had cleared the area, Jiang Chen didn’t mind engaging this giant ape in a little game of tag.

Although the giant ape was fast, it had a large body after all. Jiang Chen had a spirit ocean that had been formed by the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill, what he lacked least was boundless spirit power.

This was the advantage of a superior spirit ocean. He was able to store a lot more spirit power than ordinary practitioners.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Another round of arrow attacks, but the giant ape seemed to have gained a full understanding of Jiang Chen’s attacking method now. It could actually slowly advance forward as it used its fists to demolish the arrows at the same time.

“Damn it, who the hell said spirit creatures were dumb? The giant ape is obviously familiar with my tactics now. This is bad. If this continues, it will quickly draw close to me, unless I increase the concentration of my attack. I have no chance of winning at all in close combat!”

Jiang Chen’s grasp of the battle situation was also exceedingly sensitive.

Increase the concentration of his attacks? When he saw that there were only nine arrows left in his quiver, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile ruefully. There were only nine arrows left. There was a limit to how much he could increase the concentration of his attacks.

Once he shot off these nine arrows, the Da Yu bow would be worthless. He, Jiang Chen, would be akin to having crippled one of his arms.

When he calculated the time, it’d be fifteen minutes since Dan Fei left. If she ran at full speed, she should’ve gone far from here.

When Jiang Chen’s thoughts traveled here, he didn’t linger in battle and turned and ran.

“Ai, if only I could bring a Goldwing Swordbird into this trial. How would I be so bedraggled now?” Jiang Chen started missing the Goldwing Swordbirds at this time.

Although the giant ape was strong, it wasn’t a flying type in the end. If Jiang Chen could take to the skies, even a mid spirit ranked creature would be able to do nothing to him.

However, thinking of the Goldwing Swordbirds now was to just console himself with false hopes. It wouldn’t solve his problem at all.

His mind elsewhere, Jiang Chen brought his greatest speed to bear and began to retreat. When the giant ape saw Jiang Chen running, it started chasing him with great, thudding steps, hot on his heels.

Jiang Chen knew that the giant ape’s speed was still a bit faster than his when he heard the rhythm of these footsteps.

He deployed the God’s Eye and looked ahead, planning on finding the best escape route.

When he looked around, he almost spat out a mouthful of his ancient blood.

Dan Fei, that idiotic woman, was standing not too far away, waiting for him!

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