Chapter - 109:
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“One of the demolition squad found a small entrance and have successfully destroyed it” said Captain Cheng with a dark and heavy voice.

“We should be happy!” laughed Xu Da Huang.

“The squad was also annihilated… No one got out of it alive…” whispered Captain Cheng.

Xu Da Huang’s laugh and smiles immediately froze as others who had smiles suddenly turned into frown, nobody felt happy about it at all.

There will be hordes of magic beasts by the entrance, although it might be easy to slip in undetected, once there’s a big ruckus over it, the squad will probably be surrounded by angry beasts! Even during the screening, Captain Cheng has clearly tell them that most of them will never return from this mission alive!

“Get moving! We should be far from the school now” said Captain Cheng.

“After this old house, we’ll get to a small pedestrian street, we can follow through it to get to the student’s side entrance and reach quite near to the school’s canteen. The tunnel entrance is very likely under the canteen area” said Xu Da Huang.

Everyone nodded, and continued moving in the direction Xu Da Huang chose. Although they encountered some troublesome beasts on the way, it was promptly dispatched by Captain Cheng. An intermediate level mage can just sweep all those servant class beasts in one hit, so the progress is rather fast.

“HEEEELLPPPP!! Help me!!!”

Just in front, across the street a man suddenly ran with piercing cries. Xu Da Huang wanted to help but was stopped by Captain Cheng in front of him. Feeling puzzled, just when he was about to complain, Captain Cheng coldly said “Our most important mission is to destroy the tunnel entrance, even if we happen to me our family and loved ones, we don’t have the luxury to even go and rescue them! Other than Mo Fan who’s here explicitly to find his family, I hope everyone else can understand the stakes in this very important mission”

Everyone just kept their silence because they being part of the army mage unit is bound to their duty to complete the mission, regardless of their personal grievances. Therefore, even though they could hear the miserable cry just around the corner, they could only grit their teeth and stay where they are.

Mo Fan’s heart was a little vexed watching these guilty people. Just thinking about it rationally, he couldn’t understand their “humane” views. If they went along and save everyone they met on the way, the mission team with slowly turn into a rescue team. Saddled with these burdens, they should stop even dreaming of infiltrating into the area around the tunnel entrance!

Just standing around that area, dozens of people will die like weed, if they really want to make a decision, even letting them wander the streets to the shelter will have higher chance of survival than tagging along with the demolition team.

After about two minutes, the screams finally faded and waiting for a while, Luo Yun Bo who had scouted ahead returned to let Captain Cheng that the beasts have left, and they can continue forward. Luo Yun Bo that witnessed the man killed before his eyes but unable to do anything because of his mission doesn’t look very good.


Right ahead is a fairly spacious street, although the road wasn’t as congested with vehicles, the asphalt road has several pieces of bodies strewn about, dripping with fresh blood since those are remains of other people which hasn’t die very long ago.

A few steps forward, one fat man covered in blood lay there. This fat man doesn’t look like he’s dead, and with his eyes open, he laboriously lift his head to look at these team of mages very hard! His eyes were filled with anger and confusion… With blood dripping, he tried as best he could to reach the team of mages he saw reflected off a glass window of a building. He screamed as hard and loud as he could, hoping they would save him!

However as the beast bit off his legs, and slowly started to swallow his lower body, these heartless and conscienceless mages are still indifferent…..

When this group of mages walk past him, he spent his last efforts to catch of one them by the legs, he wanted to ask them why!? He wanted to punch these bastard army mages for doing nothing as they watch him!!

Pan Li Jun slowed her pace, watching the fat man breathing his last moments, her eyes becoming void of any emotion and a second later, she quicken her pace and move on. The others did not even turn to look at the pitiful fat man and move on quickly, and few steps ahead are several other mutilated corpses…..

Pan Li Jun went to the middle of the road, feeling the silent condemnation of these corpses’ remains for the army’s failure, and she noted a corpse with an almost bitten off head, should be the work of a giant-eyed rat.

“They should be trying to evacuate through the sewer… the results is only this…” said Luo Yun Bo with a deep voice.

“The sewers have turned into the lair of those giant-eyed rats, they didn’t think this through” said Xu Da Huang as he shook his head helplessly.

The worst place to go in the disaster is actually the sewer! These magic beasts invaded and infiltrated Bo City through these underground tunnels and sewers.

“Come one, if we fail to destroy the entrance… Many more people with die…” said Captain Cheng without a trace of emotion as others nodded. Mo Fan was about to follow along before he suddenly stopped.

His eyes were firmly fixed on the wrist of that almost headless woman’s corpse… He had never seen this person before but knows very well of that bracelet she’s wearing!

Back then he made a DIY bracelet of different stone beads for Ye Xin Xia’s sixteenth birthday present, and the only successful product he made was a rather ugly black beads bracelet.

Usually this kind of DIY bracelet is made in a pair for the boy and girl, whereas Mo Fan in his clumsy and careless hands turned those supposedly beautiful stone beads bracelet into ugly black charred stones bracelet, looking horrendously like some mice droppings but Xin Xia was very pleased with it, and even wear it on herself everyday!

Although this bracelet might be rather common, these uniquely ugly black stringed things were too easy for him to recognize but why would it be on this woman’s wrist?

“Mo Fan, what’s going on?” asked Pan Li Jun who was ahead.

“I found some clue, this woman is wearing my sister’s bracelet” said Mo Fan who promptly took the bracelet off her wrist, and confirm it afterwards.

“That fat man wore the uniform of a supermarket logo at the mall near here, these people should have fled through the sewer from there and encountered a giant-eyed rat halfway through and quickly fled above ground” concluded Pan Li Jun.

Mo Fan checked at the woman’s body, and sure enough comparing both bodies, he could even recognize the smell of sewer.

“They should have went into the sewer from the basement area at the stopping mall’s supermarket near Ming Wen school area” said Xu Da Huang who was familiar with this area and quickly explain it to Mo Fan.

Although before he start searching all these feels like finding a needle on a haystack, it seems that heaven actually gave a helping hand, giving him even a clue! Although he couldn’t be sure if Ye Xin Xia is there, at least he have a general direction to search for, instead of going around like a headless chicken.

“Mo Fan, although you have done a great service protecting the holy spring, we will not delay ourselves from our mission to help you. You’re on your own!” said Captain Cheng seriously.

Mo Fan nodded and said “I understand”

“I wish you good luck, godspeed!” said Captain Cheng promptly and led the squad away.

“I wish you guys good luck too!”

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