Chapter - 2: Not Paying Back
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“Two bottles of antidote, a drop of low-level medicine, one bottle of black wolves blood, three bottles of talcum powder and three pieces of tiger-heart meat. Use the rest of the money to give the black horse I’m renting a place to rest; and make sure to give him some food. I will need him tomorrow!”

In front of the counter, a young man wearing green and black attire placed a small pouch of coins on the counter.

His skin was pale and he had very thin cheekbones. Nevertheless, the overall outline of his face was handsome. This was especially true about his eyes, it seemed like they had the ability to see through a person’s thoughts.

An elderly shopkeeper peered into the small money pouch and stammered, “I say Su Yun, the tiger-heart meat may be nourishing, but you are only at the sixth stage, a truly inferior level. If you want to eat the tiger-heart meat, you must be wary of the spiritual force inside the meat! I heard you went to the government prefecture and got injured. If you eat the tiger-heart meat, in your current state, you might as well be throwing your life away! Are you sure you still want to buy it?”

“Get the meat ready already.”

Su Yun did not bother explaining himself.

“He really is fearless.” The elderly shopkeeper shook his head, while going to prepare the meat.

After a short period of time, the desired products were placed on the counter.

“Three spirit coins for the bottles of antidotes, five spirit coins for the low-level medicine drops, two spirit coins for the bottles of black wolf blood, one spirit coin for the bottles of talcum powder, and finally, ten spirit coins for the tiger-heart meat. When adding the horse rental, the total comes out to thirty-five spirit coins! Horse rentals for longer than a week will result in extra charges! If the horse is wounded, falls ill or is killed, compensation will have to be paid accordingly.

While the elderly shopkeeper was talking, he was untying the straps of the small money pouch. When he looked inside, he found, to his surprise, that there were exactly thirty-five spirit coins in the pouch. No more, no less.

“I may have to come back for more materials tommorow.”

After he finished conversing with the shopkeeper, he hurriedly left the store.

Seeing the young man nimbly leave, the elderly shopkeeper could not help but exclaim, “This kid, he rarely comes to the store. How come, this time he came, bought a bunch of strange materials, and even rented a horse? What does he need these materials for anyway?”

Su Yun quickly exited the store. He was, it should be said, carrying materials that cost his entire life-savings.

If one desired to obtain more spirit coins, the easiest method would be to find a job working for the families or main house. Using this method, it would take about a month to earn fifty spirit coins.

Before Su Yun could never focus on any type of job to earn money. Therefore, he relied on Qing Er’s money.

Up ahead, there was a curved path, seemingly endless, and paved with bronze stones. Painted on the top was an illustration of a majestic griffin, which looked very lifelike. On both sides of the path, there were old, worn down cottage-homes, covered with moss that had grown over countless years.

Every pedestrian using the path was carrying firewood, buckets, or other materials. Their faces were full of concentration and anxiety. It was an extremely busy street.

Not everyone in the Su Family’s territory was related to the Su family. Some lived there to escape war, to cultivate for training, or to escape the punishment of various crimes they had committed elsewhere. They just lived in Su Family’s territory, followed the rules, and tried to survive in the cruel and hard world.

The conditions for training cultivation were very simple and modest in this area. The cultivation square for practicing was just an open area, with bricks and stakes enclosing it. The square was in dire need of repair. Near the surrounding area, there were many small stores to buy elementary martial techniques.

There was no spiritual medicine supplier, no treasure supplier. There was even only one lecturer who would come every three days. It was not an exaggeration to say cultivating in this area was painstakingly difficult.

Nonetheless, the Su Family did provide an opportunity for the advancement of personnel in the outer sect.

It was a Su Family rule: If a person enters the 10th stage of cultivation, they are eligible to enter the inner Sect of the Su Family.

Immediately after entering the inner sect, he will be rewarded a new home and would be able to select a weapon from the storehouse. Every single month he would be rewarded five fine spiritual pellets and two hundred spirit coins. The person would also be allowed to enter the advanced cultivation practice area and have access to more advanced techniques. Basically, it would allow a person to advance more easily and achieve even greater accomplishments.

This was the huge difference in treatment between the inner and outer sects!

For this reason, despite the difficult life in the outer sect, there were many people working hard to increase their cultivation stage to enter the inner sect.

“Hey Su Yun!”

Just then, a shout came from the side of his vision.

Su Yun looked up to see a young man, with several badges pinned to his chest, walking towards him.

The people around him were from the Main Su Family, and the chest badges represented their identity in the Su territory. Their duty in the outer sect was to maintain order in the outer sect.

Su Yun did not think that the overseeing team was actually this group of people.

Su Yun was unfamiliar with most of these people, since the Su family was so large, there were many people that Su Yun did not have any connections with. Therefore, uncles and brothers were only titles used to address each other. However, he recognized one person.

One head of the Su family was called Su Gui Mu. His father was also in charge of finance. There was also a casino that was operated in the shadows of the Su Family that Su Gui Mu’s father also controlled. Unfortunately, most of Su Yun’s money that was left by his parents and was wasted in the casino.

Su Yun did not like Su Gui Mu much because Su Gui Mu scammed Su Yun out of a lot of money through unfair gambling tactics. By the time Su Yun had found out what had happened, it was already too late. As Su Gui Mu came over to Su Yun, a sneer crept across his face.

“Hey, Su Yun! I heard you were kicked out of your home!”

Su Yun remained silent.

“Tut, tut, tut, you appear to be confused.” As Su Gui Mu looked up and down at Su Yun’s attire.

“What do you want,” asked Su Yun.

“Haha! It really isn’t anything much. It’s just you still owe me two thousand spirit coins. I just don’t know when you will return the money you borrowed,” Su Gui Mu said as contempt flashed across his eyes.

“I have no money!”

“No money?!” Su Gui Mu’s face immediately turned ugly. He viciously shouted, “How dare you owe me money, and still not be able to pay me back! Do you know the consequences of not being able to pay back the money?”

“I know.”

“So are you going to give me back my money?!?”

“I already said I don’t have any money!”

“You…” Su Gui Mu was burning up from anger. Suddenly, his angry face disappeared and was replaced with a vicious smile. He patted Su Yun on the shoulder, “Forget it! You only owe me a little money. I’ll give you more time. “

Not yet? This is certainly not a good thing.

After talking, Su Gui Mu pulled Su Yun close and asked, “however, brother, nothing in this world is for free. How about you help a brother out, like I helped you? How about you let my son take Qing Er to dinner, and I will just write the two thousand spirit coins off? I’m even willing to send you another thousand spirit coins.”

“For dinner?” Su Yun frowned.

“I’m not asking much. I am only asking for a meal!” Su Gui Mu laughed, “Qing Er is extremely talented, and I really admire her! I just wanted to get to know her and nothing more!”

“I would, but I have heard that you drugged the drinks of women you have taken to dinner, and your father rapes them! Your father’s influence has allowed him to escape punishment for his crimes every time! Now you want to rape Qing Er too?”

“You… dare slander me? My father is honorable, and I am innocent.” Su Gui Mu’s face reddened. Angrily he shouted at Su Yun, “Are you going to help me? If not, return my money now!!!”

“Not yet!”

Su Yun responded staring Su Gui Mu straight in the face.

“I will fucking kill you!” Su Gui Mu became furious and directed his punch straight into Su Yun’s face.

Su Yun carefully stepped back and carefully avoided the punch.

“Only at sixth stage and yet he is still this arrogant? Surround him! I will make sure he is punished today,” Su Gui Mu shouted.

Behind Su Gui Mu, the men began surrounding Su Yun, cutting off his chance to escape.

However, Su Yun was not nervous at all. He responded, “Su Gui Mu, I do not want your father to be expelled from office. If you do not want that, then take your men and walk away!”

“Bah! What ability do you have kid? You were kicked out of your home, and yet you dare to challenge me?” Su Gui Mu sneered with disdain.

“I may not have the capability, but if I inform the master of the house, do you think you will go unpunished?”

After Su Yun finished, Su Gui Mu laughed out loud. (TL: lol)

“This is really funny! Su Yun, you still don’t get it? Look at your situation. Appealing to the master of the house? Will the head even believe you when you proclaim everything you said? You are in the outer sect, so right now, you are not even eligible to enter the inner sect. Now you want to complain to the master of the house? Hahahahahah, this is really a good joke!”

Nevertheless, Su Yun calmly replied, “I do not, but what about Qing Er?”

“Qing Er? That bitch?! Who cares?”

“Are you sure about this?”

“What? You don’t think I’m brave enough?”

“Do you really want to mess with the disciples of the inner sect, ?”

“Inner sect disciples?” Su Gui Mu was stunned for a bit. Although he was confident about dealing with the inner sect, some special disciples, such as Qing Er, had a lot of backing. He did not know if Qing Er made friends with some high-level disciples of the inner sect. Su Gui Mu’s frown deepened.

Su Yun was not beating around the bush. Instead, he directly attacked with Qing Er’s status as an inner disciple.

Su Gui Mu’s face lost his confidence, after he thought about it more.

In accordance with what Su Yun said, he couldn’t really afford to provoke the friends of Qing Er.

Even if Qing Er was lying, the inner sect elder will listen to her complaints for sure.

If there really was an investigation, he will probably be found out. His whole family would suffer, he and his father especially so. Too many people were involved, and the casino would probably have to be shut down after. His family may even be ruined.

Seeing Su Gui Mu in a daze, Su Yun decided to leave.

“I don’t have your money yet.”

A voice floated over.

Su Gui Mu ground his teeth, but said nothing. However, things could not possibly end this easily…


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