Chapter - 28: Disparity in Strength
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Su Yun looked at the arena.

Just as expected.

On the stage stood a luxuriously dressed inner sect disciple. The disciple’s body was equipped with many magical jewelries, such as gold trimmed emerald ring, faint glowing bucklers, etc. Compared to the outer sect disciples’ shabby appearances, this guy was like an emperor.

“Another outer sect disciple, Tian Yuan, your luck is too good, right?”

In the arena sidelines, an audience member who had a bald head, equipped with a sword, blew a whistle and smiled as he said this.

“Each and every one of you guys are bastards! Basically, you guys use no energy, yet I have to compete with inner sect disciples. This is not fair! It’s so freaking unfair!” A young female disciple angrily shouted from the audience.

“This is what the heavens decree, so we can’t have any say in this!”

These male and female disciple continued to argue with each other.

Over time, the female disciple’s anger just kept on rising.

Su Yun just bit his lower lip, kept his head down and walked toward the arena while watching the scene caused by the inner sect disciples. It even seemed like the atmosphere of a family.

Keeping reserved, would not move mountains.

Spirit Intermediate Realm.

This was not comparable to the a cultivation of eighth stage spirit novice realm. Su Yun was afraid that even two Su Nan Ye could not beat this inner sect disciple’s opponent.

Su Yun’s own cultivation had not past the eighth stage novice realm. Although with the help of the five cultivation medicine, his spirit power and aura were greatly increased, it could not fully close the gap caused by the cultivation stages.

Su Yun must go all out.

As Su Yun secretly thought this, he stepped onto the arena.

Two disciples were now standing on the stage.

“Get Set!” The judge called out.

After Su Yun heard this, he immediately changed into his fighting stance.

The spirit power within his body began to circulate…

This movement caused the opponent and the audience to raise their eyebrows.

“Why do you not just admit defeat?” Tian Yuan said with dissatisfaction.

“I’m not thinking about that.” Su Yun replied.

“Ah!” Tian Yuan laughed.

Generally, when they met with outer sect disciples, the outer sect disciples just surrendered immediately. However, some disciples would decide to fight, which not only showed courage, but it also demonstrated that they were not afraid of the strength of their opponents.

This was an extremely shameful thing! (Tl: surrendering immediately, courage to fight = good)

“You really don’t understand the vastness of the heavens!”

Tian Yuan grunted, and then directly sprung into action. With his front foot, he stomped the ground utilizing the spirit power within his body and propelled himself forward. He flew over the ground and charged straight in front of Su Yun.

The amount of spirit power used was shocking.

This thick spirit power and aura was aimed to kill the opponent.

A spirit novice realm disciple versus a spirit intermediate disciple!

How large the strength gap between the two realms would be?

Meanwhile, Su Yun did not have the slightest hesitation.

Su Yun focused, his eyes suddenly deepened and his spiritual eyes suddenly activated. Every ounce of spirit power erupted forth and even overshadowed Tian Yuan’s aura.

“Huh?” Tian Yuan lifted his head only to see Su Yun suddenly coming with a ridiculously fast strike.

He gave up defending and dodging the strike. Instead, he poured more spirit power into his aura, making him like a great locomotive about to crash with his opponent…


Spirit power exploded out from the clash.

The disciples were only shaken a bit, but did not step back.

Tian Yuan simply did not think that Su Yun would be this desperate. Tian Yuan was surprised, so he did not have enough time to dodge, and was hit squarely from another strike.


Tian Yuan’s body was sent flying.


As Tian Yuan’s body was sent flying, Su Yun suddenly stretched out his hand to grab Tian Yuan’s neck and used his infused arm strength to brutally slam Tian Yuan straight from the air to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, Su Yun sent an infused punch straight into the dazed stomach of Tian Yuan.

After Tian Yuan took the punch, he complexion suddenly paled and trembled from pain.

Just one punch! Although the strength of the punch was ordinary, it hit Tian Yuan’s weak point, causing a massive amount of pain.

The audience was completely stunned.

Most disciples never had intention to truly kill, but this disciple went so far.

Those disciples of the outer sect could only take the criticisms of the inner sect disciples because they were well aware of the difference between them.

Tian Yuan’s spirit aura covered his entire body, as he had to use spirit power to heal his body. However, even the spirit power was leaking out from his body because of the injuries.

After completing the strike, the spirit energy was draining out to the ground, basically one fifth of the energy was lost. Su Yun managed to strike right into Tian Yuan’s lower stomach, which was in fact, where almost of the spirit power was stored. Since the core area was injured, it caused massive fluctuations and led to Tian Yuan to have internal injuries.

Therefore, Su Yun exploded forth with all his energy, and advanced up close to strike Tian Yuan. He was only afraid that Tian Yuan had the same idea.

First, he had wanted to catch his opponent off guard.

Second, he had wanted to directly assault the core of the spirit power, since once the core was damaged, the spirit power would begin to disperse. During the assault, the general audience would not have understood what truly happened.

“This person…who is he,” A aged woman near the arena whispered.

“Unclear.” The man beside her shook his head.

“Is the top disciple of the outer sect not Qian Ge? Where did this ruthless fellow come from?”

The audience once again began to pay attention to Su Yun.

Yet, Tian Yuan did not want to be defeated again. He unleashed his power again, suddenly roared and bright rings appeared around his body as he used his fist. He charged forward, aiming for Su Yun’s neck.

A divine skill! (Tl: 5th from the bottom rank)

In fact, Su Yun could also have learned divine skills, but there had not been enough time. He only learnt few earth skills (Tl: 3rd from bottom rank) , so how could he practice divine skills? He only knew basic sword fighting skills, basic strikes and basic agility skills.

Martial skills is not the only the deciding factor, because there are many tactics for fighting cultivators. Although it is not fairly known, the spirit essence of a disciple was a weakness.

Tian Yuan waited for Su Yun to have an opening and suddenly jumped. Instantly clenched his fists, he struck against Su Yun and an explosion erupted in the empty air.

The attack obviously missed Su Yun, but Su Yun was still caught in the explosion. He was blown away from the blast and fell fiercely on the ground, breathing very heavily.

“Vapor Burst! Good execution,” A disciple in the audience commented.

TIan Yuan grimaced as his heart filled with scorching anger.

He quickly charged again. Approaching Su Yun, he lifted his arms, steadied his breath and struck. The vapor shot ahead was aimed at Su Yun’s chest.

Taking this hit would not kill a disciple, but obtaining injuries were inevitable.

Slowly, the spirit strikes from the palm travelled through the air, moving erratically and zigzagging to its target. The power in this skill seemed immense, as it seemed that with one strike, it could split mountains, crush gold and easily dominate an opponent.

“It’s over!”

Tian Yuan as his palm descended near Su Yun’s chest.

At this critical moment, Suyen suddenly swung his right hand to slap away the incoming strike away.

“Ha ha, you want your right hand to be destroyed? Fine, I’ll do just that!” Tian Yuan laughed out loud and gazed at Su Yun’s incoming right hand.

Tian Yuan was confident that he had infused enough spirit power into his strike that it was enough to destroy any part of Su Yun’s body if it hit.

The fist and palm collided.

The two spirit auras generated from the strike entwined the two disciples. They both refused to back down from the shockwave and focused on overwhelming each other. Suddenly, the spirit auras cancelled out and the auras dispersed. Nobody knew who won.

This was truly beyond Tian Yuan’s expectations for the power infused in Su Yun’s palm, for it was extremely profound and deep. It was not the power of an ordinary disciple in the eighth stage of spirit novice realm cultivation.

However, he was not worried.

When two disciples fought, their spirit power would be consumed…

Naturally, the disciple with higher cultivation would win!Suddenly, Tian Yuan saw his opponent’s mouth smile in a large arc.

Why is he laughing at this?

Tian Yuan’s heart was startled.

Just then, his opponent suddenly extended his palm in a strike, unexpectedly he opened his hand and rapidly grabbed Tian Yuan’s middle and forefinger with his palm.

After grabbing hold of them, Tian Yuan’s spirit power immediately began seeping to Su Yun’s palm like wisps of art. Moreover, this weakened the muscles that were currently being strengthened by Tian Yuan’s spirit power and further weakened his entire body…

Excruciating pain was being transmitted from his nerves to his heart.


The transferring energy at the palm exploded.

Both men took were pushed back.

Su Yun crashed into the barrier. His body was trembling and a little trail of blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

Yet, Tian Yuan was furiously slammed backwards. His body was shaking erratically. Then with a ‘plop,’ he coughed out blood and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Silence. All around, crows and peacocks made not a sound. (Tl: idiom meaning absolute silence)


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