Chapter - 1: Rebirth in different world
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‘Ren Tian You’ was sitting in front of computer waiting excitingly and thinking about what would happen next in the plot, he couldn’t help but tremble with excitement.

Well, everyone do not misunderstand, exactly Ren Tian You was only going to watch a Japanese masterpiece anime———Naruto.

It is said that, there is nothing special on the other side, but anime creation truly make people to have no choice but to really admire it.

Like Prince of tennis, Detective Conan, Death God……….and so on anime masterpiece had many fans and Ren Tian You was also one of those anime fan but he however only liked a single anime series ‘Naruto’ with no reason at all.

Ren Tian You was second year university student in H city. But don’t even mention about losing virginity he didn’t even had a girlfriend.

Its not like he was not handsome, only had a little fault on his character——cooping inside his residence, correct cooping inside his residence. This fellow love to shut himself inside his rented room and loved to watch the history or creation of Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto on his computer. Naruto updated every Thursday, which he wouldn’t miss even once.

Once, the classmates of Ren tian You wondered why he always nested in his house and not go out. They even thought that he was ‘building a golden house to keep his mistress’ (idiom), as he always looked impatient to go to his house after finishing the class. Once they secretly followed him to his house, and the next thing they saw made a black line appear in their face. They saw him returning the house and directly turning on the computer and get into ‘tudou.com’ [Chinese video-sharing site] to watching Naruto anime which made the classmates who were following him greatly depressed.

Today new Naruto episode 563 was updated, advance notice said that in this episode the mask made up of earth of Naruto would be destroyed and his real face will be reviled. So it was not easy to miss.

Ren tian You was anxiously looking at the 60 second advertisement countdown on the upper-right corner of video player. 1 second was remaining and 1 second also passed. When he was ready to watch with complete passion, he heard ‘tudou’ sound and he saw large words, “Error code 2011.”

At once his anger exploded in a flash.

“F**k, F**king trash tudou.”

His right hand suddenly grabbed the cup on the table and threw it to the computer, however he had forgotten that there was still tea inside the cup. The tea directly landed on the plug of the computer, instantly a series of sparks were generated which spread along the top of table to his right hand.

In that instant, before the electric sparks reached his body, his last thought was, “F**k, I will never throw anything again.”





Divine wind continent, country of Emperor Ai le, to the eastside was magical beast forest which was filled with terrifying magical beasts. This place was paradise for many adventurers because they can hunt high level magical beasts and suddenly become rich overnight and they don’t need to worry about lifetime eating and drinking. But there are countless adventurers who had forever slept in the forest because of low actual strength.

At Magical beast forest surrounding there was a small stream, at that stream side lied a youth who was wearing a magnificent cloth, and this youth looked 15 years in age but didn’t have a trace of childishness in his face and those two dashing eyebrows increased his handsomeness even more. At this time the right hand of this youth slowly moved few times, slowly opened his eyes and with a puzzled expression he looked around.

“Where am I? Don’t tell me I didn’t die?”

He slowly stood up, look around at his surrounding environment and a towering tree appeared in his vision. He was completely puzzled looking at the huge towering trees.


He hold his head and unceasingly rolled on the ground, one scene after another flashed through his mind. After a few minutes, he stopped whining and forced a bitter smile in his pale face.

Divine wind continent, country of Emperor Ai le……….Ximen Tian Long, son of Ximen household, hehe, I had never thought one day I would unexpectedly reborn.”

Correct, Ren Tian You was no longer on earth, but rather reborn in the world called Divine Wind continent and the name of his current body was Ximen Tian Long who was the son of ‘Ximen’ clan and this clan was one of the four major clan in this country of Emperor Ai le. Don’t see the peculiar domineering name of this guy, because this guy is hundred percent a loser. The thing is, his mother was just a female servant of Ximen family, and 5 years after giving birth to him, she died because of illness. And his father i.e. master of the Ximen house ‘Ximen Ba Tian’ had never entered his mother’s courtyard once even when she died. [‘Tian Long’ means Dragon of Heaven]

And this guy was also loser in cultivating. He didn’t have any cultivation talent, no magic talent and only had a pitiful douqi talent which was also limited and could only practice up to intermediate fighter not any further.

But this guy seemed to be exceptionally popular with females, don’t know why, the daughter of Wang Jia clan which was also one of the 4 major clan, of all the people she had fallen to this guy. But the eldest son of Ximen clan ‘Ximen Feng’ i.e. Ximen Tian Long elder brother also liked her which gave birth to wild jealousy in his heart. Finally he sent some people to tell that Ximen Tian Long was not biological son of Ximen Ba Tian. And don’t know how but Ximen Tian Long’s father had believed in that word and Ximen Tian Long was driven away from imperial capital for ever and no longer allowed him to appear inside imperial capital. Still Ximen Feng didn’t let him go and he dispatched assassins to hunt him, finally this guy was killed by those assassins at this magical beast forest.

Ren Tian You was studying those information in his brain, after which he forced out a smile in his heart. He had never thought that this guy whom he possessed was so miserable. Unexpectedly, not only was he a loser in cultivating, in addition he had such a formidable enemy. How do you expect me to survive from now on…ah?

Ai, suddenly he thought about his parents on the earth and his younger sister, not knowing when they will realize about his death and how they would react, he felt sad in his heart.

Just then he felt extremely thirsty and he had seen the stream in front of him so he struggled to get up, supported his weak body and started to walk towards that stream. He was about to die because of thirst so he was ready to drink the water.

At that time when he saw the reflection of himself in the water, his mouth became ‘O’ shaped. He didn’t see whether this guy was too ugly or extremely handsome. Rather he clearly saw the reflection of his eye on the water, it was a pair of scarlet eyes and inside this eye they each have inverted magatama.

“This is………..Sharingan!”

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