Chapter - 3: Chakra attribute
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Ren Tian You entered the forest and quickly found the trace of low-class magical beast. Soon a white rabbit appeared in front of him. From his memory, he knew that this rabbit was class 1 magical beast called ‘rumbling rabbit’. Other than firing water arrow, it could do nothing.

He quickly advance toward that rabbit, and at this moment the rumbling rabbit also notice him. Facing him, it fired a water arrow, turned around and started to run.

At this time, his body suddenly erupted with weak white colored radiance, this was his originaldouqi cultivation, but this douqi amount was too low and it enclosed his body extremely weakly. It looked like it could disappeared any moment and he could only use it for extremely short period of time.

And his new cultivation of chakra was even more lacking, after all he had only cultivated chakra for a couple of hours.

With the help of his douqi, he dodged the water arrow and ran towards the rumbling rabbit and attack it with his fist.


His fist landed on rumbling rabbit, causing that rumbling rabbit to fly and roll on the ground. After which it directly fainted.

He ran toward the fainted rabbit, picked it up with its ears, and then ended its life by twisting its neck with his other hand.

Ding: Congratulation host for killing your first magical beast, rumbling rabbit. You earned 10 system points.

At that time, the system voice rang in his ear. After that he opened the system, sure enough his system points had already increased to 110. Not bad, hunting and getting system points, not a bad business.

“Still this douqi is good to use.”

He thought for a while, even with this weak douqi his speed and attack power had suddenly increased.

“This cultivation system deserves to be called the millions year heritage of Divine Wind continent, but I have ninjutsu, so I don’t need to care much about this douqi.”

He lifted the dead body of rumbling rabbit, walked towards the stream and started to peel off the skin. Originally doing this types of things was quite difficult for previous him, but now he haddouqi so it was quite easy for him to do such things.

However after completely peeling off the skin, worry appeared on his face. ‘After all this time I, your father do not have fire ah.’ His douqi was not fire attributed but wind attributed douqi. Fireninjutsu!? He had only cultivated chakra for couple of hours and he didn’t know even the simplest taijutsu which was easiest among the three, not to mention fire style ninjutsu.

“F**k, I, your father cannot eat it raw.”

He gloomily scratched his head, and looked at the rabbit meat. He considered eating it raw but seeing that meat was still dripping the blood, he couldn’t do it.

“There is no other way but to force myself to use our ancestor ways, drill the wood to make fire.”

Speaking up to this, he was already going to die from hunger. So he forced himself to stand up and search a piece of dead tree. After that he found a little branch, put a bits of dry grass on it and with a serious look he started to turn and twist the branch above the dead tree piece.

“For the sake of food, stake it all!”

Under the rapid turn and twist, he saw some smoke emerged above the piece of dead wood, and quickly after that a surge of flame was lit.

“Ha ha, got a fire, I, your father no longer need to eat raw meat like barbarian.”

Seeing the fire, he was so happy that he almost jumped up. At last he no longer needed to eat raw meat.

He immediately stand near the fire, pierce through a branch and started to roast the rabbit meat. After about half an hour, he could no longer endure his hunger and birds were fluttering around the roasted meat because of its aroma.

“Finally ready.”

Using his douqi to wrap his hand to deal with burn, he quickly took the meat, tore it and threw some of it into his mouth.

“Hum, although there was no seasoning, this meat of magical beast is still delicious. Oily but not greasy, unexpectedly comparing to this meat, the meat from earth is as dull and dry as bark, and oily is greasy to death.”

He ate all the rabbit meat completely in a short time. He was surprised, even after those meat entered his stomach, he was still hungry.

“No wonder all the ninjas inside of Naruto had big appetite, Naruto in particular even ate 8 large bowls of ramen. At that time I had secretly smacked my lips in disapproval with Kishimoto a bit. I didn’t expect cultivating chakra consume this much energy from body ah.”

He recalled the time when he was watching Naruto anime and those ninjas having a huge appetite. No wonder those ninjas often went to complete task for earning money. Otherwise just eating makes them poor.

With no other way, he forced himself to stand and go hunting. He continued to hunt and eat rumbling rabbit until he was completely full.

“*burp*………finally full.”

He finally let out a burp of satisfaction. Seeing the bones of rumbling rabbit around him, he couldn’t help but blushed with shame as he never thought that he would also turn into a foodie. If it was on earth, eating half of the rabbit meat was incredible thing for him.

After finishing eating, he was intending to continue cultivating his chakra. This world was not like his previous world, here a single person can simply toss a stone and kill 8 out of 10 people who are stronger than him. Not to mention him.

Beside this, previously on earth he was extremely fond and dreamed of becoming ninja, and now he got chance to realize this dream. So how can he not be excited to cultivate chakra?

“Oh, that’s right, I still don’t know my chakra attribute.”

Thinking about cultivating chakra, he was curious about his chakra attribute. Finally to know his chakra attribute, he couldn’t help but became excited.

“But I don’t have any chakra attribute testing paper ah.”

He was very impatient to know his chakra attributes but for this he needed chakra testing paper.

“Oh, that’s right, why am I so stupid? I already have naruto system.”

He hit himself in head and also cursed himself, hurriedly opened the naruto system and go to store system. Thanks to this system he could learn ninjutsu, and he had directly started to learn cultivating chakra and hadn’t paid any attentive to this store system. Now was the first time he had opened to see, good heavens, inside store system there was wide variety of props. There were basic ninja props like kunai, shuriken, detonating paper and all other essentials, to the extent that there was even the clothing of all lead characters of Naruto world such as Naruto’s clothes, Sasuke’s clothes, Akatuski’s clothes and even different kinds of masks. And there was even the thing that make him completely ashamed, that was lighter, correct a lighter. Just now he had drilled a wood to make a fire but here he found a lighter, this made him depressed.

The lighter could be exchanged with 2 system points which he exchanged immediately. And after that he found chakra attribute testing paper too, which could be exchanged with 10 system points. He immediately exchanged it too.

After this, he turned off the system and took out chakra testing paper which he had exchanged just a moment ago. Slowly he started to channel little bit of his chakra into this paper.

As its name suggest, chakra attribute testing paper is a type of paper which tests the attribute of chakra. Chakra attributes are classified into fire, wind, earth, water and lighting. If the chakra is fire attribute then this paper will burn, if it is wind attribute then it splits into two, if it is earth attribute then it disintegrate, if it is water attribute then it became wet and finally if it is lightning attribute then it will wrinkle. If you have all 5 attribute then one part will burn, one part will split open, one part will disintegrate, one part will become wet and last part will wrinkle.

And when Ren Tian You channeled his chakra into this paper, first the paper wrinkled, then it split into two and finally one part caught the fire.

“Unexpectedly my chakra is 3 attributed—-lightning, wind and fire, I’m quite lucky. However this fire attribute should be because of Sharingan.

All the members of Uchiha clan having Sharingan are natural master of fire style. And now Ren Tian You was quite excited as all of his attribute was attack oriented.

With lightning attribute he could learn Chidori or Raikiri and furthermore that S-class ninjutsu———‘kirin’. With wind attribute he could learn super BUG class ninjutsu which he had admire for a long time——-‘rasen shuriken’. Fire attribute power is not bad, he had seen Madara release grand fireball jutsu and only after ten other ninja release water wall jutsu, they had blocked it.

After knowing his own chakra attribute, he started to cultivate chakra in a very good mood.

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