Chapter - 1: 3000 years ago
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In a medicinal laboratory of the institute of the miraculous powers, there was a teenager, about 17 years old. He had golden, charming hair, at that moment he was tensely watching at black-haired teenager, almost of the same age, who lied on the floor in front of him. Boys and girls of his age surrounded him. “Let me pass, why have you gathered here, there is no father in front of you!” It was an open class of miraculous medicine usage, there were about 105 students. “What happened?”

  “It’s not clear; it seems that Jason, the sophomore, fainted during the experiment.”

"What Jason? The idiot that is famous in the whole university?”

  "He studied for two years in the university, but never got a satisfactory mark?"

  "That’s him; I heard that if he fails the exam, he would be kicked out of the University of Miraculous Power, this is the first time that all examinations were barely passed, there will be a commission on this matter, poor guy.”

  Everybody was talking sarcastically, some people sympathized, and all these words were continually getting into the ears of the blond boy.

  “Shut up!” The blond boy shouted suddenly, like a furious bull: -You, animals! Do you have any moral principles? Who is going to call the doctor from the first-aid-post?

  Due to concern and anger, the red marks appeared at the white-haired guy’s face, he was sweating.

  “Carrot, how did this jerk deserve your favor? You are the excellent student, that reached the 9th level in the usage of miraculous power, you can become a famous wizard. After the graduation you will be able to reach more than level 5, Jason only reached the 5th level for two years of study, he is the underdog of University of the Miraculous Power, he’s not even worthy to lace your shoes.”

  Everyone was laughing.

  "Shut up, I won’t let him finish this semester!" Carrot gazed at that guy, there was anger in his heart.

  The gaze made that guy scare, everyone felt silent and didn’t dare to say anything more.

  Although he reached level 8, he couldn’t do anything on himself.

  However, Carrot did not care, he gently patted the black-haired guy on the cheeks, wanted him to awake.

  "Professor Klein is here, return to your places!"

  Somebody yelled, teenagers ran to their places in the fuss and picked up equipment for experiments.

  “What happened?”

  There was a sound by the door, ringing, as the oriole’s song, it was clear that there was a confusion in the laboratory.

  "Professor Klein, you’re finally here! We don’t know what happened to Jason, he was executing the experiment and then fainted.” The sign of hope appeared in the eyes of Carrot.

  Now there was a long red-haired woman in front of Carrot, her skin was snow-white, her eyes were expressive with a color of blue sky, and she was just charming and impeccably beautiful. She was wearing a purple long Chinese robe, even though it covered her body, it was possible to distinguish the seductive curves and graceful physique.

  "Carrot, Jason, not you again." She looked at their table and saw that there was an order and they did not touch the equipment and reagents for experiments, Professor Klein chuckled: “If you want to joke and make circus here, play naturally”

  Professor Klein put her right hand forth, started singing songs. The green glow appeared from the palm of the right hand of Professor, the green highlights slipped in the air and rushed with a roar to the head of Jason that lied on the floor.

  "Professor Klein!"

  While looking at professor’s performance, Carrot sighed sadly, but the Professor acted determinately, he did not say a word yet, the green water ball had already landed on the head of Jason.

  "Professor Klein, we didn’t intend to trick anybody. He fainted indeed".

  Suddenly, Jason, who was unconscious previously, sat up, wiped his face and asked: “Who the hell just dropped the water bowl on me?”

  Jason got up from the floor at once, looked around, his eyes were shining with wrath, he regretted.

   Professor Klein said coldly: "Carrot, Jason, you two again, the experiments haven’t began yet because of you, and I remind you, if you don’t complete it until the end of the lesson, don’t even think of getting out of this cabinet".

  From the tone of Professor, Jason realized the situation.

There were young boys and girls in front of Jason; they clumsily tried to complete the experiment. He took the laboratory equipment for the pharmacy, mixed the cure very carefully, felt the malevolence of other students.

  The blond guy bowed his head, his eyes were running, he looked at the red-haired woman.

  He felt Jason’s gaze and pretended that he focused on the experiment.

 "Shouldn’t I be in my own laboratory on the mountain of Thousand Sages?”

  Vague memories appeared in Jason’s mind. They appeared one after the other and troubled him.

  In his memories, he was the well-known and recognized throughout the whole continent, strong and powerful, one of a kind, unique Wizard of miraculous medicine, and he had to hold the experiment on the mountain of Thousand Sages.

  Unfortunately, he failed the experiment, in his last flashback there was a large explosion, he fainted and then he woke up and became a simple student of the University of Miraculous Power in Orland, California.

  He had the same name as that student did. It seemed that he liked to play, sleep during the lessons, to fight.

 The 2230 year of the Lynn age, according to Jason’s memories had a great difference with the present age, because of the explosion during the experiment; he went 3000 years backwards, ended up in the body of the guy from the lower class. For Jason, who was on peak of his fame and nobility, it was hard to believe in…

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