Чудодейственный целитель в Ином мире - глава 2:
The key elements of the flame solution.

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“And now you two should finish today’s experiment responsibly and correctly in front of my eyes, because the flame solution is the base of miraculous medicine, don’t even think of going away from the lesson in peace if I would notice a single mistake.

“Let’s start from you, Carrot!”

“Alright, Professor Klein!”

He watched as the red-haired woman gave instructions to a boy that stood next to Carrot that responded a little timidly, frowned and looked straight ahead.

“Flame solution, well, solution….” Carrot poured a transparent liquid into the flask while talking to himself. He murmured: “The first phase of the preparation of the flame solution – you need to mix the saline and that…Firestar ore solution.”

Carrot mumbled happily. Immediately, he picked up the flask with a solution of the color of cherry and quickly mixed it with a solution from the first flask.

“Slow down!” Professor Klein saw what Carrot was doing and her face changed, she loudly shouted at once and snatched the flask with the saline from the hands of Carrot. Jason was surprised. He frowned.

Carrot heard the yell of the Professor, stopped doing anything, but his movements were too brusque, some saline already got into the crystal Firestar ore solution.

The face of the professor was worried; she took the flask away from Carrot. Jason hit him in a chest after and pushed him away strongly.

There was a quiet rasp, the flask with a solution of a Firestar ore exploded; the crystal vial that was in Professor’s hands broke into small pieces. After that, a rose purple mist filled the whole room.


The professor shouted furiously, swore at Carrot like hell and went towards Jason.

She was a third-grade healer; she knew the ratio of components that might cause an explosion. Purple cloud shrouded Carrot, but in haste, she forgot about Jason at all.

Professor Klein knew that a mix of saline and Firestar ore solution might explode, although the power of it was not that big, but if it got on a human body, the high temperature, generated by the Firestar, would cause burns.

She looked at the place where Jason was, he had to be taken to the first-aid post. The next thought made Professor numb.

“Jason”. The Professor was afraid that Jason, that pushed Carrot in a hurry, got injury; the Professor could not forgive herself that.

The explosion frightened all the students; everyone looked at the place where Jason stood before.

Before the explosion he stood still and looked at Carrot, but after he was not there already. But the unresponsiveness, stone face, with which he stood a couple of meters away from the explosion, surprised everyone. The thing that surprised the most is that the explosion did not hurt Jason.

Looking at that solemn and haughty expression on a young face, Professor Klein felt some kind of strangeness. It seemed that Jason knew about the explosion and that it would not touch him in advance.

“How is that possible?”

“Just a coincidence!”

The Professor shook her head lightly, burst out laughing, she wanted to find out, how did she, the third-grade healer, could not calculate that the radius of explosion would be about two meters, how could that lazybones Jason do that?

“You two. Leave the lab and head to my cabinet”. The professor was furious.

She repeated numerous times about the unacceptable ratio of the elements, and again that day before the experiment, but Carrot did not seem to hear her.

Carrot bowed his head when he saw that Jason was fine. He invited Jason to get out of the lab together; his knees were still shaking because of fear.

Jason did not care about Carrot; he looked at the devices.

“Jason, did you hear me? Everyone, continue the experiment!”

When he finished listening to Professor’s admonitions, he knitted his brows as a crescent.

All students knew: that was the sign of the highest degree of anger.

Jason raised his head quietly, looked at him and settled down a little.

It seemed that his colorless eyes lit up suddenly.