Чудодейственный целитель в Ином мире - глава 3:
The pick of the mastery.

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I do not know why, but Professor Klein settled down when she saw Jason’s look.

Jason did not speak, he straightened up on his chair, staring at the devices for experiments wide-eyed, his eyes were indifferent but the next second they were serious, it seemed like all these simple devices and vials were the rarest treasures of the world for him.

He was a little wiggling on his chair.

He performed the experiment steadily, slowly took the saline and poured it into the flask on the table. The sun that shined through the window highlighted the solution. It emitted an immeasurable bright glow.

He felt a faint smell of pure saline, slowly mixed proportions, touched the flask with his finger. He enjoyed the experiment.

In the eyes of Professor Klein and the other students, he was like a soldier who left the battlefield a long time ago that was back again, full of bright memories, like he was already a mature person.

When the saline took the third of the flask, Jason stopped pouring it. Then he gently took the flask with Firestar ore solution with his left hand, suddenly upended it, there were a couple of ore crystals with the size of a fist, they flew out of the flask and then returned back.

The eyes of Jason were shining. He mixed the ingredients skillfully. He covered the flying Firestar ore with a lid.

He was constantly swirling something, stirred something, there was a kind of white mirage, a small neck of the vial after the rotation became bigger and bigger. When the Firestar ore crystallized, it filled the vial.

The white solution in the hands of Jason suddenly turned into a red disk, like a bloody sun it was shining with a dazzling scarlet light as if Jason controlled all the miracles that occur on the Earth.

The startled whisper flew through the lab with the sound of breaking vials; Jason attracted everyone who was in there.

He turned out to be a true mystery. Jason raised the flask and started spinning it wildly while adding other reagents.

He scared everyone by doing that, it was amazing; crystals of all colors were flying out of the vial and then disappeared.

Everyone was fascinated, looked at the hands of Jason and tried to do the same.

The only one who could distinguish his actions was Professor Klein, a third-grade healer. She noticed that Jason’s body was constantly shaking, the amplitude of vibrations was very low, and all the muscles were tense.

Jason moved very quickly, he took the vials, put them down, that made everyone feel that the vials move on itself because the amplitude of vibrations and the speed were different, everything seemed to fly in his hands.

At first look, it was very simple, but in fact, it was a very complex operation, it was necessary to use both the body and the mind.

Everyone froze, the students stared at the red disk in the hands of Jason, there was a dark vision, he rushed after it as a lightning, no one had the time to figure out and the spinning flask already disappeared from the eyes.

The scarlet flask caused people feel the mystique and enigma.

“Professor Klein, the lesson is over, I want to go home!”

Without waiting for answer, Jason put the scarlet flask in front of Professor, ran out of the lab and left everyone open-mouthed.

Professor looked at the flask. It was a perfect Flame solution.

The flame weakened and the purity of the reaction increased, the quality level grew up, it was a first time when Professor saw that. It was one of the most wonderful ratio of elements.