Чудодейственный целитель в Ином мире - глава 4:
The miraculous healers’ association.

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In a world of miraculous medicine, the fire solution was the base for all of the miraculous recipes, because of that it was important to know the correct ratios.

  Not only because the fire solution was used very often on the continent, but because it was one of the most simple ingredients to create a miraculous medicine. The process of preparation of the fire solution included a lot of complicated actions and components.

  However, Professor Klein could not distinguish any stages of Jason’s actions; she just saw that he mixed a lot of components and that made her tremble from fear.

  It was important to know that the process of creation of miraculous medicine could not exclude any point, the most difficult in it – to mix all the components during the reaction process.

 “That…Jason, what happened…?” Carrot was looking at the table with the fire solution on it; Jason made the best solution in a whole university. 

 “Yeah, but where is Jason?” Everybody was looking around but he was not in the laboratory. 

  “Professor Klein, he just left the lab!”

“Everyone, continue the experiment, everybody should complete it today!” Professor Klein held an impulse to go and look for Jason, she knew that today’s laboratory work was not over yet, she was a wonderful specialist, that’s why she had to look after a hundred of students.

 Jason was already out of the Institute of miraculous powers and walked along the Tallin Street carelessly. 

  He felt that his hands hurt and were shaking. He thought about the experiment and shook his head a little.

  That body was very week, in his previous life he could easily create the fire solution of the highest quality, but now he had to use all his powers and still couldn’t reach the perfection.

  Jason knew that the muscles of his shoulders hurt a little because of the continuous movement during the experiment, he remembered himself in his previous life and that was difficult to imagine for him.

  People on the streets scurried back and forth, the traffic was intense and the noises with human voices were everywhere. That world didn’t seem hostile to Jason, he felt like he was in a dream.

  He did not know how long was he walking but suddenly a sublime building drawn his attention, that was a marble building of European style.

  The peculiarity was that the movement didn’t stop on the other streets, but there were no people in front of that building, only richly decorated carts were there and that gave the building an unusual coloring.

  Some people admired the building from afar; they looked at it solemn and stern.

  Jason’s gaze stopped at the stone icon on the gates of that building, there was a scroll and a flask with a miraculous cure on it. That was a work of a famous master for sure.

That meant “The miraculous healers’ association” on the entire continent.

  Unwittingly, Jason joined that organization in his previous life, he became the only miraculous healer of ninth grade and he devoted his whole life to miraculous medicine.

  He started worrying when he saw the icon. Despite the gates were majestic, they weren’t that big; he felt like he got into the light from the darkness when he entered the building. The space was huge and there were not many people.

  All the people were busy, the smell of different preparations was in the air and the familiar smells gave him a breath of memories.

  Compared with the future, three thousand years later the atmosphere of the Miraculous healers’ association didn’t change, he remembered the moment when he entered it for the first time, then he remembered how he got the official certificate, but now he was taken aback a little by the size of the reception.

  “Welcome to the miraculous healers’ association!” – Jason heard a voice of a girl.

  Jason distracted from his thoughts, turned his head and saw a girl in a uniform that came to him, it turned that he came to the service desk.

  “Good day. How can I help you?” Caitlyn was standing in front of him and smiled.

  Actually, beginning from the moment he came in, he drew Caitlyn’s attention; she was about seventeen years old but her face was not childish, the cloth was not fresh, it issued the inaccuracy but did not cause disgust.

  The Miraculous healer profession was very honorable on the continent, but some healers didn’t pay attention to that, even the head of the association was wearing a shabby Chinese robe all the time and nobody even dared to decry him for that.

  There was no rigorous selection process to enter the Association, but not everyone could join it, when low-level healers became the members of the Association, they did everything with caution, but Jason was relaxed as if he was at home.

  Only the high-level professionals had such an attitude.

  Or may be healer’s apprentices did have that too. Deep inside, Caitlyn already noticed the extraordinariness of Jason.