Чудодейственный целитель в Ином мире - глава 5:
New technology skills.

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“I just came to watch” Said Jason. He felt like everyone was looking at him

  Caitlyn smiled even more, not everyone had such courage.

  “If you got any questions about mixing, you can ask for help in the aid department in sector three on the left from reception. If you want to buy reagents, you can do it in a trading department, in sector two on the right, there is also the information department. You can find the information about the exhibition of medicine on a bulletin board in the middle of a hall.”

  Caitlyn guessed Jason’s intensions and affably said: “You can inspect everything in here quietly, if you’ll have any questions, feel free to ask me.”

  Jason went to the information department unwittingly.

  Caitlyn saw that Jason stopped at the aid department and looked at him searchingly; she thought that he was a healer’s apprentice that had questions about the mixing of miraculous cures. Then she continued her job.

  Now there was a huge golden cabinet at front of Jason, high as a man, there were information messages. In the center of the cabinet he noticed the paper hung messages.

Jason read all the messages carefully.

 “If you use a solvent after adding sulfur it will be difficult to predict the reaction, how can you control this process? Is it possible to solve this problem?” 

  Solvent was a component of a second-grade miraculous medicine, usually all the medicine divided into three grades and every grade divided into three ranks.

  If a miraculous healer could mix the medicine of a second grade with three or more second grade components, he considered as a second-grade master

  The solvent was specially used to get rid of unnecessary components, parts of minerals. It was a secondary component of miraculous medicine and was a simple second-grade substance.

  It was obvious that the healer that asked that question didn’t reach second grade yet, he wanted to use a skillful method, but had not enough mastery. He did not receive the answer yet.

  When he saw that question, the event of the past occurred in front of his eyes, as the movie trailer.

  The Miraculous healer profession was very respectable in that world, but you needed to have a great talent and knowledge to become a healer.

  Natural abilities were innate, it was the most important point for healers, as well as the fortitude of spirit, it was important for communication but you had to be ready for ascetic life and practice continuously.

 Jason’s parents were victims of the military unrest, he was an orphan since childhood and because of that in his dreams he always wanted to be strong and skillful, but his abilities were weak, he had no innate gift.

  But Jason didn’t give up his dream, he firmly decided to embark on the path of becoming a spiritual master, five years of agonizing work passed, a lot of bloody tears were shed, but he remained on a second level. He was afraid to remain on the same mastery level for a whole life.

  He left the path of spiritual mentor behind, but he did not give up and decided to become a miraculous healer. It was much more difficult. He learned about the mixing of medicine, about the properties of every solution that existed.

  In the field of reagents he showed great abilities, he had the knowledge of a second level spiritual mentor, he relied on the knowledge of chemical reactions and constantly studied the medicine of higher level. By the age of twenty-six he became the most extraordinary level nine miraculous healer.

  All his evidences of transformation of reagents and mixing methods showed the way to all the scientists of the continent.

  He dreamed to become a level ten genius of healing, but he was still far away.

  He came through a lot of years of enhancement that by the age of twenty-seven he reached the fifth level of Enlightenment, created new techniques but remained only a ninth level healer.

  The area of wizardry was restricted, but he knew that he could conquer that mountain with his own knowledge and techniques.

  But still he could not conquer the peak of the tenth level and deeply regretted about that.

  He promptly wrote a reply to the question of a scientist that was on a bulletin board.

He signed the answer as “J”.