Чудодейственный целитель в Ином мире - глава 6:
A new target.

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When Jason left the Miraculous healers’ association, it was evening outside and the whole city was filled with yellow light in twilight.

  Jason spent a lot of time unconsciously, his uncertainty disappeared and everything became clear for him.

  He got the game ardor. In his previous life, even if he did not have any abilities and successes, he never gave up hoping that everything would be okay for the next time. He had to make his dreams come true!

  Smiling, he headed to the University of Miraculous Medicine, he didn’t feel pain in his body anymore as if he became majestic and significant in a moment.

  Xiao Bo worked as a miraculous healer in the Association for more than a year. He was the graduate of the Institute of miraculous medicine and became a ninth level healer. But it was not enough to reach the next level for him.

For now, there was nothing in his job to admire with.

  Actually, his place in the society didn’t require a lot of work. He was afraid not to become a well-known and respected great master.

  Every healer dreamed about wealth, being a level nine healer meant the ability to mix a lot of reagents. Xiao Bo knew about that, but still he could not produce high-quality medicine. His profession required a lot of efforts.

  He already wasted all the materials for experiments, stood near the Aid Department, next to the golden cabinet, looking for the answer.

  His eyes wandered around the ads, he saw that answer in the left corner of the cabinet.

  The Aid Department was a platform for advertising for help, publishing issues, but was used not often, in general, everyone had the questions but these questions were the mistakes of the healers, they just had to do their work attentively.

  There were only a few questions that might be solved.

  Xiao Bo was standing and thinking.

  “What? Some kind of a great master arrived into the Association? Or maybe the head of the Association accidentally looked into the Aid Department?” He opened the next section of the cabinet.

  The paper with the answer was on the very bottom.

  When Jason returned to the institute, the day already came to an end. He ate in the institute canteen and walked into his room in a dorm for the first time.

  The university dorm divided into several types, according to the tuition fees, in a regular room six people lived, four people lived in a medium room, in a first-class room lived only two. In that world, Jason’s father was an aristocrat with the title of baron, he was a mayor in a little city next to the mountains, although the family wasn’t very rich, but you could say wealthy, because of that he lived in a first-class zone of the dorm.

  He pushed the door of the room, saw familiar devices for laboratory works, he sighed, sat on a bed, a painful expression appeared in his eyes, he slowly closed them.

  He yawned, covered his mouth with a hand and fell asleep.

  Jason was looking for his target and didn’t waste any time, he had to understand that his state of health was connected to his state of spirit.

  He was breathing deeply; he learned it in a previous life when he was an ascetic.

  He followed his feelings; the time stopped existing for him, his smell, vision, touch and other reactions blurred, he was in the obscurity, he could not see it, but he felt it.

  If a man wanted to become a spiritual mentor, he had to feel the inmost powers of Earth, he had to reach a certain condition, block all the senses and think about nothing.

Only a person with a strong will could reach that state, the ones who were under the auspices of the ancestor, some tried for a few days and they succeed, some people tried to do that for entire life and could not reach that serenity.

  In his previous life, Jason had to meditate for half a day to reach that when he learned to immerse into the contemplation. He was gifted in that field.

  In the state of meditation he sensed every cell of his body.

  He felt the energy circulation inside of him but he was surprised that the magical energy inside of him was very weak.