Chapter - 376: Control Over All Living Things
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Looking at the Sword Qi extending from his fingers emotionally, Jian Chen couldn’t hide his joy at all. The Sword Qi was extremely strong thanks to the Sword Spirits and was his strongest attack because of them. Although he had lost his Light Wind Sword and years and years of bitter cultivation, he still had plenty of fighting strength left. He was not a cripple that could not fight.

The faint glows of Sword Qi continued to shine with both colors standing side by side as if it were natural. This type of manner was as if the two were mingling with each other peacefully.

In a daze, Jian Chen stared at the azure and violet Sword Qi. He couldn’t help but think back to when he was fighting the 8 Heaven Saint Masters. Back when he was at the final part of the road, the Sword Qi had fused in the same manner.

With that memory fresh in mind, Jian Chen’s heart trembled with some lingering fear. The fusion of the two Sword Qi had been extremely powerful, causing even Jian Chen to be afraid. It was strong enough to shatter the Saint Weapons of the Heaven Saint Masters as if it they were made of bean curd. This was something that was impossible to imagine for him, but when he thought about when the two Sword Spirits making a full recovery, he couldn’t even possibly begin to imagine just what terrifying level they would reach in power.

When Jian Chen began to think back to just how powerful the rebound had been when he used the fused Sword Qi, Jian Chen could only shake his head with a bitter laugh. After the Sword Qi had fused together, they had formed a formidable power with a devastating aftereffect. If it were not for the fact that he had been trapped by the other Heaven Saint Masters, Jian Chen would not dare to try and test it out.

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he opened his palm, causing a mysterious type of energy to fill the air around him. The leaves on the ground began to lift up as if being attracted by some type of force and slowly revolved around Jian Chen.

Closing his eyes, Jian Chen began to harmonize with the world to become one. It was with a sudden realization that he felt his spirit connect with every single living thing around him. This feeling was similar to when he used the Spirit Sword, allowing him to control every living thing.

Suddenly, the countless leaves slowly flowing about Jian Chen’s body began to shine brightly with an azure and violet glow. With an ear splitting sound, they all suddenly shot towards a nearby tree with a blinding speed.

Without a sound, the tree was instantly pierced straight through as the leaves continued onwards without faltering for even a moment. As it traveled farther and farther away, it continued to cut a path through any of plants in its way. It was only after ten kilometers that the leaves finally began to slow down and then disintegrate in midair without the azure and violet Sword Qi.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!….

Suddenly, wave after wave of sounds could be heard as all of the leaves still floating around Jian Chen transformed into a blinding ray of light and shot outwards. Spearing through anything in its path, the Sword Qi infused in the leaves had only disappeared after 10 kilometers, causing the leaves to fall apart into dust.

Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly and looked around himself with a stunned look. With a sudden thought, one of the trees nearby him flew out of the ground and floated 10 meters in midair.

Extending his hand outwards, Jian Chen then clenched his fist tightly. Straight away, the entire tree exploded into wood shavings and fell to the ground.

In the next moment, the azure and violet glows of light could be seen once more flying from the wood shavings. Flying upwards, the wood shavings began to form a fifty meter long sword that floated in midair before flying forward.

As the sword flew forward, no matter if it was a tree that was tall enough to scratch the heavens or just a blade of grass, the sword cleaved it in two and left behind a smooth surface.

In a moment, the previously peaceful forest changed dramatically as dozens of large trees tippled down to the ground.

Jian Chen’s eyes glinted with a bright light as he watched this event. His left eye began to emit a violet glow and his right eye an azure glow. This was a sight that would terrify anyone.

With both of Jian Chen’s eyes burning brightly with the two different colors, his hands both raised into the air. Suddenly, a strange sort of energy began to distort the air like the space itself was being frozen in time. To anyone looking, this would have been an extremely bizarre sight.

“Crack crack crack….”

Several of the trees floating in midair began to break apart into fist sized pieces before starting to shine with an azure and violet glow.

The lights in Jian Chen’s eyes began to recede as he looked at the sight dumbfounded. Both of his eyes had a look of disbelief to them as he slowly dropped his hands.

As soon as his hands fell, the trees that were floating in the air began to lose the same color lights. Then, the tree pieces disintegrated away into ashes and scattered away through the air.

Jian Chen stood still without any extra movements. This newfound change in his body was something that he simply couldn’t believe. Right now, he was fully capable of controlling any living thing with the use of his azure and violet Sword Qi. Right now, the Sword Qi could be bent to his will and was practically an ability for him to use at any given moment.

In the past, even when Jian Chen used the Sword Qi, it was when he used the Spirit Sword to fight from long range. The azure and violet Sword Qi wasn’t limited to the Light Wind Sword anymore. He no longer had any restriction other than the distance away from his body, but other than that, he could use any living thing and infuse it with Sword Qi.

“This type of power, did the Sword Spirits bestow it onto me?” Jian Chen couldn’t help but wonder. Ever since the fusion, he could only see the huge changes to his soul and life. Not only was it extremely beneficial, but the power was far beyond anything that he could imagine; especially since he could control living beings themselves.

Jian Chen continued to walk farther and farther away from the valley. Right now, he solely desired to pit himself against a magical beast in order to gauge his strength.

Longevity Valley was immensely deep, and while there were very few magical beasts to be found in this part, each one of them were at the very least a Class 5 Magical Beast.

After walking for 20 kilometers, he had finally came across a decently strong magical beast. This one looked like a beetle type magical beast; the Iron Beetle.

The moment when the Iron Beetle saw Jian Chen, it immediately let out a roar before charging straight towards him.

With a lift sweep of his hand, a single half meter long blade of grass flew towards the Iron Beetle’s head with the azure and violet Sword Qi infused in it.


With a single crack, the blade of grass penetrated straight through the Iron Beetle’s head before flying out of it and disappearing into the forest.

Without even a cry, the Iron Beetle fell to the floor with a thundering crash as its gigantic body slammed downwards.

Just like that, a powerful Class 5 Magical Beast had been killed so easily.

Jian Chen let out a breath as he tried to calm himself down so that the pleased look in his eyes wouldn’t get too far out of hand.

Waving his right hand, several blades of grass turned bright with color as they flew towards the Iron Beetle’s body and dug a hole straight into its body. Extending his hand, he suddenly clenched tightly, causing a bloody Class 5 Monster Core to suddenly fly out from the magical beast’s body and land on top of his hand.

Continuing forwards, it wasn’t for another 10 kilometers where four crimson streaks of light came flying at Jian Chen from all directions. These four crimson wolves were all Class 5 Magical Beasts as well; each one of them filled with more wisdom and knowledge than usual.

Right afterwards, several more blurs could be seen as more wolves surrounded Jian Chen. They were smaller in size compared to the first four wolves, signifying that they were Class 4 Magical Beasts.

Jian Chen looked at the wolves around him calmly. Slowly bringing up his right hand, he stared towards a nearby tree. In the next moment, the tree suddenly burst into several splinters with Sword Qi infused in it and shot towards the wolves like shooting stars.

Without any resistance, all of the Class 4 Magical Beasts were instantly riddled with holes from the Sword Qi infused wood splinters. Even the Class 5 Magical Beasts had only been able to put up a small amount of resistance before sharing the same fate as the other magical beasts and crying out with loud whimpers.

Within a single moment, a dozen and four Class 4 and 5 Magical Beasts had all been annihilated by Jian Chen. This type of glorious battle prowess was something that Jian Chen would have never been able to accomplish in the past.

Taking in a deep breath of air, Jian Chen finally had a good grasp of how strong he was. Although he had lost his Light Wind Sword and Saint Force, he had gained a new type of ability and the ability to control all six elements. Not only that, but he could wield the azure and violet Sword Qi and even the terrifying ability to control all living things within radius with it. As long as he was closeby, then even the dead would not be able to escape from his control.

From a certain standpoint, Jian Chen’s strength hadn’t decreased at all. On the contrary, it had actually increased. At the very least, his newfound control ability was able to make quick work of a group of Class 5 Magical Beasts.

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