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Tokyo, Japan. In the corner of a high school.

"Please. Stop... Please." The teenage boy buried his head in his arms.

"I told yesterday you to bring me the money. How dare you not follow my order. Go to hell." The taller boy of the group kicked at his stomach.

The boy instantly threw up as he cried in pain.

"Such a disgusting person." A boy with an earring on his left ear spit on him then stepped aside. Another boy in a red shirt kept beating on him.

"He's at it again. Is he high?"

"It seems so."

"That's enough, Nobita. Or do you want to go to the juvenile detention center again?"

Red shirt hesitated then stopped.

"Remember, if you don't bring me the money tomorrow, I will play a more enjoyable game with you."

"He's feinting death again. Let's go to the arcades."

"I'm not going. I still have classes."

"Stop acting like a good student. You're interested in that new female teacher right? Though she does have great curves and a pretty face. We should get an opportunity to play with her some day."

"No problem."

The three boys left as they talked.

The corner returned to its serenity, just like nothing happened. Except for the boy lying on the ground.

After a while, he slowly got up. He took out tissues and wiped away the crap on his face and shirt. Then picked up his bag and quietly walked to class.

He kept his head down as he entered the room to hide his bruises.

As soon as he sat down, someone touched his shoulder from behind. It was Mizato Kazuo.

"Yamamoto's group beat you up again?"

"No, I accidentally fell."

"Stop lying. I can tell from your face. Luckily I paid my protection money a few days ago. Otherwise I'll be in the same boat right now."

"Do you know Awata Rumiko from class 3?" Mizato suddenly closed up on him and said in a low voice.

"The best looking girl in class 3?"

"Right. I think she's just a bitch. I saw her on the street yesterday holding hands with a guy. And you know what happened?"

Masashi was also curious.

"I followed behind them and saw them went into a love hotel. Surprise right? This bitch holds herself aloof normally, no one would have guessed she's such a slut. I freaking want to do her!"

Masashi was surprised but all he could think about was getting the money by tomorrow. That killed any mood he had.

Masashi felt jealous as he looked at Mizato. Mizato's family was rich so he was ok with paying the protection fees. As to him, he only get tiny bit of allowance every month. Even a new game would take a long time to save up for. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but blame his divorced parents.

(If only that ugly sister dies, then I can double my allowance.) This thought scared him and he shook his head vigorously as if to shake the thought away.

"What are you doing?"

"Uh. Nothing, just feeling a little headache."

The school bell rang. The students took out their textbooks and the room quieted down.

"Good morning, students." The female teacher smiled.

"Good morning, Miss Naoko."

Beautiful women had their advantages. Even though she had only been here for not long, her classes were the most popular.

(This is the woman Yamamoto wants to bang?) He recalled their conversation.

(How would she look naked?) Masashi got excited as he stared at her mature body.

(But this is the woman Yamamoto wants, I won't have any chance.)

"Masashi kun, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well?"

"I..." Masashi stood up in a panic when she suddenly called his name.

Miss Naoko noticed something was abnormal with him since the beginning of the class. He kept his head down and looked out of spirits.

"Your face has bruises. What happened?"

"I... I accidentally fell."

"Then be careful next time. Do you want to go to the infirmary?"

"No... No need."


"Really. Thank you sensei." That last line was sincere. No one ever cared about him that much aside from his mother. He regretted the nasty thoughts he just had about Miss Naoko.

Time flew by and it was noon. The students took out their bento.

Masashi waited for quite a while until that bookworm sister of his called his name from the door.

"You're finally here. Do you know how long I've been waiting." Masashi walked over as he suppressed his anger from the hunger.

"You don't have to wait." Hirota Kazumi said with an indifferent tone.

"You..." He grabbed the bento from her hand angrily then walked back to his seat.

"It seems like you sister needs some discipline. Do you want me to give it a try?" Mizato said with a strange tone.

Masashi had seemed his share of AV to know what he meant by discipline.

"No thanks." He replied with that same indifferent tone as his sister.

(Even though I don't like that ugly girl, but she's still my sister.)

"That's a pity."

His head was in a chaos during the rest of his classes. He couldn't think of any place to obtain that money.

(It seems like I have to use my last trick.)

And so, in order to avoid the bullying, Masashi took a week of sick leave. As to what happens after a week, only time will tell.

Even though he tried not to think of school. As the end of the week was getting close, tomorrow was the last day, he no longer had any mood and threw away the controller.

He was getting more irritated the more he thought about it and walked out of his house to relax.

He still didn't know where to go as he walked mindlessly in the streets. In the end, he went to the arcade that he frequented.

Masashi played from noon to evening in the arcade as if to numb himself.

On the way back home, he saw an elderly woman climbing up the hill with a walking stick.

Suddenly, an idea came to his mind.

His heart was beating faster and faster as he looked at this lonely old woman and the dimly lit street.

(Once I succeed, I will have the money to pay the protection money and perhaps extras to build the newest Gundam model.) He licked his lips as his impulse grew.

After a round of internal struggle, his desires overtook him. He ran toward the old woman.