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He wanted to give ReiLi a call but remembered he promised Kazumi to not make any international calls.

Masashi entered a mall and looked around. He went straight to the mobile stall.

"Hello, are you looking to buy a cellphone? We have many of the newest. Please take a look." The sales was pretty enthusiastic.

"Which one's better?"

"What kind of phones are you looking for? This is the newest smartphone with 3G, MP3 capability, camera, internet, and many other functions. And this one is suitable for active people, you can hang it on your ear."

Seeing that Masashi wasn’t looking interested, she took out several other.

Masashi was getting drowsy. He waved his hand and said. "Ok, stop. My requirement is simple, as long as it can make a call. Just pick one for me. Also set everything up. I need to make a call now."

"You want me to pick one? That isn’t too…"

"Faster, I am in a hurry." Masashi was getting impatient.

"Then.. what about this one? It has…"

"Fine, this one." Masashi interrupted her and handed over a credit card.

The saleswoman's expression changed when she saw the credit card. She knew this was a platinum card from Tokyo bank. She didn’t expect this average looking high schooler was so rich, and regretted not picking the most expensive phone.

Masashi didn’t know the bank gave him this kind of card. He disliked showing off like a nouveau.

"Hello, who is this?" ReiLi sounded calm.

"Hei, it's me."

"Shishou, didn’t expect you to call me so fast. You start to miss me? Told you I should have stayed with you for few more days." In the tone of girl complaining.

Masashi laughed. "Stop the bullshit. I have something I need you to do."

"What is it?" ReiLi turned serious.

"Help me find a person. Nagakawa Kyuujirou from Hokkaido. If he's still alive, he should be 70 by now."

"Is he an enemy?"

"No, a friend. I owe him something. It's time to return it."

"Ok, I will send people immediately."

"Oh, I bought a new phone. Call this number if you have anything."

It's twenty years already. Hope he's still alive.

The school had returned to normal. News reporters no longer wait at the entrance. People seemed to have forgotten Yamamoto after three months. Masashi was like a regular student and went to school on time. But he was either reading novels in class or sleeping.

One day, he got woke up by loud noises. The students seemed excited.

"What happened?" He asked the girl next to him.

"Didn’t you hear? We are going to Okinawa for summer trip."


"A day before summer vacation begins. The trip is three days."

Japanese kids had summer and winter vacations and could join this type of trips. But the trip cost 20,000 Yen for each person.

After coming home, Masashi knocked Kazumi's door.

"What's it?"

he handed her 30,000 Yen. "Your class is also going to Okinawa right? This is for the trip."

"Mom give them to you?"

"No, this is from my part time. Don't worry. The money is clean."

"Does mom know?" Kazumi hesitated.

"She doesn’t know about me working part time. I have no use for money anyway. I just want to help with her burden. Promise me, don’t tell her, ok?"

She looked at him with complex feelings. "Ok, but it's too much."

"This rest is your allowance. You are a girl after all." Masashi smiled and left.

Kazumi stared at his back in a daze.

Two days later, the finals grades came out. Masashi was in the middle of the ranking as he expected. And Kazumi was at the top.