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“Oh, that?” Masashi didn’t want to ask again.

Seeing that Masashi wasn’t interested at all, the student couldn’t help be a bit agitated, said: “It’s true, weren’t you at the School Festival of the Pang Mu high school the day before yesterday? That afternoon, when our school had a practice match with them. You should also know that the baseball team of Pang Mu high school is very famous here in Tokyo, that’s why everyone thought that our school’s team would suffer a disastrous defeat, some people even added that they won’t be able to do well and lose 30:0. But, do you know what happened afterwards?” His saliva almost sprayed at Masashi’s face.

For the sake of safety, Masashi hurriedly took a step back.

“Right after a player got injured in the game, the coach of the baseball club sent out a mysterious man wearing a mask on the field. Do you know what happened afterwards? The person unexpectedly hit a homerun. And the ball that hit was even thrown by Pang Mu high school’s ace pitcher. Then afterwards, you certainly can’t believe it, but in the last inning, the fellow had unexpectedly hit a home run out of a ‘ball.’ I saw that scene at that time, I even almost fainted. Now some people said that so long as the person gives one of the two home run balls, they’ll offer  ‎¥10000, especially the last ball, it’s said that the price had now risen to  ‎¥15000.” The student continued delightedly.

“Schoolmate, I want to ask where the other people went,” Masashi said ill-humoredly.

“Oh, excuse me. It’s that, this morning, those newspaper reporters from the sports magazine all flooded over to our baseball team coach saying that they want an interview, and now all the other people went to the school ground.”

“Don’t they need to attend class?” Masashi asked.

“It’s such a big news in the school, so who would even have the mood to attend class. I also just want to go to the school ground to have a look, you might also be caught on camera.”

“Masashi, do you want to go?” Asked another man who came up to him.

“I don’t, thank you.”

“Then we’ll go first, bye.” Then, the two students went out of the classroom.

He couldn’t think that the two balls could create such ruckus, and had even unexpectedly brought in the sports reporters, this was entirely contrary to what Masashi thought would happen. It seems like he had underestimated the Japanese’s passion for baseball too much.

“That kid Rumi, isn’t she usually the one that eats here the most punctual?” On the rooftop, Masashi asked Kazumi.

“Today, reporters are interviewing the baseball club so that she might come a little later,” Kazumi replied.

“While she’s away, I have something to tell you. Remember, please don’t sell me out. Otherwise, I’ll die a miserable death.” Masashi received a cup of tea from Kazumi and said to her.

“I really don’t understand, others are mad to become famous, but you don’t, and not only do you now want to be famous, but you also think of it as a bad thing and even afraid of being known. Brother, I find that you really are weird,” Kazumi said with a smile.

“Listen, fame portends to trouble, you think that becoming famous is a good thing? You take a look at these celebrities, it’s big when they get married and have children, but slightly after arriving at the hospital, they’ll see that they have hemorrhoids, staring at it rigidly. Although it’s impossible to be like them, but being known as a monster in the school, wouldn’t be a pleasant thing. So, you have to help me keep it a secret.”

“Brother, you’re quite disgusting.” Ridiculed Kazumi while hitting him.

They waited for a while and saw Rumi hastily running towards them.

“I’m sorry, I just had an interview in the baseball club, so I’m late.” Rumi apologized while gasping.

“We already know, come and sit down quickly. In fact, we didn’t wait too long.” Kazumi with a smile pulled her to sit down.

“Ah, it seems like our little girl had become a celebrity,” Masashi said with a smile.

“In fact, the people there, and the reporters only wanted to interview the ‘Masked Rider.’” Rumi said as she takes a sip of tea.

“Masked Rider? What do you mean? Masashi asked.

Rumi couldn’t help but laugh while covering her mouth, “It was because the person during the high school practice session with Pang Mu school hit two home runs, but because he was wearing a mask, no one had seen his face, so we called him that. Oh, good laugh.”

Really poor taste in giving a nickname, at that time some people had already started calling his nickname in the game, can’t believe that such thing would be quickly known by everyone.

“I really don’t understand, it was just a practice match, so why be so nervous? Now even reporters are attracted, making such a big fuss over such a small matter.” Masashi said with a sigh.

“But senior, it wasn’t just a home run, but two home runs, such a thing even in professional games would be very difficult to see. If it wasn’t a practice, but an official game, in that same situation, we would have proceeded to the next round. I have a feeling, that person might make another home run again, because he had made a home run out of such an obvious ‘ball’. So I believe that he can certainly do it again.” Rumi excitedly reminded them, almost spitting on Masashi like his classmate this morning.

“You’re very powerful, you might even get food into my face,” Masashi said with a smile.

“I hate you senior.” Rumi blushed.

“Rumi, if you go on like this, someone might feel really embarrassed.” Kazumi unintentionally looked at him.

“what do you mean?” The baseball girl didn’t understand her.

Staring at Kazumi with one eye, Masashi quickly changed the subject and asked Rumi: “Does the reporter have an interview with the odd person?” Thinking that he actually said that he was an odd person, Masashi’s heart burst as he forced a smile.

“No, we couldn’t find him. After the man hit the last home run, he mysteriously disappeared, we couldn’t find him for such a long time now, the worst thing is that not only coach Hisayama, but even the principal is pursuing this important person, the reporters also asked about the ‘Masked Rider’. But I don’t know why, coach Hisayama wouldn’t say anything.”

Masashi smiled, he wasn’t reluctant to not say anything, but just simply pretended that he didn’t know. Before that day when he went on the field with his false name, it can be said that the coach didn’t know anything about him. But the old guy was also quite interesting, to actually let an unknown person like him play. If that day was an official game, Hisayama coach probably wouldn’t have the guts to do he same thing.

“It’s very strange, I thought that person looked a little familiar, as if I’ve seen him before.” Rumi suddenly said.

“Oh, today’s fish is good, I think I’ll have some again tomorrow, Rumi, what do you want to eat tomorrow?” Masashi said with a dry cough.

“I want to eat shrimp roll. Kazumi, please make some shrimp roll tomorrow.” Rumi begged.

“Okay.” Kazumi complied, then looked at Masashi with a faint smile.

Seeing that he had finally successfully diverted Rumi’s attention, Masashi secretly relaxed.

It seems like this simple-minded person has a keen intuition. At that time afraid of being recognized by others, he had intentionally avoided making contact with anyone, but he didn’t think that he would get recognized by this little rascal.