Пробуждение - глава 102:

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At the decorated ceremony hall, there was a big flower wall behind the altar, and in the middle of the altar, a picture of an old man with eyes shining brightly was displayed. Unaware that this kind of picture would be used after he passed away. A dark-colored coffin was also placed not far away from the altar.

On both sides of the hall, there was a monk chanting.

People stood inside the hall, as they burn joss sticks in front of the altar in an orderly manner, paying respect to the deceased remains after his death.

It was now Masashi’s family’s turn to go, the first to go was Rumiko who very respectfully burned an incense and bowed in front of the coffin before leaving. Kazumi had an indifferent expression, even after burning an incense, then turned around and without looking back got out of the way.

It was now Masashi’s turn, during which he had been smiling bitterly in his heart. To be really unlucky enough, in less than two months, he was already attending another funeral for the third time.

After burning an incense, they looked at the strange yet impressive photo. Rumiko’s so-called family elder that she couldn’t forget, she remembered him saying: don’t bother to see me out.

Not long after returning to their spot and sat down, a sudden small uproar resounded in the hall.

The source of the unrest was because of a woman, a very beautiful woman.

“That woman really is shameless, even daring to come here.”

“I heard that Uncle Totaro left her a lot of property in his will. This time, she finally got her wish.”

“What? She’s just a mistress, my uncle actually gave her property? He really was old and confused.”

“I heard that she has other men out there. What a slut.”

People whispered curses of the woman, and in the eyes of men she was hot, a more than 30 years old sexy woman that they haven’t heard before, the woman went to the front of the altar, and then stared at the coffin of the elder for a long time.

Although she wore a simple plain black skirt that goes up to her knee, a coat, and an ordinary white shirt, which couldn’t cover up every portion of her graceful, sexy stature, made many men unable to bear but fiercely swallow their own saliva.

Coupled with her mistress status, and unknown identity, many men still had the idea of stealing the woman. But seeing the family member of the dead, they felt a little awkward.

After gazing at the coffin for several minutes, that woman lowered her head and calmly left the mourning hall.

Along with her departure, the mourning hall gradually became tranquil, only those men who cover her beauty had a kind of regret as they drooled signifying their desire for her.

After the funeral ended, Gennai Totaro’s family was holding his picture, and then left towards the crematory along with the picture and the coffin.

Along with their departures, other people present also slowly diverged.

“Aunt, do you want to go back?” Rumiko’s niece that was a university student came over and asked.

“Yes, Ryoko,” Rumiko said.

“Don’t go back so quickly, hang out with us.” Kurata Ryoko said.

“No, you young people go hang out, I want to go home and rest,” Rumiko said with a smile.

“Since you don’t want to go, then let cousin Masashi accompany us, I haven’t seen cousin Masashi for a very long time, so I would like to hang out with him.”

This kind of thing, Masashi accompanying them is good, “go somewhere just don’t hang out too late.” Rumiko turned around and looked at him.

“Kazumi you go too.” Masashi helplessly took off his black suit and handed it over to Rumiko.

After glancing at Ryoko, Kazumi shook her head and said: “Rumi may be afraid to be home alone, so I’ll go back and accompany her.”

“Well, if something happens, then give me a call,” Masashi said.

“Auntie, you don’t have to make dinner for Masashi, we’ll eat outside.” Kurata Ryoko nearby interjected and added a line.

“Come on, cousin Masashi.” After they left behind Rumiko, Kurata Ryoko smiled at Masashi and said.

“If you can, please call me by my name only,” Masashi said dismissively.

The most annoying part in reincarnating into a kid’s body was to act like other people’s grandson.

“Oh Masashi, you’ve changed a lot, if not for Aunt introducing you, I almost wouldn’t have recognized you.” Kurata Ryoko was still not able to connect the teenager with the previous Hirota Masashi together.

“I don’t see any difference. He’s just taller than before.” Masashi’s current older cousin Nishino Nagason said. He didn’t understand, why Kurata Ryoko must call this fellow.

“Cousin Kurata, where are we going now?” Nishino Nagason’s younger brother Nishino Choshi asked Kurata Ryoko.

“I want to go to Harajuku, Hiromi, where do you want to go?”

“I actually, haven’t been in Harajuku for a long time, so I also want to have a look there. But before going, I want to go home and change first.” Masashi’s younger female cousin Yasukawa Hiromi said.

“Well, whoever want to go home and change can go, but must come at a table in Café de Flore before 2:00, we won’t wait for anyone that comes late,” Kurata said with a leader-like tone.

“Café de Flore? I heard that place is very expensive, before reaching to an agreement, I have to tell you that my allowance is running out this month, but if someone will pay, then that’s a different story.” Yasukawa Hiromi said with a grin.

“Sly little rascal, that’s the most I can treat you.” Kurata Ryoko said ill-humoredly.

“Then thank you.” Yasukawa Hiromi somewhat proudly said.

“The old rules, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend you can also come and bring them. The more people, the livelier it is.” Kurata Ryoko added.

“This is what you said, I just recently met a nice guy. Don’t snatch him from me when I bring him.” Yasukawa Hiromi blinked as she said to her elder sister.

“Yawn, my eyes might not like what you like. I’ve been waiting since university to find out what kind of man you have.” Kurata Ryoko said with a shrug.

“To be so arrogant, in a while bring your boyfriend so we can have a look.” Yasukawa Hiromi a little unconvinced said.

Kurata Ryoko’s face turned red, and argued back: “Do you see me as a kind of immoral girl? A lot of boys chase me, but it’s only natural for me to slowly choose a capable man. What’s the rush, in any case, I get a capable man that’s first rate.”

Yasukawa Hiromi revealed a disdainful smile, while the two Nishino brothers also smile. Seeing this made Kurata Ryoko angry.

“Masashi, don’t you want to go back and change clothes?” After the three left, Kurata Ryoko looked at Masashi and said.

“Don’t need to, this should be fine,” Masashi said.

“Good, you go to the cafe first, wait for us there, I’ll quickly catch up.” With that, she reached out for a taxi and left.

Truly have enough of being bored, Masashi yawned and also called out for a taxi.