Chapter - 104: Ballroom
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Nishino Nagason led the several people to a large ballroom.

Under the loud echo of the music, even if you want to say a word, you have to shout. Seeing Masashi didn’t seem to like the environment here, Kurata Ryoko specifically looked for a less noisy spot.

“What do guys want?” Not long after they sat down, a sexy bunny girl came over and asked.

Nishino two brothers looked at each other for a long time then Nishino Choshi said to that bunny girl: “Bring a dozen beer and some snacks, and also a bottle of liquor.”

Masashi took a look at the two men’s expression and knew their intentions, he suddenly said to the bunny girl who was about to walk away: “Trouble you to take two glass of orange juice.”

Hearing Masashi ordered juice, Nishino Choshi laughed for a long time, “Does cousin Masashi only drink juice?”

Masashi watched them lightly, “The juice is for Aiko and Asami. In this place, it’s better for them not to get drunk.”

Hearing Masashi’s words, Nishino brothers’ complexion changed. Nishino Nagason viciously stared at him.

Feeling the unfriendly aura from Nishino brothers, Kurata Ryoko immediately said to smooth things over: “We went out to dance so we come to the ballroom, how come we don’t go dancing?” With that, she pulled Nishino Nagason to stand up.

“Aiko, Asami, let’s go dancing.” Nishino Choshi said to the two girls.

“Sorry, I just want to sit down,” Aiko said dryly.

“Kid, since we’ve already in the ballroom, why don’t you go and play, if somethings happen, immediately call me,” Masashi said to Aiko.

“Yes, come on, dance. It’s fun with many people around.” Nishino Choshi thought this was the best sentence coming out of Masashi’s mouth this long day.

Thinking to herself, ‘it wouldn’t look good if I don’t go dance,’ plus the slightly encouraging look from Masashi, Aiko slowly stood up.

Once all of them walked away, Masashi opened the bottle of liquor. After he poured himself a cup, he calmly sipped as he stared at the dance floor.

A youth calmly sat in the noisy Ballroom sipping liquor. With looking into the past gaze, he was like a solitary being in the world. But the youth enjoyed this everyone is drunk I am sober kind of feeling.

“Young man, can you buy me a drink?” Unfortunately, not long after, a cutesy voice destroyed the youth’s reverie.

Turned his head to look at the source of that voice, the somewhat pretty woman, the youth said dismissively: “Sorry, I’m with other people.”

The woman wanted to say a word, but when she saw the youth’s eyes, the words stuck in her throat.

After that, she tactfully walked away. The youth withdrew his eyes and continued to drink the liquor.

“Gennai, what’s with that woman?” Not long after the woman left, Aiko hurriedly ran back. Followed behind her Asami and the Nishino brothers.

Just saw a pretty woman arrived at his side, Aiko’s heart immediately anxious and almost jumped out.

“Nothing, just passing through. Why back so soon?” Masashi put the glass down and asked.

“Humph, I’m afraid if I don’t come back, you will be taken away by those vixens.” Aiko frowned and said.

“Don’t worry, a vixen only likes a handsome guy, they would never take a glance at me.” Masashi self-deprecatingly said.

“In any case, I don’t care, tonight I want to see you.” Aiko pouted her mouth and sat beside him.

Masashi silently smiled and continued to raise his glass to drink.

Seeing Aiko tightly clung to him, Nishino brother can only look at Masashi with resentment.

Soon, everyone came back. Everybody sipped their beer while talking about amusing thing from their school. Because Kurata Ryoko was the only university student on the scene, she has the most interesting and funny story to talk about, in the end, everyone listened to her with great interest.

“You guys look, that’s the woman from the funeral.” When people were happily chatting Kangchuan Hiromi, all of a sudden said a sentence.

“Which woman?” Her boyfriend asked somewhat confused.

At this time, the five people who attended the funeral already knew the said woman. The mistress of the deceased man Gennai Totaro.

She was drinking liquor in the dark corner. Beside her sat two men approximately thirty years of age. They were constantly pouring liquor and talking to her as if they were old acquaintances.

“That woman is really a **, today attended her lover’s funeral, but now already ganged up with other men.” Kangchuan Hiromi sneered.

“Never thought to see her here, looks like she was about to drunk.” Kurata Ryoko said.

“Don’t mind her, we rarely come out to play, I don’t want to feel disappointed.” Kangchuan Hiromi poured a glass of beer and said.

Suddenly, Kurata Ryoko saw Masashi stood up.

“Masashi, where do you want to go, the bathroom?” Kurata Ryoko asked.

Masashi didn’t answer her question, but lightly said something, “Someone would wear a funeral dress to seduce men in the Ballroom?” Then, under the crowd puzzled eyes, he went to the location of that woman.

“What do you want?” Suddenly being approach by a student, one of the men looked up and asked.

“This woman is my Aunt, I’ve come to take her home.”

“What a joke, you think we’ll believe your nonsense? This woman is a friend of ours, I’m not going to let you take her away.” Another man said with a sneer.

“So you guys are friends right, good, then do you know what’s her name? If you say the words, I’ll immediately leave.” Masashi languidly said.

The two men suddenly speechless, the man became angry out of shame, stood up and loudly said: “Boy, this has nothing to do with you, quickly get the hell out of here.”

The other man saw this, immediately stood up, ready to make the move.

“What to do, it looks like they want to hit Masashi, we’ll have to go there immediately.” Kurata Ryoko stood and said.

“I….,not our problem, he brought this to himself.” Seeing the tall stature of the two men, Nishino Nagason sheepishly said.

“But after all, he is our cousin.” Kurata Ryoko glared at him and looked at the others.

But to her disappointment, Nishino Choshi, Kangchuan Hiromi, and her boyfriend showed the same timid look.

“A group of waste.” Kurata Ryoko swore in her heart and then rushed toward Masashi.

When she has just taken a step, she suddenly discovered two more people by her side. Unexpectedly, they were Aiko and Asami the two girls.

Suddenly she felt very touched, but no time to think continued to run toward Masashi.

But before she arrived at her destination, she suddenly heard the two men respective muffled sound falling on the chair, unable to move, and then they saw Masashi held that woman up.

‘What just happened?’ Kurata Ryoko completely confused about the situation.

But the two girls beside her knew the two men were beaten by Masashi.

“Oh, you’re here? Just in time, help me hold her, but be careful she throws up on you.” Masashi saw the three people came running, dryly said.

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