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“Nagakawa Rumi, come over here.” Masashi said in a serious tone.

“This is the katana your grandfather left to my shishou back then, ‘Nine Souls’. Since Nagakawa is not here anymore, I am handing it over to you. Please take good care of it.”

Rumi opened the box and stared at the katana.

Masashi walked over to Watanabe and handed him a piece of paper. “This is my contact information. Let me know if you have any problem. I will do what I can to help.”

“I understand.”

“Hirota-san. I have a request.” Rumi suddenly said.

“Say it.”

“I wish to have a match with you. Grandfather said that he could never surpass Rei Yin senpai in his life. I want to have a match with Rei Yin senpai’s disciple in his place.”

“Ok.” Masashi nodded.

“Please follow me.” Rumi brought him to the training lobby.

The students emptied the place since it was rare to see an outsider competing.

“This is your kendo armor and bamboo sword.”

Masashi took the sword but not the armor.

“I don’t wear this kind of things.”

The audiences were enraged.

“Who’s this brat, acting so full of himself.”

“Let me give him a lesson.”

“All of you shut up.” Watanabe shouted.

Masashi said to Rumi who was biting her lips. “I am not looking down at you, but I am just not used to wearing this thing. It will obstruct my actions if I have to wear it.”

“Even though it’s just a bamboo sword, but you will still get injured if you get hit.” Rumi calmed down after hearing his explanation.

“Give it a try first, ok?” Masashi smiled.

Rumi clenched her teeth. “To be fair, I also won’t wear armors then.”

“I couldn’t use any force if you don’t wear armors. What’s the point of the match then.” Masashi frowned.

Everyone felt that Masashi suddenly changed. He was exerting an indescribable pressure.

Rumi looked at Watanabe and saw him nodded.

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” She bowed and went into a stance.

Masashi nodded and stood there casually.

This person was giving her a profound feeling. If it wasn’t for that face, she couldn’t believe he was a high school student.

After a long standoff, Rumi finally moved.

When the sword was inches away from his head, she got nervous. Maybe he couldn’t dodge?

Then suddenly, she felt an impact on her chest then flew backward.

“Ah!” Everyone cried in disbelief.

No one saw how he swung the sword. Everything just happened in an instant.

Watanabe helped Rumi up. She was also in disbelief when she took of her helmet.

“Are you alright? Do you want to try again?” Masashi looked at her.

“Yes, of course.” Rumi looked excited.

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” She immediately stabbed at his throat.

Masashi casually blocked the sword then countered from a weird angle.

Pah! The sword dropped from Rumi’s hand.

She stared at her right hand that got hit and said. “I lost.”

“Pick up your sword.” Masashi said calmly.

“Yes.” Rumi started another round of attacks.

The students were engrossed as the match went on.

They had never seen this kind of kendo. Every hit looked so casual yet the movements were so smooth and aimed at critical spots.

No matter how much Rumi tried to defend, she would get hit within two or three attacks.

Masashi’s attacks were not fast like the first one. It was like he was instructing Rumi.

After a long time, Rumi could no longer hold it and dropped to the floor in one knee.

“Do you want to continue?” Masashi helped her up.

She took off the helmet with her shaking hands and said. “Thank you for your guidance.”

“Very good, you live up as Nagakawa’s granddaughter.” Masashi smiled.

“That’s too flattering.” Rumi blushed.

“I am saying the truth. It’s not easy to reach this level with your age.”

Everyone felt a shiver. Then what about you?

However, Rumi felt happy hearing that.

“Anyone else want to try?” Masashi suddenly felt interested.

But no one said anything. Even though Rumi was still young, she was trained by the old Nagakawa from a young age. No one other than Watanabe could match her in this dojou.

Noticing that Watanabe wanted to say something, Masashi gestured him to stop.

After coming out of the lobby, he said. “If you want a match, we will have it tonight.”

Watanabe knew his intention. He didn’t want to have a match in front of the students, since losing will drop his reputation.

He looked at Masashi gratefully. He knew that he had no chance in winning.