Пробуждение - глава 16:

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After dinner, the three of them came back to the lobby.

All the students left and the servants were also sent away.

“Hirota-san. Are you sure you don’t need armors?” Watanabe asked again.

“My reason is the same as in the afternoon. It’s not looking down at my opponent. Let us get started.”

Watanabe didn’t insist. He bowed and held the sword with a serious expression.

Rumi was also looking at the two of them in excitement. She didn’t want to miss anything.

Watanabe felt that Masashi changed. It was like he couldn’t sense his existence.

This was a strange feeling. He could see Masashi standing there but couldn’t sense anything human in front.

Is he a spirit? Watanabe thought.

There was no use waiting. He shouted then charged at Masashi.

The sword approached him in slow motion in Masashi’s eyes. He could see every detail of his opponent, the breathing, compression of muscles, enlargement of the pupils…

Wu-dao was something to keep him sane in his endless life.

Masashi himself didn’t know how strong he became after a thousand years of accumulation.

He never fought to his full extent because there was no opponent.

In some sense, it was unfair for him to have any match, unless the other person is in the same condition as him.

At this stage of wu-dao, breakthrough in the mental states was more important than the physical body. He merged himself with the environment so Watanabe couldn’t sense his existence. He could grasp everything happening around him at this state.

When the sword was only a few inches away, Masashi moved.

Watanabe felt that he saw a flash of light then he flew back.

For a moment, he was in disbelief. Rumi was also shocked and finally knew how she was defeated in the first round.

It was too fast. She couldn’t see anything. The sword was like there the whole time and Watanabe ran up to it himself.

This kind of technique was beyond human knowledge. Rumi finally understood what his grandfather said by unable to surpass.

“Hirota-san, I lost.” Watanabe said respectfully.

“Not trying anymore?”

“There’s no need. I am thankful that you showed me kendo can reach such a level. There’s no regret in my life.”

“Don’t talk like you are an old man. You’re still in your forties.” Masashi smiled bitterly. It seemed like he went overboard.

“I can’t imagine Rei Yin senpai’s state when you are already so powerful.”

“What state can he be in, that old man died ten years ago.”

“What? Rei Yin senpai had already left?”

“I never told you?”

Watanabe and Rumi shook their heads.

“Oh, sorry. I accidentally forgot.”