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Katsutoshi threw up twice on the way back to the hotel. Masashi would have thrown him on the streets if he wasn't their father.

Katsutoshi came to his senses for a bit after Masashi put a warm towel on his face.

"Who… are you? I seem to have seen you before."

Masashi laughed coldly. Such a good father that couldn't even recognize his son.

"Did you forget? I bought you a drink in the bar."

"Oh, is that so. Thank you. You are a nice person."

"There seems to be something troubling you. Want to talk to someone?"

"How… can I.. have anything… troubling… I am so happy… Haha…" Katsutoshi laughed.

"So there's really something troubling. You can try and say it out. It will make you feel better."


"Yes, of course. Because I have tried it. Just say it and you will feel better." Masashi slowed down his tone.

"But…but I can't… say it." Katsutoshi was struggling.

"Why not. Just say it. You will no longer feel troubled. There is no one else here. No one will hear what you said." His voice sounded charming.


"Don't worry. No one will hear it."

"I… I deeply regret…"

"Right, continue. Slowly."

"I… I did something sorry to my… daughter… My wife separated with me because of this…"

After half an hour of broken description, Masashi learned the truth from this man.

For a moment, he wanted to kill him.

"I… I really didn't want to. I didn't… I don't know what happened to me on that day. I really didn't want to…" He kept repeating this line.

Masashi smiled coldly as he looked at the man. "Don't worry. I will help you atone for the sin."

Kazumi looked at the clock after she woke up. It was already 2AM. She fell asleep during her crying.

After she left the room, she saw the living room had been cleaned and a note on the table. "There's food in the kitchen."

Kazumi felt a bit of warmth within.

I said something terrible to him today. She felt a little bad and ran to Masashi's room. Then she heard a voice through the door.

"Is it Akamatsu Ryuichiro? I am Masashi."

"I want you to take care of a person, Hirota Katsutoshi. Male, in his forties. Go search for the rest of his details yourself."

"Don't kill him. Don't beat him. I just want you to castrate him. I want him to become the last eunuch of Japan. Don't leave any traces, I don't want any trouble."

"Thank you in advance." Masashi hung up the phone.

Kazumi's heart was beating very fast as she heard it. She had never seen this side of Masashi. And it looked like he had already learned of everything. Did mom tell him?

Then he heard Masashi made another call.

"Mom? I am Masashi. Sorry to bother you so late."

"Mom, let's divorce that man. Japanese law allows a couple to divorce after living apart for two years."

"Mom, don't lie. I know everything."

A long moment of silence.

"Don't worry. That beast didn't come to us. Kazumi told me."

"Mom, don't cry. I will take good care of Kazumi. I won't let her get hurt again."

"We will use your surname after the divorce. I don't want that man's name."

"Mom, we will be by your side no matter what happens."

"Take care. I know, we will take good care of ourselves."

"I am hanging up. Bye."

The room was silent again.

After some hesitation, Kazumi knocked on the door.

"Come in."

"Kazumi, you are still awake so late?"

Kazumi didn't respond and just looked at him.

"You must be hungry. I will go reheat the food." Masashi thought she was still angry.

Kazumi suddenly ran over and hugged him, then buried her head in his chest and began crying.

Masashi didn't say anything and just stroke her hair.

"Thank you, nii-san."

This was the first time Masashi heard her call him by this. He smiled. "Baka, you're my sister. You should be hungry. Let's go eat first, ok?"

She nodded.

Masashi went to the kitchen and reheated the food. Kazumi stood behind him quietly and watched.