Пробуждение - глава 21:
Another Sister

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Watching the back of Kazumi, Masashi showed a warm smile.

Since that day, Kazumi began to increasingly dependent on Masashi and her expression became more lively. Occasionally, she would act like a spoiled child. Another time, she would crack a joke. But that change only happen in front of Masashi. In the eyes of others, her expression was still cold and detached.

However, this is a very good start. Masashi believes she will one day opened her mind to freely talk and laugh like a normal girl.

“Oh, it seems like your siblings’ relationship are superb.” When Masashi was having lunch, a voice came from the side.

When Masashi turned to look, it was Mizato Kazuo.

Masashi didn’t want to talk to him, so, he lowered his head and continued to eat.

Seeing Masashi just ignored him, Mizato Kazuo became angry.

Six months ago, when Masashi chased after a robber and was hailed as a hero, his heart was getting a little unbalanced. He could not accept such a nobody like Masashi became the center of attention.

And now, after knowing that Nagakawa Rumi came looking for Masashi, there is a hate and jealousy toward Masashi in his heart. Though Masashi told others that he and Nagakawa Rumi were just friends, that Kendo girl’s manner was extremely respectful toward Masashi, and anyone can see that their relationship is not simple.

“Hirota Masashi, no, it should be Gennai Masashi. Can you tell me how you train your sister to be so well-behaved?” Mizato Kazuo wretchedly smiled. He also specifically accentuated the word “train.”

As soon as he finished, he suddenly saw Masashi, as if appeared out of nowhere, stood before him and then, a hand suddenly grabbed him by the collar. “Bang!” His whole body was pushed against the wall. Mizato Kazuo’s pain made him unable to speak. As if being downed by hundreds of pounds of heavy objects in the chest, he has difficulty in breathing.

“I’m warning you, don’t make fun of my sister.” Like trading off a new personality, Masashi oozed out a suffocating murderous aura from all over his body.

For the first time, seeing the look in Masashi’s eyes, Mizato Kazuo unexpectedly unable to control his legs.

After Masashi had loosened his collar, Mizato Kazuo’s legs became weak, and his whole body fell to the ground.

“Leave.” Masashi’s word was like a cold that penetrated into the bone.

Mizato Kazuo, as if he had seen a ghost, stumbled from the ground to get out of the classroom.

When everyone was looking at Masashi with an appalled look, Masashi, as if nothing happened, returned to his seat and continued to eat his lunch.

After school, Masashi found that Rumi was waiting for him at the school gate.

Masashi introduced her and his sister, “Rumi, this is my sister Gennai Kazumi, and she is the friend from Hokkaido that I told you about, Nagakawa Rumi. She now attended this high school. Since she is a first grader, she can be considered as your junior.”

“Hello, miss Gennai, please give advise to this junior.” Rumi bowed and greeted Kazumi.

“You’re called Rumi, right? Please give me advise. Later on, you can just call me Kazumi.” Kazumi returned the courtesy.

“Enough, you two, stop with the bowing. Let’s go back. The sky is almost dark.” Masashi, who stood by the side, unable to put up with it longer.

Kazumi suddenly approached him and whispered, “Brother, are you going to swindle this pretty girl?”

“You, this fellow!” Masashi scoffed and knocked her on the head.

“You always bully other people, hateful.” The present Kazumi was like a 16-year-old teenage girl.

When they arrived at home, Kazumi started to prepare the food. Rumi immediately insisted on helping her. Without any better option, Kazumi allowed her to help.

Perhaps because Rumi was clever and straightforward, Kazumi unexpectedly got along well with her, not like the usual cold treatment that she gave to a stranger. The two girls were laughing in the kitchen, busy and happy.

After the meal, before Kazumi even move, Rumi, on her own initiative, started to clean up the dishes. Kazumi has no other choice but to cut the fruit.

“Although I don’t want to say it, this girl is really good. Merely I still can’t reconcile that my brother is not my own anymore.” Kazumi said with a faint smile.

“She is not who you think she is. She is the granddaughter of one of my elders. In order to practice Kendo, she came here alone from Hokkaido. You should also be able to see that she is actually a very simple girl. Thereafter, you will have to help take care of her, ok?”

“Um, I know. Actually, I also like her.” Kazumi knew that Masashi has a lot of secrets. Therefore, she did not ask Masashi about who that elder is. As long as she knows that Masashi is sincere toward her, she couldn’t care less about his secrets.

When the time at Masashi’s house reached 09:00 PM, Rumi wanted to go back. Thus, Masashi will naturally send her home.

After walking for about ten minutes or so, they have arrived at Rumi’s place. Masashi took a look at the surrounding environment. The lights and the people were abundant enough, so, security should not be a problem.

“Senior, thank you for sending me back, and thank you for your hospitality.” Before entering the house, Rumi gave her thanks to Masashi.

“You, were too overly courteous. Later on, you should visit my house often, it was hard to come by for Kazumi to also like you.”

“I know, senior. Do you want to come in and sit? I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

“Next time; I want to sleep early. If somethings happen, remember to give me a call.”

“Good night, senior.”

After saying his farewell with Rumi, Masashi took a moonlight walk back to home.

After few days in a row, Masashi, taking advantage of the holiday on Sunday, came to visit teacher Naoko’s apartment.

After knocking the door several times, the door was opened by Hasebe Aiko, teacher Naoko’s sister.

“It’s you! Long time no see, how have you been?” Seeing Masashi, Aiko looked very happy.

“I came here looking for teacher Naoko. I heard that she resigned, so I wanted to come and see her.”

“My sister went to Nagoya, didn’t she tell you?”

“She changed job?”

“Sort of. My grandmother opened an antique shop in Nagoya. My sister had to help her look after the shop. I also can’t understand why my sister has to go to that kind of vintage shop. If it were me, that would make me bored to death.”

‘It turned out to be like this.’ Masashi was relieved.

“You’re saying, you now lived here by yourself?”

“Yes, what do you think? It’s cool, right?” Then she put out a victory sign.

“Then how do you manage your food?”

“This is not a problem. Before leaving, my sister has invited an aunt on my behalf. She would come everyday to clean and cook.”

“No wonder, I also felt strange that teacher Naoko would leave you to fend for yourself. Well then, since everything were alright, I should be going now.

“Don’t go. Since you’re here, why don’t you come in and accompany me to play games? I’m suffocated alone in here.”

After saying that, just like the last time, before he could speak, she has pulled him inside.

Masashi has no choice but to sit down and accompany her to play.