Пробуждение - глава 22:
Third Party

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The game was not long as they heard the doorbell ring. Aiko paused the game to answer the door.

“Tired of waiting for you guys to come,” Aiko said.

“This guy walks too slowly.”

“Asami, I waited for you for half an hour in your home.”

“If I knew it was hot outside I wouldn’t have come.”

The four that came in was the same age as Aiko, three girls, and a guy that Masashi encountered in the past when he was eating at the restaurant with Naoko-sensei before, Yusuke Asakura.

“Who is he?” seeing Masashi, a girl whispered to Aiko

Aiko didn’t answer. Yusuke was the first to speak: “You’re Masashi, Masashi Hirota, right?”

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, I’ve changed my name, and I am now Gennai Masashi,” Masashi said disdainfully.

“Oh this,” Yusuke scratched his head a little overwhelmed.

“Aiko are they your schoolmates?” Masashi lent a hand and helped him out.

“I would like to introduce you guys. He is my sister’s former student, called Gennai Masashi, not Hiroto. This is Asami, Ryoko, Ai, Yusuke you knew that was needless to say.

“Hello, my name is Gennai Masashi.”

“Gennai sempai, pleased to meet you.” Several well-educated girl, almost simultaneously greeted him and said hello.

“Pleased to meet you.” Masashi wasn’t too used to the Japanese culture.

“Aiko, since your classmates are here, I’ll take my leave.”

“You stay for a little longer, at least until the game is finished, OK?” Aiko begged.

“Next time don’t play games all day like a kid.”

“Nasty guy.”

“No need to send me off, bye.” Schoolmates of Aiko nodded as Masashi walked towards the door.

“Next time remember to come here,” Aiko said.

“Call me if something happens. Do you know my phone number?” Masashi said as he puts on his shoes.

“Wait, I’ll go get a pen and paper,” Aiko then went to get something.

After waiting for Aiko to get back with a pen and paper, she wrote Masashi’s phone number before she went back.

“Aiko, is he your boyfriend?” Asami excitedly asked Aiko.

Yusuke’s face immediately changed, while nervously looking at Aiko.

“Crazy, I told you he was just my sister’s student.”

“Really? But it seems that your relationship is not that simple,” she added with an odd smile on her.

“It’s not what you think.”

“Aiko, be honest.”

“Irritating me …….” Aiko softly fell on the sofa.

Hearing their conversation, Yusuke’s face constantly change from a loose to tight expression.

The other girl, Ai didn’t join the topic and muttered: “his named Gennai Masashi.”


“Rumi, how did you know my brother?” Asked Kazumi while cooking with Rumi.

Rumi remembered the scene at that time and said: “Two months ago, my family opened a kendo dojo in Hokkaido, that day I was training in the dojo when Watanabe nii-san called someone to look for me. I forgot to tell you Watanabe nii-san is my grandfather’s main disciple. Ever since my grandpa dies, the responsibility of teaching the disciples in the dojo fell on him. That was the day I first met senior.”

“Did he come to see you?”

“He didn’t. He came as the disciple of Rei Yin senior to give back my grandfather’s katana ‘nine souls’ back to my family.”

“Rei Yin senior? What kind of person was he?”

“You didn’t know? He is senior’s master.” Rumi looked at Kazumi in astonishment.

Kazumi thought for a moment and said, “What Happened afterwards?”

“At that time I didn’t know the senior was the disciple of Rei Yin senior, so I asked senior for a match. The result was a complete defeat. I had no ability to fight back. Even Watanabe nii-san was defeated in one move by senior. Because of this, I begged my father to transfer me here hoping to learn kendo from senior.”

“Kendo? Brother is getting more and more mysterious.” Kazumi shook her head.


In Manhattan, inside a 30-storey commercial building at the top floor, lies a few well-dressed man sitting in a meeting room listening to a man wearing a black suit reporting something important.
After reporting the man sits at the conference table the first to speak was a middle-aged man: “so you’re saying that you still don’t know why Rei Li and Changan frequently go to Japan.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And what do you think of this?” The middle-aged man said to the other people.

Then a tall blond Youth stood up and said: “Mr. Jin, as long as they’re not on our site we don’t need to even bother trying to guess their intentions. After all, we’re far away from Japan, as long as we continue to send people, we’ll be able to monitor it.”

“Well, this one here can’t leave it like this.” A fat middle-aged man sneered.

“Yes this matter, we can’t just let go. Black Dragon forces have been getting bigger and bigger, even swallowing up several gangs which are not good news for us. If they together with the gang in Japan then, the Golden Triangle’s heroin that’s sold in Asia would be a severe blow. After all, Japan is the place where heroin is sold the most in Asia.” A man dressed like a gentleman said.

“It’s not going to be easy to join the other gangs in Japan, we have the possibility of cooperation in Japan during that time, have you not found the gang that Black Dragon meets in Japan?”

“No, we didn’t find them in contact with other gangs.” Said the man that reported a while ago.

“Not found or can’t find?”

“Mr. Marin, what do you mean by that? Do you doubt the competence of our intelligence group?” The blonde youth spoke angrily at the obese fellow.

“I’m not saying more than just a few. Who dares to doubt second young master’s ability?”

“You…..” The blonde youth madly gripped his two hands. This pig knew perfectly well that he mostly dislike the name the pig specially mentioned.

“Restrain yourself. We’re in a meeting right now.”

Seeing the two Mr. Jin spoke making the two cease fire.

“Lawrence you send someone to continue monitoring Black Dragon, also, investigate carefully the reason for Rei Li’s contact with a high-school student. When you got the information, immediately report to me.”

“I’ll do it Mr. Jin,” The blonde youth said respectfully.

“It’s too early to draw any conclusions, we’ll discuss again after getting the necessary information, now I adjourn this meeting.” Mr. Jin stands.