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As Masashi looked at the records of the kendo hall, Ogata asked: “Rumi, you have a very good relationship with Masashi, is he your relative?”

“No, senior is a very important person to me, but also my life goal.”

“What? You, you want to pursue him?” Ogata was surprised that his chin almost falling off.

Kazumi couldn’t help but laugh, she knew what Rumi meant by “pursuit”. But this guy doesn’t know that. He’s only misunderstanding things.

“Yes.” Rumi thinks that these were a little strange, but still firmly replied.

“What good does that guy have?” Ogata was shocked and angry.
Hearing those words, Kazumi frowned and looked at him coldly.

“Ogata, please don’t insult senior, I will not allow anyone to disrespect senior,” Rumi said very seriously.

“You…..” taken aback by Rumi’s words, Ogata could not respond.

“Forget it,” he then walked away resentfully.

At nine o’clock, the person in charge of the competition gathered all the players and instructors in the same place.

Then a thin person, wearing black frame glasses about 50-60 years old, half-bald man came in front of the crowd. Everyone immediately held a round of applause.

“Good morning, everyone. I am the manager of the kendo hall, Kubo Sho. I am very honored to be able to hold the annual high school kendo competition in this kendo hall. As always I hope everyone could do their best to achieve good results.”

Immediately a burst of applause could be heard.

Fortunately, this old man only had a short speech, and stepped down right away. Then the referee in charge of the matches spoke about the competition rules and precautions. After talking about the rules, the competition officially begins.

Almost all high schools in Tokyo are participating in this competition. Because of this large number of competitors, the game is held in four stages.

The competition is divided into a team competition and an individual competition, the team competition is conducted today. The competition system uses an elimination system making the competition very fierce. Everywhere you can hear the sound of bamboo sword and protective gears colliding, battle cry can also be heard, and referee stopping the match can also be heard. Some novice that first time attends the competition was nervous, pale and trembling.

Watching the competition held Masashi began to yawn. After all, high school students, regardless of their strength and skills, compared to an adult’s strength when swinging a sword has a big gap. Apart from one or two of them, many were not worth looking at.

Rumi’s kendo club also has two matches, one is a private school while the other was a public high school. Aside one male member losing, the captain of the kendo club, Ogata and the vice-captain of the kendo club, Rumi won their matches. Several instructor were very happy, Omura invited them to eat at a conveyor belt sushi for winning a match.

“Senior, how did I do?” After the match, Rumi immediately came over to ask.

“The opponent was too weak. I have no pointers to instruct you. However, congratulations for winning the match.” Masashi said with a smile.

“Thank you, senior.” Rumi listened very happily.

“Well, even if the opponents are weak, the person that talks about them is not much better,” Ogata said at the side, sneered.

“Is he talking about me?” Masashi curiously asked.

Rumi revealed her small tongue, too embarrassed to speak.

Although the members in the match were only the captain, vice-captain, and another member, three on three match, but almost every member of the Kendo came to watch. Everyone was cheering for their teammates, even though it’s noisy, it was still very lively.

At noon, the competition was paused to allow the competitors to eat.
Originally Rumi wanted to invite Masashi and Kazumi to join them eat, but was refused as they didn’t want to take advantage of them.

Masashi and Kazumi went to a restaurant to dine.

The match will not resume until two o’clock in the afternoon, after eating, there was still plenty of time, so Masashi and Kazumi just walk down the street.

“Brother, do you think Rumi can win?” While they were walking, Kazumi asked.

“In the team competition it’s hard to say if she can win, after all there’s three matches, but in the individual competition, so long as she competes like always, even if not champion, but runner-up wouldn’t be a problem.”

“So Rumi is so strong, I didn’t know that.”

“Although her personality is a little bad, she’s pretty good.”

“Brother, I heard Rumi talking about you having a match against her with no protection. When did you start practicing Kendo? Can you tell me?” While looking at Masashi, Kazumi said.

It seems that some things are unavoidable.

Masashi looked down for a moment and then looked at Kazumi’s eyes “Kazumi there are somethings that I can’t tell you, but you’re my sister, so I don’t want to lie to you. Can you let me keep some secrets?”

Masashi looked deeply at Kazumi, and after a while suddenly smile.

Then she hugged Masashi’s arm leaning her head on his shoulder gently saying, “If you don’t want to say, I won’t mind, you being nice to me is enough. I’m not afraid of anything as long as you around.”

Masashi wasn’t against Kazumi holding his hand, after a while he says: “The match is about to continue, let’s go back.”

“Ah.” Kazumi was very comfortable with him and squealed softly.