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“Rumi, congratulation you won your match. It was really intense.” Ogata walked while reminding himself to be graceful and elegant.

“You flatter me, Captain Ogata,” Rumi replied dismissively.

Ogata felt Rumi’s coldness more than ever and didn’t know what to say.

Ogata and Rumi participated in two more matches. Because the oppositions weren’t very powerful, they smoothly got into top 16.

In the afternoon, the matches with the top 16 competitors will be carried out. There were two divisions, consisting four matches each.

Rumi’s match was the first. Her opponent is a lanky sophomore, who had a good performance in the team event.

When the match was about to begin Masashi’s cell phone rang. He looked at the number and then told Kazumi that he was going outside.

“Hei, what matter do you have for you to call me?”

“Master, do I have to have a matter to call you? Can’t I call you just to talk?”

“Masashi shouted, “Don’t kid with me, what’s the problem?”

Rei Li immediately became serious, “Master, I’ve received a reliable information, the Yamaguchi-gumi sent someone to watch you. You be careful.”

Masashi frowned “Was it because we recently met?”

“Yes, Yamaguchi-gumi has a close relationship with Tang Najin’s triad, which is also one of the Yamaguchi-gumi’s heroin seller. So they’ve asked Tang Najin to watch you.”

“Who the hell is Tang Najin?”

“In the last few years, he rose to become a crime leader. He was a Manhattan gang leader, by selling weapons five years ago, he obtained some power in Japan. His gang is now based mainly on selling heroin. It is said that he provides heroin to several big gangs.”

“What does Black Dragon want to do?”

ReiLi didn’t say anything for a while and finally said: “I want to swallow him.”

“Oh, you have a big appetite, but I like that idea. If you need this old ghost, just call.”

“Thank you, master.”

After hanging up, Masashi exposed a pondering smile. It seems having a light workout is also a good choice.

He returned to the venue when Rumi’s match was over, and no doubt she won. Kazumi was talking to her in the lounge.

“Who’s the next opponent?” Masashi sat down beside Rumi and asked.

“It’s likely to be this guy.” Rumi was looking at the match schedule and said.

“Oh, this might be a good thing for you.”

“Yes, senior, I also wanted to have a match against him.” Rumi’s eyes shone with excitement.

“What reward do you want when you win you match against this military guy?”


“Can’t you change your taste?” Well, Kazumi wants coffee?”


“No, don’t be like a middle-aged person who likes coffee. Drink green tea instead.”

“Don’t be too overbearing.”

“Why I’m your brother.” Masashi laughed and walked out.

Ogata’s fourth opponents is a popular contestant that won third place last year.

“Senior do you think captain Ogata will win?” Rumi asked Masashi.

“There are not that different, but the opponent is an experienced competitor, but this is only Ogata first big game, the opponent has the advantage. This is just my view.”

“Senior what do you think?”

“Ogata will lose.”

“The reason?”

“He doesn’t have the quality of a swordsman who’s calm and cool. If a person’s feeling isn’t stabilized, this could allow the enemy to win. I’ve seen him fight. He always rushes to his opponent at the beginning. He’s quick, but he can’t effectively attack the opponent’s weakness. Perhaps he can’t see the opponent’s weakness. This offensive approach is effective against weak opponents, but if the opponent is a relatively calm person, then that person would likely be on the offensive. He does a lot of useless attacks, making it not as effective. You must know, when you attack others, you’ll expose your weakness. Although it’s said that offense is the best defense, if not done correctly, then it can become very dangerous.”

Rumi listened thoughtfully.

“Offensive and defensive unity is the pursuit of many people in the martial way, but in fact, this isn’t all. If you reach this level, then you might understand that attacking and defending are actually the same.”

“Senior, I don’t understand.”

“You haven’t reached that level yet. There’s a Chinese saying that goes: you may know what it means, but can’t explain.”

“Thank you, for senior’s teachings.” Rumi respectfully bowed her head.

Kazumi, hearing the conversation, was lost in thought.

After Masashi had finished his last sip of tea, Ogata lost his match.

The next matches are for the elimination match of the top 8. Rumi is first to fight.

“Brother, do you think Rumi will win?” Hearing Masashi’s conversation, Kazumi became a little worried.

“Winning or losing doesn’t matter, but sometimes failure can let you learn more things.”

“You mean Rumi is going to lose?”

“I can’t say that would be so, in my opinion, Rumi at least have 70% chance to win.

“Detestable, speech is not clear.” Kazumi let out a sigh.

While the two had a conversation, the matches started.

Rumi and her opponent haven’t started attacking, instead intently watching each other’s movements, his body slightly leaning forward, ready to attack at any time.

Rumi seeing his black belt know that he’s a master. He also saw Rumi’s matches, although she doesn’t just have a pretty face, but isn’t a rival. Kazumi felt a little worried. Did this female child also hide her strength? Her heart was pounding heavily.

In fact, Rumi didn’t hide her strength, but she unconsciously adjusted depending on her opponent’s level. If the opponent is strong, then she’ll use more strength. If the opponent is weak, she’ll adjust and still have a difficult match. This was why many people mistook her strength.

Masashi was very grateful, although this monster can’t compare against him, for most people, he’s very strong. Rumi grew up with many different opponents learning from her matches.

After a confrontation, Rumi finally attacked.

“Thrusting?” Omura sensei screamed out.

Her opponent saw Rumi stabbed towards the throat with an amazing speed. He never thought that this quiet girl would use such a sinister trick, making him unprepared, and can only use his bamboo sword to block the attack.

“Click” two bamboo sword hit together forcing the two to step back.
Rumi wasn’t able to hit the opponent but still continued to press on the offense.

This attack suppressed the opponent, forcing him to draw back pathetically. Others, however, enjoyed the match, shouting very loudly.