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“Brother, Rumi’s winning,” Kazumi said while excitedly pulling Masashi’s sleeves.

Masashi didn’t speak but revealed a thoughtful expression.

“Brother, is anything wrong?” Kazumi, seeing Masashi’s facial expression, asked anxiously.

Masashi suddenly stood up and walked over to Omura’s side.

Omura, who was showing a joyful mood, suddenly interrupted by Masashi, “Omura sensei, after the first round, pause the match, okay?”

“Why?” Omura and Ma Fang manager looked at him strangely.

“Because Rumi’s feet is injured.”

“What, Is that true?” Two people called out, which were Ogata and another member who were listening to their conversation.

“Yes, before the match Rumi told me she was experiencing a little pain in her foot, but now it seems that it’s becoming more and more serious, that’s why I want to pause the match.”

But she looks fine, did she really tell you that?” Omura looked at him very suspiciously.

“Yes, so please stop the game as soon as possible. “Hearing Masashi’s serious tone, Omura started to look worriedly at Rumi.

At this time, the match was very intense, the opposition losing his initiative, added to Rumi string of attack, and forced his back to the front of the white line. He had no more place to retreat, and his only option was to counterattack, trying to overcome this dangerous situation.

Thus, the match became a one-sided situation. Rumi has the offensive advantage as her opponent had no place to escape, making the situation very favorable towards Rumi.

But then the opposition finally revealed his true strength. Even in a disadvantageous situation, he was still able to exchange blow with Rumi equally.

“Brother, is that true?” Whispered Kazumi. She didn’t remember Rumi saying those words.

Masashi nodded.

“Out of bounds. The Red side wins,” the referee on the sidelines suddenly exclaimed while waving his red flag.

Finally, his right heel stepped on the white line. Rumi worked very hard to win this bout.

“Red side request to pause the match.” When the two returned to the center of the field preparing for the second round, Omura’s request was finally called.

“Rumi, you…..” When Rumi returned to the seating, Omura was about to ask her but said nothing as she saw Masashi taking off Rumi’s right socks.

Other people are still surprised when they saw Masashi’s action. Ma Fang clearly saw Rumi’s swelling ankles. She froze for a moment and immediately went to the infirmary.

“When did this happen?” Masashi looked at Rumi.

“It seemed to happen in the last round. The opponent stepped on foot at that time. I thought it was ok, so….” Rumi said hesitatingly.

“You have a swollen ankle and still said nothing.” Masashi let her sit, holding her foot up while inspecting it.

She felt Masashi’s hand holding her feet, felt his palm’s temperature, made the beauty blush, her heart beating hard never experiencing this kind of strange feeling before.

Looking at Rumi’s blushing expression caused by Masashi holding her feet made others heart rate up unconsciously. No one said anything at that moment, making the atmosphere very odd.

Ogata was very furious, wishing that he could rush and bite Masashi.
“Fortunately, there’s no fracture, but you can no longer participate in the competition because you’re swollen feet. Forfeit.” Masashi finished inspecting and told Omura.

“So, there’s no other way.” Omura looked very disappointed.

“No, I want to continue the match,” Rumi roared.

“I will not allow you to continue and let you break your feet. Moreover, you still have another opportunity.”

“At least, let me finish this match, please?” Rumi pleaded.

“You know this guy’s strength, and if you continue this match, it may take a longer time. Be obedient, and just try again next time.”

“Don’t want to.”

“You’re not even listening to me?” Masashi looked into her eyes.

“Senior….” Rumi looked at him with tears. Masashi suddenly had a headache.

“I brought some ice, to place it on the injury, and reduce the swelling.” Then Ma Fang came holding a bag of ice and found the atmosphere a bit unusual.

“So be it, you can only go for one more round, regardless of whether or not you win or lose. Ok?” Masashi looked at Rumi’s crying face, somewhat reluctantly agree.

“Really?” Rumi stared at him.

“I never lie to children.” Masashi sighed while looking at Rumi.

“You should lessen her swollen area first?” Ma Fang said anxiously.

“I’ll help her deal with her injury, don’t come along,” Masashi said while he supported Rumi to the next room.

“Sensei, he….” Ogata pointed at Masashi and said.

“Wait, he might have a way to help.” Omura stopped Ogata and began to feel that this student called Masashi isn’t that simple.

After ten minutes, Masashi came out while supporting Rumi.

“Try it, but don’t put too much pressure on your right foot.” Masashi put down Rumi.

“Oh, it really doesn’t hurt, good magic.” Rumi took a few steps, her face showing a pleasant surprise and said.

“It only reduces swelling temporarily, remember to don’t be too hard on your right foot. Don’t forget what I just said, go.”

“Yes, senior.” Rumi went to the stage very pleased.

“How did you do that?” Ma Fang couldn’t believe how he was able to reduce the swelling of her feet in such a short amount of time.

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but even if you find out how it would still be impossible to do,” Masashi said lightly.

Ma Fang naturally believed these words and didn’t ask anymore.

Although the wait was long, nobody still showed any signs of impatience.

After the swordsman ritual, the opposition grasped his sword with two hands carrying it over his left shoulder exhibiting a Hasso-no-kamae. Compared to the first round, his appearance was more terrifying. He knew that if he still hid his strength, it is likely that he’ll lose this competition, in the end, he had no choice but to use his full power.

Rumi maintained her middle posture, silently watching him.
After watching the last round, many people realized that this is a battle between masters, making it a match that everyone looked forward to.

He was the first to attack, and his style was different compared to any of his previous matches, he finally moved and strike at Rumi.
Rumi blocked the attack with her sword making everyone hear the sound of the two swords colliding.

“Brother, Rumi’s not in trouble, right?” Kazumi worriedly asked him.

“It’s hard to say. Her opponent’s very smart, he knows that Rumi’s foot is injured and won’t last long if he keeps on putting pressure on her, the situation would be very beneficial to him. Rumi still has a chance, sometimes a crisis can still be overturned.” Saying so, Masashi exposed a very devious smile.

At this point the match became increasingly unfavorable for Rumi, the foot injury obviously affected her movement speed. The opponent was in the offensive position as he rapidly attacked, several of which came close to being hit-making many people nervous.

Being forced back, it was like history was repeating itself, but this time, it was Rumi, who was being pushed towards the sidelines. Everyone could see that Rumi would lose.

If she lost this round, it would make it harder for her to win the third round, but many people didn’t know, Rumi can’t fight in the third round.

Seeing that victory was near he smiled, Rumi who has been on the defensive finally began to counterattack.

This wasn’t much of a surprise, in a situation of near death people would make their final struggle and counter-attack which wouldn’t last very long. He knew that as long as he keeps on attacking, he would win the round. But gradually, he found out that there was something wrong. The attacks going towards Rumi had no signs of stopping, but her movement suddenly became quick and flexible, making it seem that she wasn’t injured.