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Right then he was forced several steps back, he then thought that he was fooled and that maybe this girl isn’t actually injured.

Seeing Rumi’s fierce attack, made everyone shocked, then immediately broke into screams desperately shouting and cheering.

Seeing that his foot landed on the white line, he was driven to despair.

“Out of bounds, Red side wins.” The referee shouted.

Almost everyone stood up to cheer and applaud.

“Senior, I won.” Rumi, without even taking off her equipment immediately rushed directly towards Masashi.

“Don’t run. Your feet will get worse.” Masashi laughed while taking off her helmet and protective gear while Kazumi was at the side grinning.

“Omura sensei.” Masashi turned to Omura and said.

“I know, I’ll talk to the organizers of the competition about her resignation.” Omura sadly said.

“I’ll trouble with that. We’re now taking Rumi to the hospital. I’ll leave the rest of the things up to you.” Then he picked up Rumi, walking towards the exit. Ma Fang bowed towards Omura and went along.

In the hospital, an X-ray was taken. There was no problem with the bone, just some muscle strain, the doctor plastered Rumi’s injury and then left the hospital after arranging her next appointment.

“Rumi, you should manage yourself to rest well, or move in with me for a few days, so that I can take care of you.” Ma Fang told Rumi in the car.

“No, Ma Fang nee. Senior has already arranged for me to live in with him, but thank you for your kindness.” Thinking about living with her senior and Kazumi made Rumi very excited.

“What, you’re living in with him? It’s a bad idea to…..I think that isn’t very good.” Ma Fang thought of the word “Cohabitation” but refrained from saying it.

“What’s wrong with that?” Rumi looked at her, puzzled.

This little girl didn’t understand anything. When Ma Fang was about to say something, Masashi suddenly spoke to her: “Schoolmate Ma Fang, my sister also lives with me, she would take good care of us, please rest assured.”

When Ma Fang was looking at his eyes, it revealed a surprisingly calm expression, making her unable to say anything.


“I want to compete with you.” A week has passed ever since the competition, and one day, when Masashi was sending off Rumi to the kendo club, and was about to leave, he was stopped suddenly by Ogata.

Masashi frowned and said: “I am not a member of the kendo club, why do I need to have a match with you?”

“Do you dare? Coward.” Ogata raised his eyebrow while looking at him.
Masashi laughed, seeing this childish act, he didn’t pay him anymore attention.

“I’ll pick you up after school, remember not to run around, your feet still needs to rest.” Masashi was too lazy to pay attention to him and instead spoke to Rumi.

“I know, senior goodbye.” Rumi returned a sweet smile.

Looking at Masashi ignoring him and leave the kendo club, Ogata couldn’t help but rush in front of him while pointing his bamboo sword at him, and said: “You coward, you don’t even dare to compete.”

Ogata’s action immediately attracted the attention of all the members, and suddenly gathered around them.

Everyone’s face exposed a strange smile.

Almost everyone knew, Ogata likes Rumi. Rumi has always been cold toward him. Everyone can see her attachment and respect towards Masashi.

It seemed like there was a good show.

“Ogata, what are you doing?” Ma Fang stood up and looked at him seriously.

“It’s none of your business. I just want to have a match with this guy.”

Omura was rarely not here, which finally gave Ogata a chance.

“I’m sorry, I refuse.” This was simply a competition produced by jealousy.

“You coward.” Ogata extended his bamboo sword in front of Masashi.

“Captain Ogata, We’ll have a match. I already said in the past that I would never allow anyone to disrespect senior.” Rumi holding a bamboo sword looked at him coldly.

Ma Fang and the others were very surprised with her action. They had never seen Rumi like this before.

Rumi was the most popular in the kendo club. Everyone likes her laugh and also loved this sweet and innocent girl appearance. Moreover, she was very nice to everyone, and never lost her temper. Even when winning her practice matches, she would still show a modest and polite attitude, making people feel comfortable.

But at this time, Rumi has completely transformed into a drawn sword, making people chill.

Being made as the opponent made Ogata feel embarrassed. He just wanted to show off to Rumi and beat Masashi in front of everyone, and make him look like a fool, but he didn’t expect that the situation would turn around on him.

“A child shouldn’t make fights very casually.” At this time, the neglected Masashi suddenly said something, and then took away the bamboo sword being held by Rumi’s hands.

“Senior you….”

“Since others want to play, I’ll accompany, and teach them,” Masashi said disdainfully.

“Yes, senior.” Rumi, understanding the meaning of Masashi’s words, stood aside.

“Student Ogata, if you insist on a competition, then I’ll gladly accompany you.” He then walked to the center of the stage.

Ogata was jubilant, immediately following him while holding up his sword. The members gathered at the sidelines to watch.

When Ogata was putting on his protective gear on the field, he saw Masashi actually not wearing any protective gear.

“Don’t you have a protective gear? Takeuchi, lend him your protective gear.” Ogata said to a boy.

“No, let’s just start.”

“You…..” Ogata felt he was being belittled, making him furious.

“Schoolmate Ogata, if we’re still not starting, then I’ll just take my leave, I’m very busy,” Masashi said lazily.

“You chose not to wear a protective gear yourself, don’t blame me for what happens to you.” Ogata rushed furiously.

“Rumi is there really no problem with this? Although it’s just a bamboo sword, if it hits will still be painful, and may even cause injury.” Ma Fang told Rumi.

“He can’t hit senior.” Rumi’s eye shone with complete confidence.

Listening to Rumi still made Ma Fang doubtful, and then very worriedly looked at the match of the two on stage.

Slowly, she began to believe what Rumi said. No matter how vicious Ogata attacked, Masashi would be still able to block all of the opponent’s attacks effortlessly.

His style was unique as after blocking Ogata’s sword, his sword would already be at the opponent’s wrist, throat, chest and other vital areas, forcing Ogata to have no other way but to defend or retreat. If a common swordsman was able to seize an opportunity and launch a counter-attack, Masashi would be the opposite as he would just stand still, waiting for Ogata’s next attack.

Ogata right now was in a depressed state. Each time he was about to attack, just like a ghost Masashi’s sword would suddenly appear on his vitals, forcing him to defend or take a step back. This strong sense of oppression made him extremely depressed almost making him vomit blood.

Ma Fang and the other members stared at the match, they had never seen such swordsmanship.

Rumi, standing next to Ma Fang, stared intensely, watching the match with wide open eyes never letting anything miss her sight.

“The match has ended, schoolmate Ogata.” At this time, Masashi suddenly said something, then stabbed his sword towards Ogata.

No one could see the sword, no one could describe the sword, the only thing they could see was Ogata flying out horizontally.

“Popping” a sound of a person falling on the ground could be heard, everyone’s mind was blank, including Omura sensei who was just outside.

“Please join the kendo club. As long as you are in the club, even making it into the national competition isn’t a dream.” When Ma Fang and several members sent Ogata into the infirmary to check his condition, Omura sensei very excitedly came and seized Masashi’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I will not join.” Masashi slowly pulled away Omura’s hand.

“Why, don’t you want to become the champion? If you have any demands, just tell me.” Omura lost a little bit of control.

“My sword isn’t used for games.” Saying so, Masashi turned and walked out of the kendo club.

“I will not give up,” Omura shouted at the back, in a firm tone.