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It only took a week for the recovery. Even the doctors were amazed at the speed of it. Rumiko wanted him to stay for a few more days but he insisted on leaving. As they were being discharged, the hospital wouldn't accept any payment.

Rumiko was a traditional woman so she went to the director and insisted on paying. In the end, the director and Masashi's doctor kneeled down to beg her, which left her in shock and confusion.

"Mom, it's simple. If you didn't come to see me at the end, they will probably dispose me like a corpse. That's unintentional homicide. Am I right?" Masashi smiled.

The director and the doctor's faces turned and kneeled back down again immediately.

(So that's why Masashi was put in a special care unit and they didn't want to charge for anything.)

"To be honest, you saved me after all. So I won't get to the bottom of this. "

"Director san, and doctor Nagasaki. Thank you for your care. I am truely grateful." Masashi said sincerely as he lifted the two men.

The director and doctor were touched. The director even suggested to waive any fees in future visits for him and his family.

"How can I accept this?" He said with a tone of justice.

"Masashi is right. We can't accept such a valuable gift. It's getting late, we have to leave. Please take care."

"Miss, please accept our regards or we will kneel here forever."


"Miss, please accept it."

Rumiko had no choice but to accept it.

The director and doctor cheered in joy as she nodded.

Kazumi, who watched Masashi's smile through the whole event, felt a shiver through her spine. The victims were cheering in joy when he was the one that received so much. If she wasn't so familiar with his face, she would had assumed this was another person in front of him.

As they were leaving, Masashi picked up Rumiko's bag. But she wanted to stop him due his injury.

"Mom, I'm fine."

It was the second time she heard this. The warm and sweet feeling almost made her shed tears again.

A little bit after they left, officer Maeda approached them.

"Hello, Mrs. Hirota, Masashi and Kazumi. I heard the doctor said you were being discharged today so I am here to pick you up."

"That's too nice of you, officer Maeda. You've done so much for us, we can't cause you any more troubles."

"That's too polite of you, Mrs. Hirota. Please call me Maeda, that's how my colleagues call me. I came here to express my gratitude to Masashi san on behalf of my colleages. Samaritans like him are few and far between in this age. Are you tired? My car is right outside. Please come with me." He took Masashi's bag and took the lead.

"Right, Masashi. We have caught the robber."

"Oh really?"

"That guy was cunning. He knew we were looking for him so he ran to Hokkaido. If he didn't get recognized when he got in a drunken brawl, we wouldn't be able to catch him so quick."

"What about the old woman?" Rumiko asked.

"She's fine. Although the robber used up all her money. But that can't be helped.""

"Serves her right to make a high schooler chase the robber and didn't even come to visit Masashi."

"Kazumi, don't talk like this. She might have her difficulties."

"Mom, you're too kind hearted. It's easy to get deceived like this."

"Officer Maeda, you still don't have a wife or girlfriend right?" Masashi suddenly asked.

"How... How did you know?" Maeda replied awkwardly.

"Masashi, that's not polite. How can you ask such questions."

"Mom, I am just expressing my concern for officer Maeda. He's not young after all."


"Fine, I won't ask. Don't get mad, mom."

"Uh. I want to ask how do you know I don't have a wife or girlfriend?" Maeda couldn't keep his curiosity.

"Mom, it's not my fault he's asking me. Can I answer it?"

"You little..."

"It's simple. There are no female items in your car. Even though you might have cleaned your car before you left, the sanitary of some corners are still not ideal. Just like I am stepping on two cigarette butts. You also don't smell of any perfume. Don't be suspicious of my habits, I just havea  very sensitive nose. I've seen you twice wearing a shirt without fixing its collar. So in conclusion, you don't have a wife or girlfriend. Of course there are exceptions. Perhaps you wife or girlfriend is a lazy person."

"Incredible. If you become a detective, then I am going to lose my job."

"That's good, I will hire you then."

Rumiko and Maeda both laughed.

"Who's willing to marry people like me. I am so busy worth the job normally I couldn't even find time for a date. I also don't know how to flatter girls. My family arranged a few blind dates but none of them worked out."

"Maeda san, please don't give you. God won't abandon nice guys like you. You will definitely find a suitable woman."

"Thank you, Mrs. Hirota."

They reached Masashi's apartment and Maeda protactively carried the bag inside.

"Maeda san, I don't know how I can thank you. Please come in for a cup of tea."

"No, I still have some work to do. Next time."

"Next time then. Thank you again for your care during these few days." Rumiko bowed in front of him.

"You're too polite."

As Rumiko went inside, Masashi walked over to Maeda.

"Mom, you two get in first. I still have something to say to Maeda san."

After Rumiko went inside, Masashi stared at him with a serious expression.

"What's wrong? Masashi." Maeda got a little bit anxious from the stare.

Masashi didn't said anything and just looked at him. "How old are you?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Don't ask why. Just answer."

"Fine, I'm 35 this year."

"Good, not a large gap. Where were you born in?"


"Any brothers or sisters?"

"One brother and two sister."

"Like to drink?"

"A little bit sometimes."

"Smokes frequently?"


"You like my mother?"

"Yes. You, what did you said!?"

"So it's true. I wasn't being oversensitive."

"That was a slip of the tongue. Don't be mistaken."

"Then I will ask you again. Are you interested in my mother? If you are a man then don't deny it."

(What kind of logic is this?) Maeda finally lowered his head.

"There's something that you might not know. My mother has separated with that irresponsible father for four years. She's been alone all these years."

"Really?" Maeda suddenly raised his head.

"Yes. It seems like there's no chance of them getting back together. If you like my mother, I won't prevent you from approaching her. But you have to promise me to be nice to her. Otherwise I will make you wish you were dead." Masashi's eyes changed. Maeda couldn't describe that pair of eyes. His mind was blank and his body shuddered.

"Good, I've said everything I should. The rest is up to you." Masashi patted his shoulder and went inside the apartment.

Maeda looked at his back and realized he didn't understand this high school boy a bit.