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New Year

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Time flew quickly, and a semester had gone by, and in a blink of an eye, New Year was quickly approaching.

The Yamaguchi-gumi still sent people to tail Masashi, but as usual, he pretended he didn’t know that anyone was following him. After two months of investigation, the Yamaguchi-gumi wasn’t able to find out any information. Finally, they stop their investigation.

On the other hand, the leader of the Black Dragon and Tang Najin’s Manhattan Gang led several massive street fights, causing harm to both sides. This caused the attention of other gangs and the local police. Even some people felt that a major event would happen.

Sure enough, a month later, Tang Najin died in his apartment.

It caused a huge uproar. Everyone suspected that Black Dragon caused it, but no one could prove that suspicion. This was because there was always a bodyguard around Tang Najin, but even they testified that no one killed him, as they didn’t allow any stranger to approach him within five meters and will immediately be shot if they did so. Moreover, he, himself was also an amazing professional marksman. But such a person still died inside his own home.

Most people thought that it was a robber that killed him, but there was also no cut on him. Even Manhattan’s best forensic official could only judge that he died of a heart attack.

But no one could accept this conclusion because Tang Najin have never had any history of heart disease.

In any case, a person has died. The Manhattan gang was now in chaos. Many factions of Tang Najin’s gang were suppressed, because of turf fights occurring almost every single day. The death of Tang Najin led to the gang’s internal strife, causing it to fall apart.

In such a lively situation, the Black Dragon was quiet for some period. Although everyone knew the purpose of Black Dragon, they knew that Black Dragon had good equipment and huge manpower, and had no one having the capabilities to stop their formidable force.

In only half a month, the Black Dragon became the leader of Manhattan.

This result made the local police both happy and worried at the same time.

The daily scene of turf fights which finally ended made the local police happy, and now they didn’t need to worry about public complaints and calling for the police for help. The only worry that they had was the international underworld organization Black Dragon was far more dangerous than the gang led by Tang Najin. Now that things have gotten to this point they couldn’t do anything about it, having no other choice but to increase the staff monitoring them.

“Master, are you really not going to accompany us during New Year?” Four days before New Year, in Tokyo airport’s VIP terminal, a tall black youth accompanied by a very attractive woman spoke to a teenager in Chinese.

“You know that the identity I have now has its own family. If I don’t celebrate the New Year with them, they’ll get worried about me. When New Year is done, we can get together then.”

“Well, remember to call me when you’re free,” ReiLI said reluctantly.

Masashi nodded, and took out a red envelope inside his pocket and handed it over.

“Every New Year I would always give you a red envelope, this year is no exception, though it’s a bit ahead. Take it.”

ReiLi’s eyes immediately turned red, and after a while slowly took the red envelope, unable to say anything.

“Changan, I’ll leave the future affairs to you. “ Masashi said to the white man next to him.

“Master, rest assure I know what to do,” Changan said respectfully.

Looking at the gentle and refined Changan, Masashi sighed, “Changan, I know that you don’t like to talk about this, but are you sure you’re not going to find another partner?”

“Master, ever since she died, my heart also died.” His tone was light seemingly saying that it’s not any other people’s business.

“Yeah, losing even only one person can make one unhappy.”

“It’s been so many years; I’ve already gotten used to it,” Changan smiled faintly. In Masashi’s eyes, it was only a forced smile.

“Masashi didn’t know what to say, and had instead turned to ReiLi, saying: “It’s almost time, get on the plane, if you have any problems you can’t manage come and look for me.”

“Sensei, You have to take care.” ReiLi reluctantly looked at him.

Masashi said with a smile: “You’ve become a great person, but still acts like a child, go…”

ReLi took three steps back toward the wicket.

“Please take care Master..”

“You too.” Masashi patted his shoulder.

Changan kowtowed toward him, then left.

Once they both got into the cabin, Masashi sighed softly, “another year.”

The emphasis of Japanese on New Year was the same with the Chinese people; the only difference was that the Japanese New Year was on January 1. They would put on fireworks on New Year’s Eve or drink alcohol to celebrate. Some areas would conduct large-scale rituals. As for the young or old people, they would be staying at home watching the Year-end song festival “Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Song Contest” every year.

In the morning of New Year’s Day, Japanese people would go to the temple to burn an incense and ring bells, and pray that the year would be better to the Gods. They would also go to their friends and relatives to visit each other.

To some extent, Japanese New Year and Chinese New Year custom were very similar.

Because of the divorce, Masashi’s family was split into half, wondering whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, except for a few immediate need to visit relatives, others can be avoided, making it pretty easy.

“Masashi, Rumi sent you a letter.” During New Year’s morning, Rumiko smiled while handing two letters to Masashi.

Rumiko was revealing a strange smile, causing Masashi’s head to ache a little.

“Mom, I told you many times, I don’t have anything with Rumi, you’re thinking too much.”

“I didn’t say anything. What? Do you actually have a relationship with her?” Rumiko said in a cunning way.

“It’s not that kind of relationship that you have in mind,” Masashi said a little weakly.

At that moment, Masashi handed the letter to Rumiko, “Mom, this letter is for our family. Rumi is also greeting you in the letter.”

Rumiko took the letter and saw that it was filled with greeting cards written in brush.

“Masashi, Rumi is a very good girl, you have to take care of her better.” She couldn’t help but laugh after saying that.

Masashi shook his head and continued to look at another letter.

When Rumiko saw Rumi for the first time, she thought that she was a simple and well-behaved girl who she liked very much. If Rumi could become her future daughter-in-law, she would smile as if it was a dream come true.

Then Kazumi brought a rice cake from the kitchen and asked: “Brother, who’s that letter from?”

“One’s from Rumi while the other were sent from our junior high school classmates, it seems that they want us to go to their student reunion.”

“Junior high school reunion? I’m not going.” Kazumi said without hesitation.

Masashi thought that this junior high school reunion would be very boring, but seeing Kazumi’s reaction, made him change his mind.

“Kazumi, I’ll accompany you.”

“Do you want to go?” Kazumi was a little astonished.

“Yes, we’ll go together.”

“Okay,” Kazumi said reluctantly.