Пробуждение - глава 31:
Alumni Association

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After a few days, in the evening, Masashi and Kazumi as scheduled, arrived at the alumni association ballroom.

It was a large ballroom, just going inside, they suddenly felt warm. There were many guests inside, the stereo was loud, and everywhere one can see young people drinking and dancing.

They went to the front desk, where the lady led them inside the big theater room.

Going inside, Kazumi saw a lot of familiar faces. Masashi on the other hand, only knew them through his memory, having no affection towards them, making him feel like a stranger.

“Excuse me, are you…..” seeing Kazumi and Masashi come in, a guy came up and asked.

“Hello, you’re Zhang Dao classmate right. I’m Masashi.”

“What, you’re Masashi Hirota? You’ve changed so much.” Zhang Dao said in surprise.

“I have?” Masashi unconsciously touched his own face.

“You must be Masashi’s younger sister Kazumi? It seems you haven’t changed much.” Zhang Dao turned around and looked at Kazumi and said.

“Hello,” Kazumi said dismissively.

Zhang Dao smiled, and, sure enough, noticed that even her personality hasn’t changed.

Hirota wasn’t very popular in junior high school, but compared to high school it was much better, many people copied his homework. Seeing Masashi, they seemed very surprised but soon continued to chat.

These high school students would talk about nothing but, where to study, so and so got a new girlfriend, a star had an open house photo shoot, what new games were out, which school was this beauty in and so on. Masashi refrained from yawning next to anyone.

Masashi originally intended to participate in the Alumni Association and wanted Kazumi to communicate with more people, and improve her eccentric character, but it seems that it had no effect. He saw Kazumi’s face, which revealed a feeling of emptiness making people avoid her.

“Are you bored?” Masashi whispered to her.

Kazumi didn’t say anything, but her eyes showed an answer to this question.

Masashi looked away from her, glanced around and saw a poker table, taking over it.

After sitting down, Masashi skillfully washed the cards.

Kazumi revealed a puzzled look after Masashi washed the cards Masashi and fixed it, placing it in front of her.

“Come on, choose one, remember don’t let me see it,” Masashi said with a smile.

Seeing Masashi’s encouragement, Kazumi picked one card.

“Did you remember the card you choice?”

Kazumi nodded.

“Put the card face down in the middle. Remember not to let me see it.” Masashi placed the whole deck in front of her.

According to the instruction Kazumi inserted the card in the middle.

Masashi took the cards and washed it again.

Washing it twice in a row, Masashi dealt all the cards and spread it face down.

“My sixth sense told me …… this isn’t the card you selected,” Masashi smiled and opened a card; it was a 2 of hearts.

“And this isn’t it.”

“This isn’t it also.”

Masashi opened five cards in a row.

Kazumi smiled and asked: “You’re going to open all cards until you find it?”

After saying so, Masashi suddenly pulled out a card, “it’s this, right?”

Kazumi nodded a bit surprised. It was indeed that card.

Masashi smiled and put the cards back, washing it again and said: “This is only a warm up, there’s still a better one.”

He put the whole deck in the hands of Kazumi, then held her hands tightly.

Then spread out his hands in front of her, “Watch this, I don’t have anything, but….”

During those words, a 7 of diamonds suddenly appeared on his palm.

“Ah.” Kazumi unconsciously cried.

“That’s strange; this isn’t the card that I wanted,” Masashi said to himself.

Then he closed his hands and right away opened it, the 7 of diamonds changed to a king of hearts.

“Wrong again.”

This time, the king of hearts turned into 2 of spades.

“This is wrong again.” Masashi a little frustrated.

Then the 2 spades instantly became a Queen of clovers.

Kazumi was stunned to see the cards changing repeatedly.

“How did you do that?” Beauty held his hand while inspecting him and asked.

“Secret.” Masashi mysteriously blinked.

“Despicable guy, tell me.”

“It’s not over yet, don’t be too impatient. Come shuffle the deck.” Masashi handed her the cards.

Kazumi obediently shuffled it.

“Did you finish shuffling it?”

Kazumi nodded.

Masashi took the cards and divided it equally into groups of four. Then he suddenly snapped his finger, opened the first stack of cards, each card were A’s, just four A’s.

Kazumi’s eyes were wide opened and was about to speak, just then Masashi shook his head, then put the four A face down on the table, and stacked the remaining cards on top of the 4 A’s. Then he smiled mysteriously, and snapped his fingers, opening the first four stocked cards, the cards revealed was actually the four A’s that was supposed to be at the bottom of the deck.

“Brother, tell me how you did it.” Kazumi held his hand and acted like a spoiled brat.

When Masashi was about to speak, he suddenly heard a clear voice. “You’re really good, how did you change it?”

He turned around and saw two beautiful girls, one was wearing a lavender dress while the other wore a white dress. The girl who wore a lavender dress spoke.

Behind them were two quite handsome looking boys.

“It’s just a trick, no big deal,” Masashi said lightly.

“What’s your name, I haven’t seen you before.” The lavender dressed girl asked.

“My name is Gennai Masashi; this is my sister Gennai Kazumi.”

“Gennai? I don’t remember anyone having a name Gennai in our class? Do you know?”

The girl wearing a white dress shook her head, looked at the two boys behind her but also waved their hand not knowing who they were.

“Clara, he was formerly Hirota Masashi, but changed his surname now.” The guy he just talked to interrupted.

“So it’s Masashi schoolmate, I remember now. You’ve changed so much.” Clara was unable to think that the ordinary boy before and this person was actually the same person.

“Can you do that magic again?” Clara looked at him curiously.

“Clara, let’s just dance. That trick is just meant for fooling children and isn’t that good.” The boy wearing jeans said while provokingly looking at Masashi.

“This is really just a trick to deceive children, but many people couldn’t see the flaws, a pity.” Unfortunately, at the same time, Masashi sighed while looking at the boy, who had a maddening smile.

“Do you dare to show me again?” the boy wearing jeans said with a sneer.

Masashi smiled and placed the cards into two stacks, and then in a very gentle way put them altogether and shuffled it. They saw the cards flying up and down as if the card was alive dancing; the others were charmed and screamed incessantly.

After shuffling it, Masashi put down the cards and lined it up, just like before, all cards were face down, “Please choose one, and then remember that card.”

The boy took a card, then looked at the card and pressed it on the table to prevent Masashi to see it.

“Please put the card in the middle of the deck.” Masashi placed the rest of the cards in front of him.

The boy carefully placed the card in the middle, then gave the cards back to Masashi.

Masashi took the cards, and shuffled it again, and then spread out the cards. The boy stared at him, trying to find flaws.

Masashi was about to reveal the first card, and suddenly thought of something to say: “Sorry, I forgot, the card isn’t here, please open your pocket.”

The boy opened the pocket on his denim shirt and even found the card he selected inside. He was immediately shocked, speechless. While the others clapped their hands and loudly cheered.