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“That’s amazing, it’s like magic, how do you do that?” Clara looked at him in surprise.

“You also choose one, remember it, and don’t let me see.”

Clara, from the spread out card, selected a card and carefully looked at it.

“Put the card back and wash it yourself.” Masashi knocked the table and pointed at the rest of the cards.

So, after Clara selected the card, she mixed it back with the others and washed it up.

“Are you finished?”

Clara nodded her head.

Masashi held the whole cards his hand and said to Clara: “Now the whole card has been shuffled, it is impossible to find out the right card, so I need you to help me. Now stretched out your right hand, and carefully think about your card, and focus it on your right hand.”

Clara obediently extended her right arm then closed her eyes and thought very seriously.

The atmosphere became very mysterious, and everyone was so engrossed in watching Masashi and Clara.

“That’s enough, now open your eyes, then use the back of your right hand to pat the card on my hand.”

Clara obediently patted the cards with the back of her right hand. One of the card on Masashi’s hand gently floated down, and when it fell face up, it showed a King of hearts.

“This is it. Magical!” She grabbed Masashi’s hand to take a look. She didn’t understand how could the card that she choose would fall from his hand.

Everyone laughed and clapped vigorously. Except for that boy, who looked at Masashi with an ashen face.


“Lovely lady, can you dance with me?” When everyone was dancing on the dance floor, Masashi smiled to Kazumi and said.

“I don’t know how to dance.” Kazumi a bit shyly said.

“It’s very simple. I’ll teach you.” Then he pulled her to the dance floor.

After several times stepping on Masashi’s feet, Kazumi’s dance began to take shape, although her movement was still very stiff.

“I was right, wasn’t I? This is really simple.”

“Brother, sorry, are your feet still hurt?” Kazumi apologetically looked at Masashi.

“Little fool, what kind of people do you think your brother is? I am the so-called coarse-skinned, thick-fleshed man.” Masashi said with a smile.

Kazumi laughed and silently put her head on his chest.

“Oh yeah, Kazumi, did my appearance change a lot? Otherwise, why did each of my former classmates say that I did change?” Masashi touched his face and asked.

“Fool, did you never look in the mirror?”

Masashi thought for a moment, then said: “It seems like I am different than before.”

Kazumi, watching Masashi pretended to be serious, laughed and gently hugged him, then said: “Brother, may I stay by your side please?”

“Suit yourself, as long as you’re fine with me bothering you.”

Kazumi squinted her eyes and lightly laughed: “I’ll be the one who trouble you.”

After dancing through a song, Masashi took Kazumi aside to rest.

“Do you want anything? There’s probably no coffee here. How about orange juice?”

Kazumi nodded her head.

Masashi went to the front desk to buy a soft drink. A girl came over. She was the girl wearing white dress who previously stood next to Clara.

“You’re really a good brother. Can you buy me a drink?” That girl charmingly looked at him.

“Please bring me a glass of juice to the lady.” Masashi said to the bartender at the front desk.

“Did you just buy me a glass of juice?” That girl said, smiling.

“Then please add two chunks of ice.”

The bartender gave a faint smile on her lips.

The girl laughed: “Fool, did you never drink wine with a girl?”

“A juice should be fine for a child. Nobody stipulated that one should drink alcohol at the bar.” Masashi said lightly.

The girl’s face changed, “Do you think you’re so great? What makes you said I still a child!”

“What’s wrong with being a child, perhaps a few years later you want other people to say you’re acting young.”

“You….” The girl clenched her teeth in anger.

“Little demon is really a little demon (an endearing term for a child), just because you had previously drunk with a man and followed him home to have sex doesn’t mean you changed into an adult. I give you a piece of advice, if you don’t even respect yourself, don’t expect other people to respect you. Excuse me.” With that, Masashi took the two glasses of drink away.

The girl bitterly looked at Masashi’s back.

“Sorry for making you wait for so long, this is your orange juice.” After he had got back to his seat, Masashi handed the orange juice to Kazumi.

“That’s an attractive girl you’ve talked to, why don’t you talk to her a bit longer?”

Masashi took a sip of his beer and said: ”I don’t have any interest in a socialite.”

Kazumi pursed her lips and smiled: “Oh, you really know how to talk evil. The other people is pretty. If they knew several boys, that’s also normal.”

“Simultaneously have a relationship with several boys still called normal? People must have self-respect.”

“You looked like an old man.” Kazumi snickered.

“It’s still early, want to dance?”

“I don’t want to dance, just go invite other girls. As long as you talk to them, there should be no problem.”

“Never mind, I also am a bit tired, better take a seat.”

Kazumi knew Masashi didn’t want to cast her alone in here; Feeling moved and happy, she desperately tried to hold back her eyes that were suddenly filled with tears. She lowered her head to pretend to have a drink.

When they spoke, several people suddenly came.

Walking in the front were the two boys who previously followed Clara and the white dressed girl. Behind them were Clara and the white dressed girl.

“This is certainly a misunderstanding, schoolmate Masashi wouldn’t do this kind of thing, don’t mess around.” Clara was following after them, trying very hard to persuade the two boys.

“What can I do for you?” When the two boys arrived in front of Masashi, he looked up and said.

“Kid you really are full of yourself, you even dare to make a move to my girl.” The black-gowned boy stared at Masashi and said.

Masashi burst out laughing. It seemed the movie Young and Dangerous was quite popular; even Japanese young people learned a few words of the classic clip.

That boy looked at the ‘without caring anything’ Masashi couldn’t resist anymore and grabbed his collar.

When he almost caught it, Masashi suddenly reached out a hand and casually brushed his hand aside.

“Before the matter is clear you already want to pick a fight? I don’t know which one is your so called ‘girl,’ can you help me introduce?”

“Shizuko, he’s the one who molested you, right?” The boy said to the girl in white dress.

“That’s him. He said he wanted to buy me a drink, but afterwards, he started to molest me.” Shizuko maliciously looked at Masashi.

“Oh, there is such a thing? How about I help you find a witness? The bartender should’ve witnessed the whole process of me molesting you, just give him some small tips, I believe she should be very cooperative to explain the truth.” Masashi said as he looked at Shizuko’s eyes.

Shizuko didn’t dare to look at Masashi in the eye. She shook the boy’s hand and said: “I don’t care, you’re going to teach him a lesson for me. Otherwise, we’ll immediately break up.”

“Shizuko, how can you be like this, you’re too much.” Clara unable to stay silent anymore finally said.

“Clara, you don’t need to care about this, we don’t need to be polite toward these people.” The other boy said. He already had a grudge toward Masashi since the previous card show. When he finally has this opportunity, he certainly not going to miss it.

Masashi sighed, “Kazumi, you’re right, it’s a bit boring here. Maybe we shouldn’t have come, let’s go back instead.”

“Em.” Kazumi picked up the coat and stood up.

“What’s wrong? Want to escape?” Shizuko’s boyfriend grasped Masashi’s neck.

Suddenly a hand came on the back of his hand, then came a burst of severe pain from his palm, he couldn’t help but cried.

“Don’t mess with me, or you’ll regret it.” Masashi dismissively looked at him and then let go of his hand, and walked out with Kazumi.

“You just let him go like this? Why don’t you do it?” Shizuko was furious.

Her boyfriend didn’t say anything, just staring at five highly visible black, blue fingermarks. The look in Masashi’s eyes when he was just about to leave, suddenly reappeared in his mind, making him can’t help but sweating out cold sweat.

Feeling a sudden burst of cold wind as soon as they walked out of the ballroom, Kazumi immediately shrunk her neck.

“It’s still early, let’s eat a bowl of ramen noodles first.” Masashi walked over and put a scarf on her neck.

“Good, I haven’t eaten ramen noodles for a long time.” Kazumi thought this suggestion was splendid.

“But where to buy ramen noodle here?”

“I don’t know, but it should be sold in many places, let’s walk around and see.” Closely grasping Masashi’s arm, the girl felt very warm.