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The next day, Rumiko found the previous owner of the house return. As the previous owner picked her things up, she suddenly heard someone rang the doorbell.

Opening the door, it turned out to be someone who she hasn’t seen for a long time the police officer Ryutaro Maeda.

“Hello, Mr. Maeda.” Rumiko was surprised.

“Ms. Rumiko, hello, I’m here to help you move in. Is everything ready for it?” Maeda said, smiling.

“How did you know we’re moving?”

When Maeda was about to answer, Masashi suddenly came out, seeing Maeda and said: “Oh, you’ve worked hard today.”

“I haven’t done anything yet. I’ll carry the heavy stuff first.” Maeda said while pulling his sleeves up.

“This are the original pieces of furniture of the house, so there’s no heavy things, just some clothes, dishes, but Kazumi has a lot of books, which may be a bit heavy.”

Rumiko stared at the two having a conversation between two men. When they finished, she immediately dragged Masashi to one side.

“Did you call Mr. Maeda?”


“How can you trouble people, he isn’t very familiar with us,” Rumiko said somewhat angrily.

“I thought you have something going on, doesn’t he often call you?”

Masashi exposed a meaningful smile.

“You…… What do you know?” Rumiko suddenly blushed.

“I know he went to Nagoya to go look for you. He must say that his on a business trip, right?”

“We don’t have anything, you don’t….” Rumiko became more and more quiet.

“Mom, police officer Maeda is a good man, you should seriously consider him.”


“You don’t have to force yourself, and don’t need to suppress yourself, try to spend some time with him. If you think he’s the right on, then I’ll tell Kazumi at that respect, I believe she’ll understand,” Masashi looking at her clearly.

“I, I know.” Discussing such things with her son, Rumiko couldn’t help but turn red.

Things were then moved into the new house, Maeda also went in to help clean up, which made Rumiko very embarrassed.

After the meal, it was already 7 p.m. Rumiko went into the kitchen to cut fruit, while Kazumi laid her head on Masashi’s shoulder while matching TB and listening to him chat with the police officer.

“Have you been recently busy?” Masashi thought that Maeda was thinner compared to the past.

“A little.” Maeda is the kind of man who doesn’t like to complain.

“Is it because of the recent traumatic events wich were done by the Ripper?”

“So you know,” Maeda smiled bitterly.

“Although the TV, newspapers and other media was blocked not to report it by the police, it still spread on the internet.

“Brother, who’s the Ripper?” Kazumi asked with a puzzled look.

“I advise you not to know about it.”


“Because it will be very upsetting.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“Just ask Maeda about it.”

Kazumi looked at Maeda.

Maeda hesitated before saying: “In the 19th century London was once had a world-shaking incident, there was a man called Jack the Ripper, Ripper man translates to Jack the Ripper. In a very brutal way he cut open the belly of his ten victims. We just said that the case with the murderer’s approach was very similar to Jack, and therefore, called the Ripper events. So far there have been five victims.”

Half way through, Maeda saw Kazumi’s pale face and didn’t dare say anything anymore.

“I told you it’s a very upsetting thing. Are you alright?”

Kazumi shook her head and said: “If I knew I wouldn’t have asked, I’ll go talk to mom and see if she needs help…”

After Kazumi had walked away, Masashi asked Maeda: “Are there any clue?”

“Nothing, generally speaking, it looks like this serial murderer has special rules. Specifically, his behavior is the same with Jack the Ripper. The most obvious point is that the victims were all moderate or severe alcoholics, and were killed when they were drunk. The way this murderer committed crimes, excluding the techniques and being outside at night, is completely different to Jack. The victims had no relationship with the other victims. It seems the murderer kills randomly. That’s why we conclude that the killer may be a preliminary suffering from intermittent episodes of mental patients. Now we’re getting in touch with mental hospitals in Japan, to see if there’s anything.”

“Mental illness? Is there any special difference in comparison to Jack the Ripper?”

“There’s one very strange thing, although the victim’s internal organs are pulled out from the body, but it’s complete and undamaged. The whole body was also clean as stated by the forensic autopsy. That’s why there’s a reason to suspect that the killer had or is now engaged in the medical industry. It was also found that in the nasal cavity of each victim there was a chloroform aromatic residue and having no signs of struggle, so I believe that after the murderer killed the first victim with chloroform aromatic halo compounds makes them faint with no pain. Therefore, we’ve lined up the possibility of revenge kill.”

“Organs were pulled out of the body….” Masashi thought.

“Tomorrow can you send me a copy about the victim?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that because the victim’s information is confidential, I also have my own principles,” Maeda told Masashi but began to regret about it.

Another death, Masashi cursed, but also appreciated the little man.
Masashi had no choice but to look at the calendar on the wall searching for something.

After a while, Masashi looked at Maeda and said: “Forget it, it turned out to be confidential, but remember, if the next victim is killed on the 20th of March, then come and call me.”


“I’m not certain, just some speculation.”

Maeda would like to ask about it, but seeing Rumiko and Kazumi holding a fruit out, he had to abort this topic.