Chapter - 35: Transfer Student
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At the subway entrance near the new home, Masashi, Kazumi as well as Rumi were waiting for the metro train to go to school.

It is worth noting that, in order to take care that confused little girl, Masashi proposed Rumi to also move. Thus, under the acquiescence of Rumiko, Rumi joyfully moved into Masashi’s new home. Also, to avoid trouble, Masashi told Rumi that, if anyone ask, just tell Rumiko was her distant relative, and now temporarily lives here. Although this reason is a bit far-fetched and some say it’s a bit too late, it’s better than nothing.

The school had been almost two months. At the end of this semester, the third-grade students will be having exams. Therefore, some eager students began to, in their spare time, enroll in evening classes. Moreover, unknowingly, Masashi discovered that, his other classmate, who became a lover, were unceasingly increasing. More and more people started playing kissy-hugging each other after class. As the rumors of so and so boyfriend and girlfriend went to a hotel gradually getting numbed. Among girls, there is a strange view that, if in three years of high school still a virgin, it will be a shameful thing.

This degree of openness made Masashi tongue-tied.

However, this is also a no wonder. Everywhere in Tokyo, one can buy an adult film. The proliferation of adult entertainment in this metropolis make it nearly impossible if one wants to cultivate one own’s moral.

“Brother, what are you wondering about, quickly eat your food.” Kazumi was unhappy. Today she especially cooked his favorite dish. But he actually was just looking in a daze.

“Oh, good.” Masashi, seeing, from the side, Kazumi was eating with gusto, cannot help but scoff: “You can still eat this every day, but why you look like someone who was just being released (from a prison).”

“Was just being released?” Rumi asked with eyes wide open.

“Don’t mind him, if it’s delicious, eat more.” Kazumi gave him a look.

“Kid, you can be happy; You had a backer now,” Masashi said and then stretched his chopstick to clamp a shrimp.

“Hey, that’s my shrimp. Kazumi, senior bullied me.” Rumi pitifully looked at her.

Kazumi, to appease the little girl, said: “Brother, you are getting less and less decent.”

“If I want to be decent, that’s easy. Merely, to be decent is too tiring. Better to let nature takes it course.” Masashi said while eating his lunch.

“I heard there was a new transfer student that came to your class today?” Kazumi asked Masashi.

“How do you know?”

“I’ve heard from other people about this. I heard that he was a stud. Moreover, he came to school driving a luxury car. Strange, why such a person wanted to come to our school?”

“Maybe his family just went bankrupt and maybe tomorrow he will take a subway to go to school,” Masashi said.

“Oh, bitchy much? Money is not a crime.”

No matter what was said, I think the guy is a bit odd.”

“Did I just hear a bit of jealousy in there? A handsome face, well-off family, and sitting in a luxury car, were simply the attributes of a modern-day prince charming. This, indeed, could make other people jealous. It turns out, brother, is also one of those mediocre people.” Kazumi grinningly said.

“Although it’s not easy to become like that, I will not bore myself to be jealous to a second-generation rich people like that. But the little devils in the class actually seems to take a notice of him. It seems like, before long, some people will get him into trouble.”

“Maybe people are like that. They cannot tolerate people who are better than themselves.” Kazumi sighed.

“Why would you suddenly turned this into a human philosophy. Quickly eat your dinner. Look at Rumi, all day eating, making her fat with happiness.”

“Who’s the fat one? You think I am a pig? Senior is too hateful.” Rumi made a threatening gesture; She seemed like she can pounce on him at any moment.

“Even if a pig come at me, I can still catch her.” Masashi’s eyes were filled with laughter.

Rumi desperately struggled to stop herself from pouncing on him. She gnashed her teeth.

Kazumi, unalarmed by the strange sight, didn’t bother to deal with them. She slowly drank her tea.

Before the lunch break is over, Masashi wanted to return to the class to take a nap.

“Hello, you are schoolmate Gennai Masashi right?”

A boy came over. He is the transfer student that was just being talked about by the Gennai siblings.

“I am Gennai Masashi, do you have something to tell me?”

“Schoolmate Masashi is very famous, so I want to get to know him,” Nagasaki said with a face full of smiles.

“You flatter me. If everything is alright, I want to take a nap. Excuse me.”

“Schoolmate Masashi seems to have no favorable impression toward me.” Nagasaki followed up.

“You guess right. I don’t have any good impression on you.”

“Can you tell me why?” Nagasaki showed a very interested smile.

“I hate a man who put on perfume.”

The transfer student laugh, “You hate me just for this reason?”

“To like a person, one can have thousands of reasons. But one reason is enough to hate a man.”

“Brilliant theory. However, I am still very interested in schoolmate Masashi.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have that kind of tendency.” After saying that, he walked back to his seat.

Nagasaki didn’t follow up this time. He just looked at Masashi with a strange smile.

Masashi had a profound feeling that the present high school students are generally quite bold.

For a month, almost everyday Nagasaki received confessions or love letters from female students. But the transfer student’s attitude seemed like a clean sweep. He appeared to welcome all of them. He always gentles to the great extent to every girl that confess to him. Though not specifically accepted or rejected the confession, his ambiguous talk made each girl that confess to him secretly pleased, believing the opposite party has an interest in them.
Because there were so many people that confess to him, it created a storm of jealousy. There are even two girls who fight in public.

Since there was such a beautiful scenery in Nagasaki, the other boys who were without girlfriends looked even more pathetic. Finally, several students who have serious psychological imbalance began to look for an excuse to trouble him.

But after looking at Nagasaki’s bodyguard, they no longer dared to appear in front of him.

“Human is a very poor creature, wouldn’t you say, schoolmate Masashi?” Nagasaki’s left hand propped his chin and smiled at Masashi.

“Including you?”

“If possible, I really don’t wish to become a human.”

“It’s not too late now. This is the third floor. If you went down head first, you would soon be able to achieve your desire.”

“You mean you told me to die? It turns out classmate Masashi really hated me. It truly makes me sad.”

Masashi really can’t stand this guy.

“You apparently likes to see other people badly beaten in their strive to gain something. Is it really interesting?” Masashi asked.

“So you can see it.” Nagasaki smiled as if he just succeeded in grabbing a toy from a baby, “Don’t you think it’s funny? You don’t need to say anything or do anything, and those girls will come scurrying like a mouse in front of you. And the boys will jealous as hell toward you. What could be more fun than these?”

“You really should record these words of yours, and let them listen to it. You really are a disgusting guy.”

“On the contrary, my impression of you is really good. I really like classmate Masashi. You are completely different than these people. I really like seeing your angry appearance. It’s very interesting.”

Masashi has no intention to continue this without nutrition dialogue. He stood up and left his seat.

Nagasaki smiled at his departure.

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