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Masashi leisurely strolled to the playground and saw two physical education classes. At the far away, a girl, who wore pitcher uniform with a cap, stood on the pitcher spot. Her teammates were all boys.

Masashi thought this was interesting, so he sat on the lawn on the edge of the field to see her throw the ball.

Rumi is not that used to make up the number of pitchers. Because of the long-term strenuous exercise, her body was a lot better than the average boys. Every time she threw the ball, it was fast and accurate, and not at all inferior to boys. And after her opponents make three strikes, she then screamed with excitement, just like the boys.

This is what Masashi appreciates the most. Her eyes were clear just like her state of mind.

When other girls were busily buying cosmetics, all kinds of ornament necklaces, or constantly looking for a new boyfriend, her only pastimes were limited to buying some snacks after school and, after dinner, dragged Rumiko and them to watch some boring series. On the holidays, unlike other girls who likes to go shopping, she stays at home to practice her kendo.

With her at home, she was insulated from the average person’s so-called nightlife. Masashi never saw her go to sleep beyond 11 o’clock.

The things that many girls are more interested in, such as flower arranging, gymnastic, swimming, and other rhythm sports activities, were rarely participated by her. Apart from making tea, she prefers to play baseball like a boy, climbing the tree, catching fishes, and that’s without mentioning her kendo.

Every so often, she was like a hyperactive child. Telling her the proper conduct of a Lady was meaningless.

When playing almost half of the class time, Rumi finally saw Masashi on the sideline. Like a puppy that just saw its owner, she immediately ran over excitedly.

“Senior, why are you here?” The running girl’s long ponytail was unceasingly flying upward.

“I am also a student here, why can’t I be here?” Masashi revealed his crafty smile.

“I am not asking this. Don’t you have a class? You’re not skipping a class are you?” The girl looked worried and asked.

“That’s right. However, I’m really sorry. There’s no prize for you.” Masashi said with a sloppy look.

“Senior!” Rumi loudly shouted.

Masashi rubbed his ears as he said, “Okay, don’t be so loud, I know what you want to say. However, I already skipped the classes. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Don’t you have the awareness for an introspection?” Rumi’s anger subsided.

“Don’t be too serious, ok? I just skipped several classes. It’s not as if I’m a convicted criminal or something.” Masashi, feeling wronged, said.

“What skipped ‘just several class?’ I already asked Kazumi, you almost skipped half the classes this semester. If you go on like this, you’re going to be my junior in school.”

“What are you afraid of? As long as I pass the exams, that’s enough. Do you doubt your senior’s ability?” Masashi pushed up his sleeve to show his aspiration.

But the girl’s expression made her greatly discouraged.

“Fine, you won. I’m going back to class. Go away, you little rascal.” Masashi backed away as he beckoned his hand.

“Senior, you must try hard.” Rumi lifted up her hands to gesture her encouragement.

Masashi could not help but laugh, shook his head and walked away.

After making a turn, Masashi looked back to ascertain that noisy kid didn’t see him. He then went to the school’s back door fence and quietly crawled up.”

“Truly, without Tiger in the mountain, monkey became the king. All the class’ subjects are hard; they really want me to die early.” Masashi smiled bitterly as he climbed.

After several dull and average days, one afternoon, Masashi returned to the classroom from the outside.

When he just came in, he saw the guidance teacher was also inside. Many students were discussing something in whisper.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Masashi patted a boy on the shoulder and asked.

“Oi, it’s Masashi. He came back.” That student turned his head to see Masashi and suddenly called out.

Everyone immediately looked over.

He did not like this looking at a monkey look.

“Classmate Masashi, come here for a moment.” The speaker was the guidance teacher.

“What’s the matter, teacher?” Seeing Misato Kazuo was hiding behind the guidance teacher, Masashi knew that this is probably not a good thing.

“Have you ever seen this Parker pen?” The guidance teacher pulled out a golden Parker pen in front of Masashi.

“Never seen this.”

“This morning, classmate Kazuo reported to me that he lost a pure gold Parker pen. So I come to the classroom to help him find it. Later on, when checking the student’s school-bags, his lost pen was found in your drawer. Can you explain why this pen was inside your drawer?”

“Oh, there is such a thing? I’m also curious. Classmate Kazuo, can you help me explain why your pen was in my drawer?” Masashi sneeringly looked at Misato Kazuo.

“I, I don’t know anything about it….” Misato Kazuo didn’t dare to look at Masashi.

“Classmate Masashi, I am now asking you, don’t ask classmate Kazuo. Please answer my question immediately.” The guidance teacher kept a straight face.

“To caught a man fornicating in bed is to catch his dirty secret, what else could I say.” Masashi shrugged.

“Is that a confession? Then do you admit on stealing classmate Misato Kazuo’s pen?”

“You’re the one who said these words. I didn’t admit such a thing. While I was away, you go through my stuff, and then said I stole something, what else could I say? Besides, have you seen a thief so idiot like this? Having stolen something but did not hide it well. Forget it. It’s useless anyway. However you want to deal with it, just deal it.” Masashi had a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water appearance.

“You…., fine, I’ll immediately report this to the principal. You just wait!” The guidance teacher was shaking with anger.

Misato Kazuo did not dare to stay behind and followed to run behind the guidance teacher.

As the two men left, Nagasaki sighed, “Classmate Masashi, I didn’t know you could do such a thing. If you have a problem, just say it, we will certainly help you. You really let me down.”

Looking at Nagasaki’s performance and the contempt for other people eyes, Masashi could not help but laugh. He never thought that one day he could be a leading role in a third-rate script.

Staying in class is without meaning anymore, better to just skip the school.

When he was getting out of the door, Masashi suddenly turned to Nagasaki and said: “This script is so bad, and the actors suck. It’s a very boring show. It seems like your taste is also mediocre. A kid is a kid after all, still wanted to pretend to be mature; Only suitable to play a cheap trick at this level.” He said these as he shook his head to go out.

“Humph, what an attitude. Having caught stolen thing, but still so arrogant.” A boy cursed.

“Unexpectedly Masashi is such a person. I honestly can’t see it coming.”

“I don’t know what would be the reaction of Nagakawa Rumi when she hear about this incident.” A boy excitedly said.

“What else, they’re bound to break up.”

“Really? But, if this happens to me, I will also do it.”

“Classmate Nagasaki, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” A female student, seeing Nagasaki’s pale face, concernedly said.

“I’m fine, Thank you.” He answered in disgust.

“Classmate Nagasaki, are you angry?”

“Nothing to do with you.” The transfer student gritted his teeth, turned around and walked back to his seat.

‘Gennai Masashi, I will make you regret about what you say today.’ Nagasaki gloomily said in his heart.